The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 198

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 198 – The rule that the female lead can’t be killed (1)

Ji Man had originally thought that although the crown prince wouldn’t tolerate her continued existence, he would at least try to get rid of her secretly. However, he had actually brought her along when he was confronting Marquis Moyu.

Had the situation already deteriorated to this point? Or, did the existence of her baby really have that big of an influence on the situation?

Ning Yuxuan was leaning back on the bed, and the flushed color on his face hadn’t faded yet. He was clearing his throat as he watched the two people entering the room. With a hoarse voice, he asked, “Your Highness, why are you doing this? Has Sangyu offended you somehow?”

Zhao Zhe chuckled, closed the doors, and placed Nie Sangyu on one of the seats before saying, “Madam hasn’t offended me. I was just teasing her. I didn’t expect that Madam would take it so seriously.”

Ji Man gritted her teeth. The blade had already touched her belly! How could that just be teasing? If she turned around and stabbed him with a knife, could she also say that she was just playing around?

Ning Yuxuan lowered his gaze and coughed a few times before finally saying, “How could it be fun to tease her? She’s like a hedgehog. Your Highness, if you and Sangyu are playing around, please don’t go to Wan-er’s courtyard and bother her. She’s still recovering from her cold.”

Zhao Zhe raised his eyebrows and looked at the sickly man. “I was wondering why you had woken up at this time. Were you worried that I would bother your beloved?”

Ning Yuxuan smiled. “Your Highness, if there’s something you want to say, how about talking to Yuxuan in private? She’s only a woman. You might as well let her leave.”

Recently, the crown prince’s spies had been telling him that Marquis Moyu had become increasingly doting towards Nie Sangyu, to the point that he was even giving Wen Wan the cold shoulder. Before he had come here today, he had already made the mental preparation of speaking frankly and putting everything out into the open. Marquis Moyu was his most useful helper, so he naturally wouldn’t allow any type of hostility to come between them and ruin his grand plans, much less an insignificant Nie Sangyu.

Zhao Zhe had already decided to sacrifice Wen Wan in order to get rid of Nie Sangyu’s baby, and prepared a follow up action to ensure that Ning Yuxuan would return to being loyal to him.

However, he hadn’t seen a trace of worry in Ning Yuxuan’s eyes when he had forcefully pulled Nie Sangyu into the room. Ning Yuxuan had only nonchalantly glanced at Nie Sangyu, who clearly appeared as if she had suffered a frightful shock.

Where was that rumored love? Zhao Zhe pursed his lips, then he looked at Nie Sangyu again. She had already stood up and was slowly walking to the doors with her hand protectively over her belly.

Marquis Moyu said, “Your Highness, you personally came here to test Yuxuan. Aren’t you being too distrustful of me?

“How is this testing?” Zhao Zhe awkwardly laughed. He peeked at Ning Yuxuan’s clear eyes and averted his gaze.

“Yuxuan’s actions have always been done for the benefit of the crown prince. What happened with the Six Ministries was bound to happen sooner or later. Your Highness, this incident with the smallpox had given you the benefit of seeing everyone’s true loyalties. How else will Yuxuan be able to weed them out? The emperor’s heart has only shown a slight wavering. Your Highness, why are you panicking over something so minor?”

The crown prince paused before saying, “We’ve been on the same boat for a long time. I remember all of the things you’ve done for me. I just didn’t expect that so many people would change their loyalties; even the ones that were normally so loyal to me have taken this opportunity to leave me. I was feeling too upset over this, so I lost my self-control for a bit.”

Ning Yuxuan tolerantly smiled. “Your Highness, you should believe in Yuxuan more.”

Feeling somewhat ashamed, Zhao Zhe nodded.

Marquis Moyu coughed to clear his throat and quietly said, “Since the third prince has snatched the limelight, then just let him enjoy it for a while. It’s lonely at the top. Restrain your impulses for a while. After this episode of smallpox is over, Yuxuan will have a big present to give to you.”

Zhao Zhe’s brow relaxed. He looked at him with a deep gaze. “I was right to believe in you.”

He had been right. If he wanted the world, then he needed to get Marquis Moyu first.


Ji Man returned to her own room and lied down. Her heart was still beating rapidly. Covering her belly, she gradually calmed herself down, and the cold sweat slowly dripped down.

Liu Hanyun silently went to boil hot water. After preparing a tub full of warm water, she walked to Nie Sangyu’s bed and said, “Go take a bath and change your clothes. If you stay covered in sweat, you’ll catch a cold.”

Ji Man froze for a moment in surprise, then she gratefully looked at her. However, she wouldn’t feel at ease as long as the prince was here, at Marquis Moyu’s other estate.

“I’ll guard the doors for you.” Liu Hanyun expressionlessly left the room and closed the doors from the outside.

Ji Man thought; this person’s actions were always so thoughtful and kind, but her face continued to be expressionless. Ji Man felt a warm feeling budding in her chest. Once they returned to the main estate, she definitely had to express her thanks and appreciation.

After taking a bath, Ji Man’s entire body felt much better. She changed her clothes and went outside. To her surprise, Mu Shuiqing was standing in front of her doors.

Seeing Mu Shuiqing, Ji Man was reminded of the crown prince and her recent frightful experience. After all, the crown prince had given Mu Shuiqing to Ning Yuxuan.

“The crown prince has already left,” Mu Shuqing quietly said, “Wen Wan is serving the marquis in the main room.”

Ji Man nodded. The trepidation in her heart started to dissipate. All was well as long as he left.

However, why did Wen Wan go over to attend to the marquis? Hasn’t she been using the excuse that there was a big bump on her head, so she couldn’t serve him?

Feeling curious, Ji Man went over to the main room.

Wen Wan was holding a bowl of medicine and sitting by Ning Yuxuan’s bed. She warmly fed him the soup, spoonful by spoonful. There was a shallow smile on Ning Yuxuan’s face, and he was obediently drinking the soup.

It seemed that the previous bad feelings between the two had disappeared with the crown prince’s visit. Was it impossible to break them apart? Ji Man clicked her tongue in disapproval. Was Zhao Zhe a neighborhood committee director with over twenty years of experience? He had been able to instantly fix the relationship problems between these two.


Translator Ramblings: I wonder why Ji Man is so easily fooled by Ning Yuxuan’s act. Is it just because the author shows the readers additional scenes and Ning Yuxuan's thoughts? Would we be mislead too without these extra scenes?

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