The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 193

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 193 – A doll that had been torn apart (2)

When Ji Man went over to the main room while carrying Liu Hanyun’s food, Marquis Moyu was already awake and leaning back on the side of the bed for support. He looked quite sick.

As Ji Man fed him, she asked, “Did Shuiqing leave?”

Looking like an innocent child that had just woken up, Ning Yuxuan replied, “En, she seemed to have only stayed for a little bit.”

Ji Man faintly smiled and stayed silent. She waited until Ning Yuxuan was finished eating before saying, “My lord, you look much better today.”

“En, my fever didn’t get worse because you did a really good job taking care of me.”

Ji Man narrowed her eyes and said, “My lord, did you catch the smallpox from the crown prince? This servant heard that crown prince has also fallen sick.”

The crown prince’s estate had been completely locked down. The third prince was temporarily handling all of the crown prince’s responsibilities and also assisting the emperor in governmental matters. His circle of influence was very strong right now.

“Maybe.”Ning Yuxuan was comfortably full and leaning back on the bed like a lazy cat. “Oh well, now that I’m sick, a lot of things will be given to the Six Ministries. It’ll be their turn to feel a headache.”

It sounded as if he was gloating over other people’s misfortunate. For a moment, Ji Man wondered if he was scheming something.

Ning Yuxuan finally remember something else and asked, “Where’s Wan-er?”

It was finally time for Ji Man to play her role.

“After Miss Wan-er heard that the marquis had become infected with smallpox, she hasn't come here.” Ji Man sighed and said, “She’s probably scared of getting sick too. It makes sense. She’s at the peak of her life. How could she want to die?”

Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips and looked at her in askance. “Why aren’t you afraid of dying?”

“My lord, Sangyu has already said that I’m not willing to abandon you. When the mountains have flattened and the heavens and earth have joined, then I’ll be willing to separate from you, my lord and husband.” As Ji Man said this, she felt so nauseated with herself that she wanted to roll her eyes. But, this really was the perfect thing to say right now.

“Oh, why do I remember someone saying, “The mountains haven’t flattened. The heavens and earth haven’t joined. I’m willing to separate from you, my lord and husband.” Marquis Moyu stroked his chin. “Did I mishear something?”

(T/N: This was originally a conversation between Ji Man and Ning Errong in chapter 55. Maybe one of the servants told Ning Yuxuan about it, or maybe Errong told him in a misguided effort to get him to treat Nie Sangyu better?)

Ji Man awkwardly laughed and said, “You’re sick and remembering things wrong.” Crouching by the bedside, she looked as if she was one step away from wagging an imaginary tail. “Actions show the real truth. My lord, look. Isn’t my actions proof that I never want to leave with you? That I’ll follow you, even to death? Isn’t that more honest than those people, who say you’re her precious, her sweetheart, but will run away as soon as you fall sick?”

Once these words were said, then Ning Yuxuan, who wanted to change the focus of their conversation, had to face the truth.

Wen Wan wasn’t willing to risk her life to watch over him while he was sick. She hadn’t even come here to see him.

Ning Yuxuan remembered all of the little details that had happened between himself and Wen Wan. A long time ago, it was her gentleness, kindness, and ability to preserve in the face of adversity that had attracted him. Moreover, it was because of those qualities that he had fallen in love with her. However, after the two of them had become husband and wife, many things had happened. He had seen another side of her.

Had he had made an error of judgment? Or perhaps, Wen Wan was just too talented at acting, so he never saw the real her until now?

Marquis Moyu close his eyes and sunk into deep contemplation.

Ji Man didn’t bother him. If she said too much, it would only make him suspicious. It was better to take care and not overdo it. She left right after packing up the bowls and chopsticks.


Ji Man actually had a much better idea of Wen Wan’s character than Ning Yuxuan.

When Ji Man had read the original novel, the female lead had been like a Holy Mother. She couldn’t even bear to step on ants. However, at that time, the female lead had the male lead’s unwavering love and a female lead’s supreme halo. She wasn’t lacking in anything. She only needed to show a sensitive heart, and she would get her happy ending.

But now, she had stuck her foot into Wen Wan’s fairytale. Because of her, Wen Wan had lost her halo several times, and Ning Yuxuan had gradually become suspicious of Wen Wan. The female lead clearly didn’t have the IQ or EQ to compete with her. The more time went on, the more she would be able to expose Wen Wan’s unpleasant shortcomings.

Wen Wan was like a doll. When you left it alone, it looked quite pretty. But, Ji Man had dragged her down from her pedestal, slowly ruined her dress, and ripped open her skin until the ugly, shredded stuffing had fallen out.

Nie Sangyu had lost to Wen Wan because she hadn't been given the female lead’s wonderful treatment. Marquis Moyu had never loved her. From the very beginning, Nie Sangyu was like a doll that had been ripped open by Marquis Moyu’s heartlessness. It was only natural that no one would like a torn apart doll.


That night, Mu Shuiqing came over to help her tidy up the courtyard. However, she seemed somewhat distracted and cut her hands several times on the sharp straw.

Ji Man glanced at her, then took out a jar of ointment from her bag and handed it to Mu Shuiqing.

Still feeling at a completely loss, Mu Shuiqing took the item and reflexively said, “Thank you Madam.” She looked up at Nie Sangyu and suddenly said, “This servant has a question.”

“En?” Ji Man raised her eyebrows.

“If the marquis doesn’t recover from his illness, what will Madam do?”

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