The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 181

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 181 – A bowl of medicine (2)

Ji Man pursed her lips, rubbed the spot between her eyebrows, and mockingly smiled. “My lord, this servant of yours has an attitude that’s more overbearing than me, your main wife.”

Ning Yuxuan also felt that Wen Wan’s behavior was slightly inappropriate. However, he didn’t remark on it. Looking at Nie Sangyu’s slightly pale face, “You really do look a bit unwell today. It’s not a big deal if someone comes over to check your medicine.”

But, what if the doctor noticed that this medicine was for pregnant women? How could she explain it away then? Say that another doctor had given her the wrong prescription? Ji Man felt extremely panicky. She hadn’t found the opportune time to announce her pregnancy yet. What would happen if Marquis Moyu found out about it now?

Tightly clutching the bed sheet, Ji Man took a deep breath, did her best to calm herself down, and quickly tried to think of a countermeasure for dealing with this situation.

Wen Wan’s speed was certainly quick enough. It had only taken her a short period of time to bring back Doctor Liu. She pointed at the bowl of medicine and told him to examine it.

Ji Man had already prepared herself for admitting that she was pregnant. At worst, she would just have to be more guarded against Marquis Moyu in the future. Anyways, once the truth was revealed, she would still have Old Madame to protect her. There was no reason for her to be so scared.

However, after Doctor Liu looked at the medicine for a while as well as tasted it, he surprisingly said, “This is indeed the medicine for making menstruation cycles more regular. One of the ingredients in here, saffron, is especially good for treating this type of problem.

Wen Wan and Ji Man frowned at the same time.

Wen Wan frowned because she had thought there was something strange about Nie Sangyu’s behavior today, which was why she had rushed to bring a doctor over here to look. Thus, she was very surprised to hear that it really was medicine for menstruation.

As for Ji Man, she was looking at Dengxin. Dengxin didn’t show any reaction when she heard the doctor’s words. She hadn’t known what this medicine was for to begin with. She even felt somewhat enlightened. So, Madam had asked Doctor Li to give her a prescription for menstruation medicine. No wonder, Madam hadn’t let her stay to listen to their conversation. This really was a private matter.

While checking Dengxin’s expression, Ji Man felt shocked and scared. She had asked for medicine that would help stabilizing her pregnancy. How could this medicine contain saffron?! Fortunately, she hadn’t drunk the medicine earlier. Otherwise, would the baby in this body still be alive?

However, Dengxin’s confused expression made Ji Man feel bad about suspecting her. Doctor Li had definitely given the medicine to her. So, did Doctor Li want to harm her, or had the packet of medicine between replaced by someone at some point?

Ji Man’s expression became worse.

Marquis Moyu actually didn’t think too much about her peculiar behavior. He waved his hand and said, “Since you’re not feeling well, then drink more medicine to nourish your body. I’ll have Steward Qian send over some nourishing herbs to you later. Look at this medicine, it doesn’t even have any remnants of ginseng.”

Ji Man just blankly nodded.

Marquis Moyu continued to stay in the room for a bit. He cast a glance at the peony painting on the wall, and his mood seemed to have improved slightly. After saying that he needed people to take care of him since he was sick, he took Wen Wan and Tanxiang with him as he left.

Looking at the new servants in Feiwan Courtyard as she walked out, Wen Wan finally noticed that the servant girls that she was familiar with had all disappeared.

To her surprise, Ning Yuxuan didn’t react to this change at all. He only uninterestedly said, “I’ll arrange for new servant girls to attend to you tomorrow. Just like that, he considered the matter ended.

Wen Wen felt incredulous. It seemed that Ning Yuxuan had also changed quite a bit without her noticing.


That night, Ning Mingjie finally brought Gancao back. Ji Man and Denginx were both overjoyed at the unexpected good news. They tugged Gancao this way and that way to check that she was okay.

Although Gancao had lingering fears after the trauma she experienced, she still very gratefully kowtowed to Ning Mingjie. “Many thanks, Young Master.”

Ji Man couldn’t resist pulling Gancao over to ask, “Where did they bring you after you were kidnapped?”

With reddened eyes, Gancao said, “An underground warehouse. It wasn’t far from that intersection. When this servant was brought there, this servant thought all hope was lost. This servant didn’t expect that Young Master would suddenly appear…”

When she thought of that memory of him as he kicked open the doors like a god descending from the Heavens and rescuing the group of women and children, Gancao couldn’t stop herself from blushing. “It’s all thanks to Young Master.”

Sitting at the side, Ning Mingjie said, “Madam, I need to express my thanks to you. If you hadn’t remembered the course of events so clearly, Mingjie wouldn’t have had the idea of having someone pretend to be a woman to lure those criminals into a trap.”

Ji Man repeatedly shook her head. “I only provided a few clues. It was Young Master that solved the case. You’re the one that deserves the credit. You saved Gancao and brought her back. Sangyu really doesn’t know how to return this favor…” As she said this, she turned around, took out a piece of jade that the emperor had bestowed to her during the Southern Trip, wrapped a handkerchief around it, and gave it to him. “This is merely a token of my gratitude. Young Master, please accept it.”

Ning Mingjie shook his head. “This was just part of my job. You don’t need to give me such a grand gift.”

“No matter what, Gancao is more valuable than a piece of a jade,” Ji Man said, “Just accept my gift.”

Ning Mingjie looked at the gift, then he stretched his hand out and took the handkerchief she had used to wrap the jade. “This is enough. Madam, keep the jade. It’ll be the same if you give the jade to Miss Gancao in the future as her dowry.”

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