The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 174

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 174 out of 513 – Paying a visit to Errong's maiden home (1)

For a period of time, with the exception of Gancao and Dengxin, the other servant girls in Feiwan Courtyard were all Wen Wan's dowry servants. Ji Man assigned them to serve Wen Wan, as well as doing some unskilled labor.

Wen Wan couldn't understand Nie Sangyu's actions. Why had she done this? But, now that she was surrounded by her own people, it was easier for her to do the things that she wanted. She felt that life had become much more comfortable.

As a result, Marquis Moyu praised Nie Sangyu. Actually, he had looked at her with slanted eyes and said, "you're being surprisingly kind-hearted." But, Ji Man took the initiative of reinterpreting his commentary as praise.


When members of Nie Clan came over for a visit, Ji Man brought Gancao and Wen Wan to the main hall with her. Tanxiang also followed after Wen Wan.

Nie Xiangyuan looked at Wen Wan and said, "It's certainly interesting to see a master that's not a master and a servant that's not a servant. I'll have to thank Miss Wen for taking care of Sangyu."

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, Nie Xiangyuan is Nie Sangyu's father.)

These words were neither criticizing her nor praising her. As a result, it wouldn't be appropriate for Wen Wan to agree or disagree with him. She could only pitifully look at Marquis Moyu.

However, Marquis Moyu was currently speaking with Nie Qingyun, and Ning Errong was deliberately standing in front of Ning Yuxuan to block his view. Errong turned around and tauntingly scrunched up her face into a weird expression that was directed at Wen Wan.

Wen Wan secretly gritted her teeth.

After Old Madame exchanged conventional greetings with Nie Xiangyuan, she praised Nie Sangyu for several sentences. Then, she turned her head and reproached Ning Yuxuan for treating Sangyu a bit coldly lately.

"Hasn't this son been frequently going to Feiwan Courtyard?" Ning Yuxuan showed a fake smile.

Old Madame's expression was calm as she darkly glanced at Wen Wan. Wen Wan hurriedly lowered her head.

Ning Errong blabbed, "Isn't cousin just taking advantage of Sangyu's good nature? You go to her courtyard to favor another woman. Isn't that worse than just giving her the cold shoulder?"

The news of Wen Wan's matter had already spread to Nie Residence. Errong felt this woman was utterly detestable. Wen Wan always had an delicate appearance, as if she would break with a single touch.

Wen Wan's body lightly trembled.

Ning Yuxuan frowned and looked at Ning Errong. "Errong, you're already a married woman. Why have you become even more unruly? Has Qingyun been spoiling you too much?"

Nie Qingyun faintly smiled, stretched his arm out, and tugged Errong down onto his lap. "Errong just has a frank personality. As her husband, it's only natural for me to spoil her. Qingyun is happy to watch over her and take responsibility for her actions. She acted impolitely. Qingyun will apologize on her behalf."

Ning Errong's face turned slightly red. She cleared her throat a few times before quietly leaning against Nie Qingyun's chest.

Ji Man silently ridiculed them; this was definitely an unnecessary, blatant display of mutual love. Still, she felt quite happy for them. It seemed that their relationship was progressing well. If they continued like this, they definitely wouldn't get divorced in the future.

Old Madame felt very touched by Nie Qingyun's words. "Aiya, Qingyun is a good child. Errong didn't marry the wrong person. If a person doesn't even know that he should cherish his own wife, then how could he possibly have a promising future?"

The unpromising Marquis Moyu indifferently turned his head and looked outside through a window.

Ji Man smiled and said, "We've already been talking for such a long time. Let's start eating. Errong, after the meal is over, we can go back to my courtyard to get a couple of embroidered items. It'll also give us time to talk."

Nie Xiangyuan chuckled. "Have you forgotten your father now that you have a sister-in-law? I want to visit your courtyard too."

"If father wants to see, how can Sangyu say no? After dinner, let's all go there together. Old Madame, you haven't been walking around much lately. How about you walk over there with us too? Errong and Sangyu will support you."

In a good mood, Old Madame laughed and agreed.

When the group of people sat down at the table to eat, it was naturally time for the concubines to come forward to add food to their bowls.

Wen Wan stood far away with the other servant girls. In front of this group, she would only be a servant girl and wouldn't receive any special treatment.

With her head lowered, Wen Wan showed restraint by silently repressing her feelings of anger.

When Muxu added food to Nie Xiangyuan's bowl, she kept her head lowered, but he still looked at her for a long time. His sharp gaze almost caused Muxu to fall over in fright.

Ji Man stretched her hand out and added some food to Nie Xiangyuan's bowl to help Muxu out by averting his attention. "Father, try some of this. This dish was personally cooked by daughter."

Nie Xiangyuan turned his head back. His gaze showed confusion as he looked at Sangyu.

Ji Man's smile was undaunted. She shook her head.

Regarding the matter of Muxu being promoted to a concubine, Nie Xiangyuan had decided he would demand an explanation on his daughter's behalf during this visit. However, with his daughter showing this type of response, it became awkward for him to bring up this issue.


After dinner, Errong pouted and said to Wen Wan, "I want to eat snacks from Doufu. Go and buy some for me."

Ning Yuxuan raised his head. "You can ask another servant to do that. Why do you have to ask her?"

"Is there any difference between her and another servant girl?" Errong innocently batted her eyelashes. "Isn't she a servant girl? I just casually pointed at someone. Cousin, why is your reaction so drastic?"

Marquis Moyu pursed his lips. "Have Gancao buy the snacks for you."

"No, I don't want that," Ning Errong harrumphed, "Cousin, if you didn't speak out on her behalf, then it would be fine for someone else to buy the snacks. But, you insist on shielding that woman. It's because of your bias that a servant is being treated like a master. Does this household still respect the difference between masters and servants? She has to be the one that goes out to buy the snacks today!"

Ning Yuxuan frowned, but Old Madame sneered, "Errong is a guest. Xuan-er, are you going to break the established standards for a servant?"

"No." Marquis Moyu didn't have any other options.

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