The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 169

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 169 out of 513 – A disastrous chemical reaction (2)

She had been so foolish. She had thought that as long as Ning Yuxuan doted on her, she wouldn't have to worry about anything. But, the result was that Nie Sangyu had taught her what it meant to use skills and tricks. It wasn't enough for Ning Yuxuan to treasure her. She needed to use his feelings to achieve things. She had eaten enough of steamed buns that were as hard as rocks, nightmares while sleeping in the woodshed, and cold indifference from the servants. Little by little, she would slowly snatch back all of the things she had lost.

She wouldn't let a momentary impulse ruin everything again.

So what if the emperor ordered for her to be a servant for the rest of her life? She would show these blind people what a servant was capable of.

When she passed by the garden's pond, Wen Wan stopped walking to look at it. There used to be many fishes swimming here. But for an unknown reason, there were many dead fishes floating on the surface of the pond today.

After only briefly looking at the fishes, she felt somewhat discomfited by this sight. Her throat suddenly felt tight and she spat out a mouthful of black blood.


In the end, the female lead was the female lead. When she was seemingly pushed to a dead end, she would have powerful tools that weren't available to anyone else. And so, the likelihood of her reversing her fortune was higher than the average person.


The news of what had happened to Wen Wan quickly reached Ning Yuxuan's ears. He had been discussing matters with people from the Six Ministries, but when he heard this news, he immediately rushed home to see her.


After Doctor Li checked Wen Wan's pulse, he respectfully cupped his hands and said, "She's been poisoned with a slow-acting poison. The symptoms won't show up until a month after the poison was administered. If an antidote isn't found within seven days, it might be difficult for Miss Wan-er to keep her life."

Ning Yuxuan's expression was very ugly.

The person that had been responsible for bring food to Wen Wan during her confinement period was called over to Feiwan Courtyard. Trembling with fear, the servant said, "This servant always delivered food that was prepared by the kitchen. No else had a problem after eating this food. The only exception is when Madam brought over a bowl of medicinal soup. This servant didn't dare to stop her. Counting the days, it was about a month ago."

Marquis Moyu's expression sunk.


There was no chance of Ji Man being able to peacefully spend her days. Even under Old Madame's protection, there would still be people that would dig her out and shoot her.

For example, even now with Old Madame sitting in the head seat, Ning Yuxuan was looking at her with a foreboding expression as he asked, "What did you add in the medicinal soup that you gave Wan-er?"

Although Old Madame had given her a bottle of poison, she had clearly thrown all of it into the pond. Where would she have the poison to pour into Wen Wan's medicinal soup? Moreover, Wen Wan definitely wouldn't have drunk that pitch-black soup. So, why was he blaming her?

Ji Man said, "My lord, please investigate this matter. There were only beneficial herbs in that soup. If you don't believe this servant, you can check. There's a record of the herbs used in the soup with Doctor Li. "

Old Madame pursed her lips. "Wen Wan is only a servant. How can you come here to interrogate your wife just because Wen Wan was poisoned?"

Old Madame believed that Nie Sangyu was the one behind the poisoning because she had ordered her to do this. And so, her words showed an obvious bias in favor of Sangyu.

Ji Man really wanted to say; she was innocent. Old Madame, you don't need to show such a guilty expression.

Marquis Moyu looked at his mother for a long time. His voice was slightly hoarse as he said, "Mother, you don't like Wan-er, but she's already suffered so much. Why can't you let her off?"

Old Madame sneered. "I should be the one asking her to let me off. My perfectly good son had been mesmerized by her to the point that you don't even know the difference between right and wrong. You're even questioning your own mother for her."

Marquis Moyu deeply looked at her, then he stood up, saluted her, and left without saying another word.

"Absolutely disgraceful!" Old Madame was so angry that she slapped the table. "How could I have given birth to someone so disappointing?!"

Ji Man hurriedly said a couple of sentences to comfort Old Madame. Her brow continued to be furrowed as she wondered who had "kindly helped" her.


Marquis Moyu stayed in Feiwan Courtyard's side room for several days without taking a single step to Nie Sangyu's room.

Valuable medicine from the palace's storage had been dug out and brought over. Ning Yuxuan was willing to pay any price in order to cure Wen Wan's poison.

With her hair untied, Wen Wan obediently lied in Marquis Moyu's arms. She quietly said, "It's worth it if I can die like this."

"You're saying nonsense." Ning Yuxuan lowly reprimanded. He gripped her chin and looked at her complexion. He wasn't able to hide the distress he was feeling. "I'll cure your poison. You won't die."

Wen Wan's smile was very joyful. "If I can use these last seven days to trade for your original deep feelings, Wan-er can die without regrets."

Ning Yuxuan froze in surprise.

When had he stopped loving her as deeply as he had in the beginning? He had originally promised her that they would be together until old age and wouldn't let her suffer any grievances. But now, she had become a servant and was at death's door.

No matter how hard a heart was, these words would soften it. Ning Yuxuan held Wen Wan tighter and quietly said, "I'm sorry."

Wen Wan smiled, but tears slid down her face. "I've always been scared that you would say those words to me. Don't say them. Even if you fall in love with someone else in the future, don't tell me. Just let me think that your heart only has me."

Ning Yuxuan's breathing deepened. He lowered his head and kiss her lips.

Wan-er should be the only person in his heart. How could there be someone else?

A gorgeous peony flashed through his mind. Ning Yuxuan closed his eyes, clutched Wen Wan's shoulder, and deepened the kiss to distract himself.


After three days of praying to Buddha at Old Madame's courtyard, Ji Man finally sighed. "You can only depend on yourself, praying to Buddha to save you won't help."

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