The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 167

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 167 out of 513 – It's not easy to protect a baby (2)

As soon as Noble Consort Nie's personal servant girl heard Nie Sangyu mention those two ingredients, she hurriedly had another servant take the box away to throw out. "Your Highness, those two spices can cause you to miscarry. They can't be near you."

Old madame stared at Nie Sangyu for a long time before she finally said, "Did you only find this out?"

Ji Man nodded with tears streaming down her face. "This servant stopped using this incense a while ago. After several years of being unable to get pregnant, Sangyu was very surprised when the doctor told me this news of my pregnancy. It felt strange, so Sangyu had someone check this incense. Sangyu didn't expect the result would be this."

Originally, Old Madame had felt somewhat reproachful towards Sangyu for bringing up this subject in front of Noble Consort Nie. However, when she heard the second sentence, her eyes widened. "You're pregnant?!"

Ji Man placed her hands over her abdomen and said in a pitiful tone, "The doctor said Sangyu had already been pregnant for three months. But, Sangyu doesn't dare to let the marquis know about this.  Sangyu just wants to peacefully give birth to this baby."

Overcome with joy, Old Madame held Sangyu's hand and couldn't find the right words to say for a long time.

Noble Consort Nie hurriedly had Pengshu send a message to her most trusted imperial physician to tell him to come here.

After the imperial physician came over and confirmed the pregnancy, Noble Consort Nie was extremely happy. Her efforts in sending Sangyu so much valuable medicine during the Southern Trip hadn't been wasted.

While Ji Man repeatedly reminded the imperial physician to not spread the news of her pregnancy, the other two women were so elated that they wanted the rest of the world to know this news too.  They had been hoping for this to happen for so long. How could they not be overjoyed?

After the happiness passed, they remembered the problem that Sangyu had mentioned. Since Sangyu had already said that the marquis didn't want her to get pregnant, old madame needed to figure out a way to handle this problem.

If Ji Man had secretly told old madame this news when they were at home, old madame would have definitely said she was overthinking things; how could it be possible for the marquis to not want his own child? Not only that, old madame would be so overjoyed by the news that she would immediately inform the entire household and tell her son to take extra care of Sangyu.

But, Ji Man had told her about the pregnancy in front of Noble Consort Nie. If something really did happen to this baby, Noble Consort Nie would definitely think that Ning Yuxuan was behind it. In the end this, this baby was related by blood to Noble Consort Nie. Noble Consort Nie would definitely lash out in anger at Ning Yuxuan if Sangyu suffered a miscarriage.

As the person stuck in the middle, Old Madame had to seriously think and figure out a solution. How could she protect this baby? She could stop the attempts of all of the women in their household if they tried to do anything, but she couldn't stop her son.

Old Madame looked at Sangyu and said, "When we go back home, come to my courtyard and stay with me for a while. I'll just say you have fate with Buddhism and you'll be chanting Buddhist scriptures with me. When your pregnancy is more stable, we'll figure out the next step."

Ji Man let out a relieved sigh. She had support now and didn't have to be so worried as long as old madame knew that she had to be guarded against her son.

Noble Consort Nie bestowed many items to Nie Sangyu before they left.

Ji Man had come here empty-handed and felt as if she was returning from a rewarding journey on the way back. She wasn't sure what emotion she should be feeling right now.

However, old madame spent the entire journey back home seriously planning on what they would do next. As soon as they returned home, she told Sangyu to pack up her stuff and move to her courtyard.

But, as Ji Man was walking back to Feiwan Courtyard, she encountered Qian Lianxue in the garden. Moreover, the sickly honored concubine that hadn't left her courtyard in a long time actually looked quite well today. Qian Lianxue was currently chatting away with Marquis Moyu over a plate of snacks.

Ji Man had initially wanted to pretend that she hadn't seen them. She wanted to go back to her courtyard to pack up instead, but she was stopped by Marquis Moyu shouting, "Sangyu."

Ji Man inwardly sighed before she turned around and pasted a bright smile on her face. "My lord?"

"Xue-er is feeling well today and made a plate of snacks. Do you want to try some?" Ning Yuxuan seemed to be in a pretty good mood too.

Without hesitation, Ji Man shook her head. "This servant has to go back to pack up. Old Madame wants me to temporarily move to the main courtyard to recite Buddhist scriptures with her."

"En?" Ning Yuxuan raised an eyebrow. "You haven't done anything wrong that would make you feel guilty. Why are you going over there to recite scriptures for no reason?"

Ji Man dryly laughed. "Old Madame said this servant has fate with Buddha. This servant also feels that reciting scripture will help clean my mind and conscience."

Ning Yuxuan noncommittally raised his eyebrows and asked, "So you aren't going to be serving me tonight?"

It wasn't advisable to have intercourse during the early stages of pregnancy. Recently, whenever Marquis Moyu came to her courtyard, they would only peacefully sleep together. And so, it didn't really make a difference if she was serving him at night or not.

Ji Man shook her head. "Didn't this servant already mention this last night? You should spend more time with Lianxue, especially on a day like today when she's feeling well."

Qian Lianxue finally turned her head to look at her. Her smile looked a bit fragile. "Madam, thank you for your concern."

Ji Man nodded in response.

Ning Yuxuan didn't say anything else. He waved his hand to signal that she could leave.

Having avoided a long night of sleep that might bring many dreams, Ji Man directly moved into the main courtyard's side room. She only brought Gancao with her and had Wen Wan and Dengxin remain in Feiwan Courtyard.


That night, old madame wasn't feeling well and went to sleep early. Ji Man also went straight to bed after washing up. Since Marquis Moyu would be going to Xuesong Courtyard and staying the night, Ji Man wasn't as vigilant as usual.

However, the doors to the side room were suddenly pushed open in the middle of the night, and someone stumbled inside and fell onto her bed.

Startled awake by the noise, Ji Man was about to let out a yell when that person covered her mouth.

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