The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 155

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 155 out of 513 – It's better to destroy ten temples than ruin a marriage (2)

Old madame thought this issue was an unexpected calamity. Even after chanting Buddhist sutras for a day, her heart still felt uneasy.

She summoned Nie Sangyu and said to her, “Are you friends with that Luo Qianqian? It’s not good for our two families to have a falling out like this.”

“Sangyu understands.” Ji Man nodded. She found Qianqian’s attitude of willing to be forthright about her likes and dislikes rather likable. She had wanted to talk to her anyways; this would be a good excuse for her to visit Luo Residence.

After eating lunch, she brought Dengxin with her to Luo Residence. Right after she arrived near Luo Residence, she saw many ordinary people standing in the streets and gesticulating in Luo Residence’s direction.

Ji Man raised the sedan chair’s curtain to get a better look.

As they passed by someone, she heard him say, “This is certainly a strange sight. Miss Luo is always so reasonable and virtuous. It’s surprising to see that hedonistic heir coming to her maiden home to apologize to her.

“Hah! Are you stupid? Look at how unwilling the heir looks. He was definitely forced to come here by Prince Huainan. He was in a rush to return to his own fiefdom, but as it turned out, his daughter-in-law had run away. Really, could that vixen from Marquis Moyu’s household be any more harmful?"

“If I give birth to a daughter like Wen Wan, I would strangle her at birth to keep her from bring shame to our family."

“Yeah, that Wen Wan definitely has some type of talent and good looks in order to lead astray man after man.”

The surrounding men chuckled. Ji Man raised her eyebrows, put down her curtain, and told Dengxin that they would be entering Luo Residence through a side entrance.

She had sent a letter early this morning saying that she would be visiting. But after seeing she was someone from Marquis Moyu’s household, the doorman didn’t announce her arrival. In the end, the doorman didn’t leave to bring news of her visit for a long time until she offered him a bribe.

After they had waited at the side entrance for an hour, someone finally came out. The person’s attitude could be considered pretty good. “Madan Ning, please follow me.”

Luo Residence was very luxurious, but it was within the accepted norms. Luo Qianqian’s room was located right after a rock garden.

Ji Man didn’t let Dengxin follow her inside. Instead, she followed the Luo Qianqian’s servant girl upstairs.

“Madam Ning.” Luo Qianqian had already changed back to an unmarried girl’s hairstyle. Seeing Nie Sangyu, she was slightly surprised. After thinking it over, she understood. “Did you come here to persuade Qianqian?”

Ji Man shook her head. Seeing that the servant girl had left the room to fetch tea, she said her true thoughts, “I came here to say that I’m feeling very happy and satisfied. You were able to accomplish something that I wasn’t able to do myself.”

Luo Qingqian chuckled. “When Qianqian went to Marquis Moyu’s residence last time, Qianqian already said that Madam Ning has a very good temper. Qianqian wouldn’t be able to tolerate that woman.”

“But, divorcing the heir because of her isn’t worth it,” Ji Man said, “It’s a little too impulsive.”

Qianqian paused and touched her own face. “Before I got married, I always told myself that I wanted to get married to a man that loves and cherishes me. It would be okay if he has several concubines as long as his heart has me. I would support him by managing the household and take care of everything at home for him.”

“But, the person I married was Zhao Kaifeng. He doesn’t love me or cherish me. Still, for Luo Clan, I was willing to stay married to him and be a good wife. But, I never thought that he would actually slap me because of another woman.”

Ji Man couldn’t help sighing. That’s true. The heir’s behavior had been unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

“I figured things out. Rather than tolerating him for a lifetime, I would rather find someone that loved me, even if I had to be that person’s concubine.”

“I don’t agree with this.”Ji Man shook her head. “With your temperament, you would only be suitable as a main wife.”

Luo Qianqian had the skills to manage a household and her father was the Chancellor of Exchequer. She would never be someone’s concubine.

“But, this would be my second marriage.” Luo Qianqian forced herself to smile. “I would already be relying on my father’s prestige in order to remarry. How could I dare to demand to be the main wife?”

“Exactly, so you shouldn’t give in to any impulses. Carefully think things over,” Ji Man hastily persuaded her, “The heir has already come over to apologize. Moreover, based on his expression that day, he seemed to have regret his action. How about giving him a second chance so that your two families can step down from this awkward situation? If he owes you, then you’ll have even more right to speak your mind in your marriage. Prince Huainan will also be more likely to side with you as well. You’re his main wife. In the future, after you give birth to a son, he’ll be the one inheriting the family property. You’ll be able to live the rest of your life peacefully. Wouldn’t that make everything worth it?”

Luo Qianqian froze in surprise for a moment. She frowned. “But, he’s already behaving like that…”

“Is there any man that doesn’t act like a jerk when he’s young?” Ji Man held Luo Qianqian’s hand and sincerely said, “Look at Marquis Moyu. He’s such a scumbag. He abandoned his real wife to pamper a wild woman. Have I said anything to him? I haven’t divorced him either. Why? Because if I easily give up, then that vixen will have won. Why should I use my sadness to help them accomplish their happiness?”

Luo Qianqian tilted her head and considered. “That does sound reasonable.”

“I think the wisest thing for you to do, is to obediently go back to being his wife after you tormented him enough.” Ji Man smiled. “After all, the emperor bestowed this marriage. You shouldn’t make things uncomfortable for him, right?”

Luo Qianqian carefully thought things over for a long time, then she sighed and said, “He’s in the reception pavilion. Father asked me to go over there, but I wouldn’t go. But after hearing your words… do you want to go there with Qianqian?”

“Sure.” Ji Man eagerly stood up. She loved watching shows where scumbags were abused. In addition, if these two ended up not getting a divorce, it would be considered a great accomplishment on her part and she would definitely get rewarded.

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