The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 141

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 141 out of 513 – Who weaved this large trap? (2)

The imperial physician said the fetus had already been disturbed. If Wen Wan didn’t calm down soon, it would be very likely for her to suffer a miscarriage.

After hearing these words, Marquis Moyu looked at Nie Sangyu.

“Don’t consider this servant as an option.” Ji Man faintly smiled. “She definitely wouldn’t allow me near her.”

Her words were true. The person that Wen Wan disliked the most right now was Nie Sangyu. How could WenWan be willing to have Nie Sangyu keep her company? After Marquis Moyu had a headache for several hours, Qian Lianxue came over.

Qian Lianxue covered her mouth and coughed a few times before saying, “Let this servant try caring for Mistress Wan. She could come to Xuesong Courtyard and stay for a few days. This servant has always been very sickly, so my personal servants have experience with attending to people that are ill.”

Qian Lianxiue had always been a gentle person without any signs of hostility towards the other women, so Marquis Moyu nodded his head in agreement.

Surprisingly, Wen Wan didn’t show much resistance. While holding Qian Lianxue’s hand, she was able to peacefully sleep and didn’t have any more nightmares.


Ji Man thought that Honored Concubine Xue was a mysterious person. She normally didn’t participate with inner court matters, but when the situation was at it’s worse, she had appeared and solved the problem by taking Wen Wan to her courtyard.

Perhaps, she was truly a kind-hearted person. Ji Man shook her head and didn’t think anymore about this matter.


Ji Man’s practice writing had reached a hundred pages. Although her writing didn’t look very good, she could finally write using a brush. The residence hadn’t been peaceful lately, but Ji Man still went over to old madame’s place to talk with her and improve her mood every day.


Old madame was a person that practiced Buddhism. Hearing about the rumors, she only smiled and said, “If you’re innocent, then you wouldn’t feel scared about ghosts chasing after you. Those other women are so restless. You’re the only that lets me feel most at ease.”

After Ji Man obediently attended to old madame during breakfast, she very thoughtfully brought over refreshing herbal tea to Marquis Moyu.

Ning Yuxuan had been so stressed and tired by the long hours of work that he would soon be suffering yin deficiency. Refreshing herbal tea was naturally the best item for detoxifying from stress and overwork. In order to obtain a man’s heart, you naturally had to be more attentive and caring. As Ji Man watched Ning Yuxuan’s brow smoothing out, she silently gave herself a “like”.

“Sangyu, it’ll be the third prince’s birthday soon.” Supporting his forehead with his hand, Ning Yuxuan said, “This household has been so chaotic lately, so I haven’t had time to prepare his present. Help me out with this matter.”

Ji Man nodded. One of the rules of being a good woman was helping her man with his worries and difficulties. Don’t make things worse for him in a bad situation.

Preparing a present was only a trifling matter. First, she had to find out what the third prince likes. Ji Man chose to go and ask old madame.

Old madame said the third prince had a fondness for landscape paintings, so Ji Man ordered Miss Shui to buy a landscape painting that cost around five hundred silver taels for her.

Miss Shui always handled her work very efficiently. She sent people over with that painting that very afternoon. On the way to bringing the painting to Marquis Moyu, she met Jinse.

Jinse curiously looked at the painted screen and blurted out a question, “What’s this?”

Towards Jinse’s lack of etiquette, Ji Man had already become accustomed it. She straightforwardly said, “This is a present for the third prince. The marquis ordered me to buy it.”

“Is this really something that the third prince would like?” Jinse scoffed. “You would be better off buying a painting of a beautiful woman for him.”

Ji Man thought; this woman was probably just a self-styled genius. Wasn’t the third prince above such earthly matters? How could he possibly like paintings of beautiful women? Besides, Jinse didn’t know the third prince. She was speaking without thinking. How could her words be believed?

And so, Ji Man lightly smiled, went around Jinse, and delivered the item to Marquis Moyu to complete her assignment.

However, after Ning Yuxuan looked at the painted screen for a long time, he said, “That’s fine. His house is missing this type of item. But, why did you choose a landscape painting?”

Ji Man froze for a moment. “Doesn’t the third prince like landscape paintings?”

Ning Yuxuan laughed and said, “Your cousin is just pretending to be proper. He’s always liked to collect paintings of beautiful women.”

Ji Man felt a light flashing through her mind, but it was too quick for her to catch. It felt as if she had momentarily understood something, but when she raised her head, the epiphany had already vanished.


After three days of nothing happening in the maruqis’s residence, it was time for the sage monk to return to his mountain. A group of people had come to the entrance to send him off, but he pressed his hands together and said to Nie Sangyu, “Donor, please walk with me. There’s something this old one wants to say.”

Ji Man didn’t know why this person was called a sage monk. Although he had the aura of a transcendent immortal, his gaze wasn’t clear. He clearly hadn’t left behind the secular world yet. Why was he calling her over?

The sage monk looked at her with a solemn expression and quietly said, “Trouble will come to you tomorrow. If you leave the marquis’s residence, you’ll be able to escape danger. You should visit your maiden family. That would be a reasonable excuse to leave. This old one can only help you up to this point.”

The sage monk bowed and left.

Escape danger? Although Ji Man thought that this old monk wasn’t as magical as he seemed, his words held a warning to her.

What danger would she be escaping? Why was he helping her? Had she fallen into a large trap without noticing?

It was better to believe him just in case. Ji Man decided to follow the order that Marquis Moyu had given her a couple days ago by returning to Nie Residence to see Ning Errong tomorrow.


When Ji Man went to Nie Residence, the atmosphere felt somewhat oppressive. Ning Errong and Nie Qingyun were a newly wedded couple, but they weren’t sleeping in the same courtyard.

Seeing Sangyu, Ning Errong rushed over in tears. Her crying expression looked wretched. She sobbed, “Sangyu, I want to go home…”

Ji Man thought; your home is much more chaotic than here. It would be better to stay here.

However, seeing Errong miserably crying, Ji Man asked, “What’s wrong?”

After the servant girls were told to withdraw, Errong clung to her and said, “Your older brother hasn’t touched me since he married me.”

Translator Ramblings: I like how the author gives us little hints that the third prince isn’t who he seems.

What do you guys think of the sage monk? He’ll be making more guest appearances later in the novel.

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