The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 134

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 134 out of 513 – A supporting female character that knows the plot (1)

Ning Yuxuan lowered his eyes and chuckled. “Your Highness, is there any need for you to be so concerned about this? With Nie Sangyu’s ability and morality, do you think she can attract my interest? It’s only that Wan-er’s recent behavior has been quite unseemly and she’s also caused Jinse to miscarry. That’s why I’m treating her a bit coldly.”

At the mention of Jinse, the crown prince’s expression wasn’t very concerned. He casually said, “She’s only a prostitute that I gave you during the trip. It’s not a big deal that she lost her baby. There’s no need for you to give Wen Wan the cold shoulder.”

Marquis Moyu faintly smiled and changed the topic.

It was true that Jinse was just a random woman that had stirred the crown prince’s casual interest when they visited Tian Xiang. At the time, he had been thinking he needed a person to distract Marquis Moyu so that he could find an opportunity to kill Nie Sangyu. Jinse had a rather attractive face and her body was also very captivating. And so, the crown prince had chosen her. But, during the rest of the Southern Trip, Ning Mingjie never slept at night and guarded Nie Sangyu, so he didn’t have a second chance to strike.

After they returned to the capital, Ning Mingjie had been promoted to a fourth-rank deputy minister of trade. Although this wasn’t as powerful as possessing control over a military unit, being promoted from sixth-rank to fourth-rank was enough to show the emperor’s regard from him. As soon as there was an opportunity for battle, it would be time for Ning Mingjie to accomplish further meritorious service.

Unfortunately for him, Ning Mingjie had joined the third prince’s side. Zhao Zhe wasn’t surprised. It was his actions in Qin Province that pushed Ning Mingjie over there. There was nothing to say. He just felt annoyed that the third prince had gained a useful supporter without having done anything.

Nie Sangyu hadn’t died, Ning Mingjie had accomplished meritorious service, and the third prince had gained the emperor’s attention. Although the crown prince hadn’t gained any benefit during the entire Southern Trip, he wasn’t anxious. A game of chess had to be slowly played. Until the last moment, was there anyone that could determine who would win?


With the help of Luo Qianqian, Ji Man was able to very quickly persuade the shopkeeper that her wooden token should continue to be valid.

The shopkeeper’s eyes were lit with dollar signs as he said with a smile, “But, this will only count towards your friends from Tonghao Poetry Association.”

Ji Man understood. It was the benefit of them being celebrities, right? Wherever the members of Tonghao Poetry Association went, there would always be people following after them. If they frequently came here to play, Luoyan Pagoda’s reputation would become even better.

So, the cost of their food and drinks would be the equivalent of paying advertising costs.

As a result, Luoyan Pagoda even specially sent people to stand at the entrance to wait for Tonghao Poetry Association’s members and very pleasantly welcome them upstairs.

“Marquis Moyu’s wife has already reserved Luoyan Pagoda’s fifth floor.” The shopkeeper stepped forward to welcome Qian Yingchen and said with a smile, “Sir and Ladies, if you don’t mind, would you allow a few scholars to stay and observe your elegant manners?”

Qian Yingchen’s silently worried. Would Marquis Moyu really not mind that Nie Sangyu was spending so much money?

However, the people behind him were already eager to take advantage of Nie Sangyu’s generous offer and went right up to the fifth floor. They ordered all of the costly teas and snacks, requested ink and paper, and started their merrymaking.

Of course, Wen Wan had also come with this group. Calculating the costs, she silently coldly harrumphed. If this visit costed over a few hundred silver taels, she didn’t believe that Yuxuan would actually be happy with Nie Sangyu’s offer. She would definitely report Nie Sangyu’s wrongdoing to old madame. It would be great if Nie Sangyu ended up having to pay these costs herself. Let’s see how she would cry when that happened.


Ji Man wasn’t interested in this type of pastime. She had entered the poetry association and she wasn’t in a hurry to tear apart Wen Wan’s beautiful façade. Since she had free time today, she should go over to Shui Rogue Store and look around.

She had previously lied to Muxu by saying Miss Shui had stolen her cold cream formula and went off to do her own business. The truth was that Miss Shui had always been very reliable and honest. She followed her orders by securely holding onto the banknotes for her instead of delivering them to Marquis Moyu’s residence.

As for the banknotes she had previously buried, she already found an opportunity to bring them back to Miss Shui. Today, she was coming here to see how business had been doing during the past few months.

Yongning Street continued to be the most bustling street. Ji Man brought Dengxin with her to Shui Rogue Store and discovered that that store had expanded to several storefronts. The third floor of the original building has also been acquired and converted into a floor for VIPs.

Seeing Nie Sangyu from far away, Miss Shui hurriedly had a shop assistant take over with attending a customer, came out of the store herself to greet Nie Sangyu, and curtsied. “Madam Ning. You finally came.”

Dengxin didn’t know about the cold cream matter. Ji Man said she wanted to go upstairs to look at cosmetics and told her to stay downstairs.


Miss Shui brought over the account books and a mahogany box that was decoratively carved. With a bright smile, she said, “Our products have been doing better and better. I’ve been thinking about selling these products outside of the capital and I sent people to scout out possible locations. Many of our customers have come from far away to buy our products to bring back with them. Our business in the capital is booming. We should be able to do well in other places as well.”

Ji Man took the account books and looked them over. She almost fell out of the chair in shock while looking at the account books. She hadn’t been aware of how profitable the store was.

“There must be something wrong with my eyes. Help me read this amount.” Ji Man’s finger trembled as she pointed at the heap of numbers.

Miss Shui covered her smiling mouth. “Thirty-eight thousand seven hundred eighty silver taels. This the net profit for the past three months. This servant has already taken my portion of the profit. This amount belongs to your entirely. I deposited all of it at Huifeng Bank.”

As expected, selling feminine skincare products was the most profitable business. OMG, it had only taken three months to earn this much money. In a few years, would she become the richest person in this dynasty?

Ji Man’s legs felt weak. Why was she still competing with those women? She should just take this money and escape to a faraway place. She had enough to peacefully live out the rest of her life.

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