The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 115

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 115 out of 513 – These pesky feelings (2)

Junzhu, you’re not an outsider.” Nie Qingyun pursed his lips and seriously said, “When we return to the capital, it’ll be about the time for us to marry.”

Their wedding had been scheduled for the beginning of next year. Errong felt happy just thinking about this. “Right, well, when that time comes, you can’t dislike me because I don’t know housekeeping.”

“Of course not.” Nie Qingyun’s gaze drifted for a moment before becoming resolute. “But, Sangyu and Marquis Moyu’s matter… If Sangyu isn’t happy living in Marquis Moyu’s household, then they should just divorce. Nie Clan can afford to support their daughter.”

Ning Errong was stunned.

Divorce wasn’t a simple matter, much less a divorce between these two great clans. How could he say this?

“Noble Consort Nie probably wouldn’t agree. Neither would Old Madame,” she said to the person next to her. “Nie Clan and Ning Clan’s friendly relationship is based on several generations. We can’t have a falling out just because of those two.”

Nie Qingyun lightly furrowed his brow. He very honestly said, “I thought that if we got married, then the connection between our two families would be maintained. This way, Sangyu’s life will become a little bit better at least.”

As Sangyu’s older brother, he was always giving consideration to her needs. He and his mother owed Sangyu too much. They had to compensate her.

However, once these words were said, Ning Errong’s face paled. She slowly lowered her head and tightly clutched the handkerchief in her hands.

A woman’s heart was delicate and sensitive. Nie Qingyun had already said words like these, so it was inevitable for Ning Errong’s thoughts to go in a bad direction.

Had he only agreed to marry her so that Sangyu would be able to live more freely? It seemed that this was the case. At the beginning, Nie Qingyun didn’t want to marry her. Later on, he had only agreed because Sangyu had persuaded him. But in the end, did he still not like her? Had he only agreed to marry her because of Sangyu?

If it were before, she would definitely make a huge fuss. She would rather not marry than let herself be wronged.

But now… Ning Errong looked at his bluish green robe. This was the first time they spent so much time together. She hadn’t seen him in over a year and she liked Nie Qingyun even more than before. When he was angry, his lips would be tightly pursed. When he was embarrassed, his face would be expressionless, but his ears would turn red. He liked the grandeur of landscape poetry and the tactile sensation of gentle jade accessories. His eyebrows were as gentle as the clear jade accessory hanging from his waist. He wasn’t greasily faltering and fawning like other people. He was unpretentious without seeming servile.

She liked him so much, so she hadn’t care about maintaining a maiden’s proud aloofness and had old madame propose a marriage between their two families. She didn’t care what other people said behind her back as long as she could be with him.

She hadn’t realized that if he didn’t like her, then it didn’t matter how much she liked him.

“The soup will be done soon. Sir Nie, you can watch over it by yourself. Errong is going to check on Sangyu.” After hastily flinging these words down, Ning Errong fled in defeat.

Nie Qingyun had been lost in thought while starting at the simmering, lightly yellow soup when the person next to him had already ran away. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but it was too late to stop her.

Why did she leave? Nie Qingyun lowered his head as he reflected upon himself. Was it because he wasn’t good at talking and she had felt bored?”


Ning Errong had walked very quickly. When she reached the doorway to her room, she did her best to slow down her breathing before walking to the bed.

“Why did you come back by yourself?” With great difficulty, Ji Man raised her eyes to look at her. “Didn’t I send you off with my older brother?”

Errong was silent for a moment, then she did her best to raise the corners of her mouth into a smile. “It’s enough with just him there. I came back to keep you company.”

Ji Man could tell that something unpleasant had happened just by looking at Errong’s expression. Ning Errong’s face couldn’t hide anything, Right now, her large, limpid eyes looked as if they were going to cry at any moment.

“What happened?” Ji Man inwardly sighed and sat up to play the role of the woman’s association’s director.

“It’s nothing. I was just feeling a little bit too happy. I’m going to marry your older brother soon.” Errong’s smile became more natural.

Was she feeling pre-marital fear? Ji Man looked at her for moment before saying, “If you’re worried about something, tell me. I’ll help you figure out a solution.”

Sangyu was truly sincerely good to her, ah. Ning Errong swallowed down her grievances and smiled. “Okay.”

As long as she could marry him, she could let go about caring anything else. Regardless of why Nie Qingyun was marrying her, she could still do her best so that he would fall in love with her after they got married.

A while later, Ning Errong seriously asked, “Sangyu, have you thought about leaving the marquis?”

Leave Ning Yuxuan? Ji Man lightly smiled. “I think about this question every day, but it’s impossible.”

“It’s possible,” Ning Errong whispered.

“What?” Ji Man raised her brows. Errong’s voice had been so quiet that she couldn’t hear her clearly.

“it’s nothing. You should go back to resting.” While smiling, Ning Errong helped her lie back down and covered her with a quilt. “If you don’t get better soon, you’ll fall out of favor again.”

Ji Man felt as if Ning Errong was hiding something from her, but seeing that this young girl was doing her best to hide the grievance in her eyes, she would feel bad if she tried to expose her secret.

As for falling out of favor, why would she care about this? She had already traveled back from the gates of hell. Why should she care if Marquis Moyu was by her bedside or doing as he pleased by going out with another woman?


Ning Yuxuan didn’t come to pick up Nie Sangyu from Ning Errong’s room until evening.

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