The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 113

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 113 out of 513 – The culprit can't be found (2)

Errong watched over Sangyu while she slept. Today, they would disembark in Qin Province during lunchtime. Marquis Moyu hadn’t sent anyone to call Sangyu over and had only ordered Gancao and Dengxin to deliver food.

Gancao rubbed her head as she placed the dishes down on the table. She quietly mumbled, “Did I have a nightmare last night? I had a huge bump on my head when I woke up.”

Because Nie Sangyu was sick, Dengxin originally had an anxious expression. But, hearing these words, she couldn’t resist turning around and laughing. “You were definitely sleepwalking. Otherwise, how could you have ended up in our master’s bed?”

Gancao hurriedly waved her hands. Looking at the nearby Ning Errong, she whispered, “Young Miss, please don’t tell my master about this. This servant was deeply asleep last night and shouldn’t have sleepwalked, ah. But, when this servant woke up today, this servant was in my master’s bed and my master had gone to your room.”

Ning Errong tilted her head and doubtfully looked at Gancao. However, since Sangyu trusted these two people, she only said, “It’s fine. Perhaps, it really was just sleepwalking.

Gancao relaxed. Although her master was generous and probably wouldn’t get mad at her, it would be bad if someone else found out. After all, it was very improper for a servant girl to sleep in her master’s bed.


The emperor had lunch with his relatives and important officials at a building that was facing the water.

The crown prince was sitting at the same table as Marquis Moyu. Seeing that the spot next to Ning Yuxuan was empty, he asked with a smile, “Is Sangyu busy with something?”

“En. She went to Errong's room last night because she couldn’t fall asleep and ended up catching a cold,” Ning Yuxuan said with a serious expression. “Since she can’t leave the boat to eat lunch, I already sent servant girls to bring her food.”

“Catch a cold?” The crown prince slightly raised his eyebrow. “Is it serious?”

“I’m not sure. Her complexion didn’t look good when I check on her this morning, but she still seems spirited.” Marquis Moyu turned his head to look at Ning Mingjie. “Mingjie, your face doesn’t look too good either. What were you doing last night? You were so noisy that I ended up waking up.”

Ning Mingjie and Nie Qingyun’s were inwardly startled. Marquis Moyu had also been awake last night? With him asking this question, what should Ning Mingjie say? That he got a slight cold because he had jumped into the river to save someone?

After a pause, before Ning Mingjie could speak, the crown prince also turned to look at Ning Mingjie and said, “Sir Ning, were you doing something last night?”

“It was nothing.” Ning Mingjie lowered his eyes. Without his mask, his face looked utterly innocent. “I was just walking around because I couldn’t fall asleep. Yuxuan, was I too loud?”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Ning Yuxuan lightly smiled.

The table was suddenly silent. These men were all occupied by different thoughts and intentions.

Zhao Zhe was surprised to realize that he wasn’t that angry. Instead, he felt conflicted. Since Nie Sangyu was still alive, he would have to attack her again.

Based on this recent conversation, Ning Mingjie was definitely the person that saved Nie Sangyu. The crown prince observed him again. Without his mask, Ning Mingjie looked valiant and handsome. He was completely suitable to the elegant magnificence that scholars were seeking to emulate. In addition, he was very talented and his conduct was within the acceptable bounds of etiquette. He had also done meritorious service by protecting the third prince. Zhao Zhe reckoned that he would be able to rise up in ranking after they returned to the capital.

Unfortunately, Ning Mingjie had found that he wanted to harm Nie Sangyu. And so, he had lost his chance to pull Ning Mingjie to his side. His only option now was to cup his hands and give him to the third prince.

The crown prince sighed, then he cast a glance at Marquis Moyu. This person didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned about Nie Sangyu. He didn’t even ask her if she had fallen into water or just happened to have caught a cold. He was truly heartless.

And yet, he liked that Ning Yuxuan was heartless towards Nie Sangyu.

After quietly smiling, Zhao Zhe lowered his head and went back to eating.


After lunch, the third prince and Noble Consort Nie wanted to go visit Sangyu. Nie Qingyun would naturally go with them.

However, seeing that several other people were also going there, Ning Yuxuan said, “That room isn’t big. Since all of you are going, then I won’t be coming along to join in the fuss. There are a few fun spots in Qin Province. I’ll take Jinse with me to walk around for sightseeing.”

Noble Consort Nie’s gaze was filled with sorrow and grievance, but Marquis Moyu pretended to not see. He pulled Jinse along with him as he walked away.


Ji Man had been serenely sleeping when someone shook her awake.

Ning Errong hurriedly said, “Several people have come here to see you. Sangyu, wake up.”

A patient needed to rest. This group of visitors was only disturbing her peaceful rest. Ji Man painfully sat up, placed a soft pillow behind her her back, and had Errong bring some congee to warm up her throat. At the very least, she didn’t want to sound like a person that was about to die when she spoke.

Because a cold was a contagious sickness, Noble Consort Nie was sitting far away even though she had come here to see Nie Sangyu. With a bed curtain separating then, she asked, “You were perfectly fine yesterday. How did you get sick?”

Ji Man dryly smiled. “Aunty, don’t worry. It’s just a slight cold. I’ll be fine after resting.”

The third prince sighed. “Older brother is truly unreasonable to give Yuxuan a woman at this time. Men are all greedy for new things. Right now, Yuxuan took that person with him as he went out. He’s not showing any concern towards you.”

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