The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 111

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 111 out of 513 – Who saved her? (2)

The crown prince sighed. “This is certainly strange. Who saved Nie Sangyu? I feel that Ning Yuxuan is the most likely person, but you think it’s someone else?”

“This subordinate thinks it might be Sir Ning.” Taxue thought of a detail and said, “This subordinate followed the trail of water. When I stopped in front of Nie Sangyu’s room, the trail of water was continuing forward.”

Ning Mingjie? The crown prince paused. He really wanted to gain this person’s loyalty. Imperial father had also said Ning Mingjie was a talented individual that would be helpful in governing a country. But, how did he end up getting involved in this matter?

“This prince doesn’t want to investigate the matter of why those two people weren’t sleeping.” The crown prince rubbed his forehead. “If Nie Sangyu is perfectly fine tomorrow, then you and those two people can go soak in the river for two hours.”

Taxue pursed his lips and half kneeled down. “Understood.”


Nie Sangyu’s weak breathing seemed as if it would stop at any moment. With a deathly pale face, Ning Errong had changed her clothing and covered her in a thick quilt, but Nie Sangyu’s condition hadn’t improved at all.

“What happened?” Errong was about to cry from feeling too anxious. “I only slept for a little bit. Why did this happen to Sangyu?”

Ning Mingjie slowly shook his head. He had suddenly woken up in the middle of the night, was lured to the side of the boat by a shadowy figure, and saw Sangyu in the river. From a distance, he saw one of the crown prince’s people approaching her. He didn’t have time to carefully think things though. He took her out of the water and brought her to Errong’s room.

But, when he came to Errong's room, Errong wouldn’t wake up. He had shouted for a long time, and even had to use a silver needle before Errong gain consciousness.

The smell of sleeping incense was still lingering in her room. It seemed as if someone had planned in advance to murder Nie Sangyu.

Ning Errong rubbed her hands together to warm them up, then she placed them on Sangyu’s face. Sangyu’s face was icy cold and wasn’t much different from a dead person’s face. But, when she checked her pulse, she knew that she was still alive.

“Take off your clothes and hug her to warm her up.” Ning Mingjie was slightly panicky. After giving Ning Errong this order, he returned to his room to bring medicine.

That crazy monk had once given him a pill in return for a piece of jade that was his family heirloom. The monk had said this pill had a warming effect and could bring someone back from death’s door. At the time, no one in the household had believed in the monk’s words, even his father had said he had been tricked. Nevertheless, he thought he might have a use for this medicine one day and always brought it along.

(T/N: The crazy traveling monk was first mentioned in chapter 86. He was the one that told Ning Mingjie about Cold Fragrance Pills. Tiny spoiler. We’ll be meeting him later in this story.)

Right now, his only choice was to use this pill. If that had monk had really lied to him, he would notify all the temples in the world and give the order for his arrest, so that he wouldn’t be safe anywhere!

After bringing back the medicine, ignoring the rules of propriety, Ning Mingjie walked to the bed with his eyes closed and stretched his hand out to feel around until he found Nie Sangyu’s mouth, then he stuffed the pill into her mouth.

Ning Errong’s entire body was shivering because of Nie Sangyu’s frigid body temperature, but she still tightly hugged her. The hand warmers inside the quilt had been changed several times before Nie Sangyu’s body gradually warmed up.

“I think she’s starting to recover,” Errong joyfully said.

Ning Minjie was sitting nearby with his back facing them. When he heard these words, it felt as if a stone had fallen down in his heart. “She’s definitely going to get sick from this. Her health might even be worse than before. Take good care of her tonight. Once it’s dawn, don’t tell anyone about the danger she was in. Just say she came over to sleep and ended up getting sick. Have a doctor come over to look at her.”

“Okay.” Although Ning Errong didn’t understand why he was saying this, she would never go wrong by believing in her older brother.


“Have you ever loved someone?” A quiet voice asked her this question in the midst of this empty space.

Ji Man was very familiar with this voice. It was the voice that came out of Nie Sangyu’s mouth.

“Of course, I’ve loved someone.” Ji Man looked around at the surrounding white mist and simply sat down. She laughed and said, “It’s because I had experienced love that I can understand this so well. No one is born with this knowledge.”

“Can you let go of the person that you once loved?” Nie Sangyu quietly asked her.

“Why can’t I let him go?” Ji Man sighed. “A human’s love can’t last for a lifetime. After the passionate period has passed, love will start to wither. When I fell in love, I already had the awareness that I would put it down one day.”

Nie Sangyu’s body slowly appeared in the white mist. But this time, Nie Sangyu’s hands were so transparent that Ji Man almost couldn’t see them. “Since you let him go, why were you so flustered when you saw Young Master’s face?”

Feeling embarrassed, Ji Man awkwardly smiled. “Sometimes your memories will surge up like a period that leaks through. You can’t help feeling startled. It’s not that I can’t let him go, I was just remembering him. If I had to get back together with that scumbag, I would rather try online dating instead.

After a long time of silence, Nie Sangyu turned around.

“Hey! When are you going to let me go back?” Ji Man called out to her.

“Are you still willing to leave Yuxuan?” Nie Sangyu slowly turned around. There was a hint of surprise on her apathetic face.

“Why wouldn’t I be willing?” Ji Man raised her eyebrows. “He’s your treasure, not mine. This type of man totally isn’t my type. If it wasn’t because I want to go home, there’s no way I would be willing to pay any attention to him.”

Nie Sangyu frowned. Her gaze clearly showed her dissatisfaction.

Ji Man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This woman, she was truly foolish to the point of being cute. Could it be that Nie Sangyu thought that all of the women in the world should be in love with him just because she thought he was good?

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