The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 106

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 106 out of 513 – Yet another prostitute (1)

However, she hadn’t expected that Ning Yuxuan would actually bring back a woman after returning from the trip to the brothel. Ji Man was standing by the doorway. She looked at the incomparably beautiful woman standing by Ning Yuxuan and her mouth couldn’t help twitching.

Nearby, the other women had relaxed their expressions. Other Ning Yuxuan, no one else had brought back something unclean.

“You don’t have to look so worried,” Marquis Moyu lightly said. “Jinse will only be accompanying me during this journey. On the way back to the capital, she’ll naturally leave.”

Ji Man understood. This great lord felt that she wasn’t attentive enough towards him, so he had brought back a more thoughtfully intimate person to serve him in bed.

She shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t really care, but she felt slightly awkward because everyone was looking at her with sympathetic expressions.

“He could have brought back anyone else. Why did he bring back a prostitute?” Ning Errong got angry on Nie Sangyu’s behalf. She grabbed her hand, started walking, and heatedly continued saying, “Is there something wrong with my cousin’s head? Why didn’t the emperor stop him? This is too preposterous!”

Ji Man lightly smiled. “Can you tell what the emperor is thinking?”

Ning Errong turned her head and her pace slowed down. “Can you tell?”

“I don’t know either, ah,” Ji Man quietly said, “But none of those men are easy to deal with. Since they all think this is okay, I’ll just assume they have their reasons.”

Errong frowned. “Can you tolerate sharing your husband with a prostitute?”

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. “Don’t forget, there’s already a precedent in Marquis Moyu’s household. Anyways, I’m only a secondary wife, not the main wife. Why should I concern myself with this matter? As long as he doesn’t make life difficult for me, I’ll happily enjoy having more free time.”

“Is this how you truly feel?” Ning Errong incredulously said, “Do you really not feel bad about this? You don’t have to be concerned about etiquette in front of me. If you’re feeling bad, then you can swear at him. I’ll help you swear at him too.”

Ji Man smiled and patted her shoulder. “I’m okay. How about we go the city’s most famous snack shop this afternoon when the emperor is off visiting the local governmental office?”

“Sure.” Seeing that Nie Sangyu’s clear and calm eyes truly didn’t have any hint of sadness, her heart inexplicably felt a burst of melancholy. However, since Sangyu didn’t care, there was no reason for her to keeping thinking about this matter. As long as Nie Qingyun didn’t bring back a woman, she should feel okay.


Jinse was a very quiet woman. She had a naturally somewhat voluptuous face, but she changed into the most plain and simple attire after following Ning Yuxuan. From far away, she resembled a servant girl.

Ning Yuxuan seemed to like her a lot. He brought her along when he went with the crown prince to observe the circumstances of the common people in the afternoon. The crown prince had loudly laughed and rather meaningfully looked at Nie Sangyu.

Ji Man didn’t understand the meaning in his eyes. After she slightly smiled in response, she immediately looked away and discussed with Xiang Province’s governor’s wife to arrange the womenfolk’s afternoon outing.


Because this trip hadn’t been low-key and there had even been an encounter with assassins, protective measures had to be taken. Ji Man and Errong just wanted to go out to eat some snacks, but several people, along with their servants, followed them. Although they had dressed like the common people, Ji Man still felt she was wearing a sign that said, “A noble status, come and kill me.”

Ning Mingjie and Nie Qingyun hadn’t gone out with the princes this afternoon, so Ning Errong had dragged Nie Qingyun into coming along. Then, feeling somewhat embarrassed, she also brought along Ning Mingjie. Although the number of people had increased, Ji Man suddenly felt much safer.

Nie Qingyun and Ning Errong’s relationship had developed quite nicely during this journey. From Ji Man’s perspective, Nie Qingyun was finally not treating Errong like an outsider. When Errong occasionally forgot her manners, he would even look serious and say a few scolding words.

If things continued to develop like this, they would probably be even happier after they got married. Ji Man’s eyes slightly closed as she smiled.

Nie Qingyun looked a the wooden sign hanging on the wall of the snack shop and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Errong said, “I want lotus seed buns and golden rolls.”

Ning Mingjie was very easygoing and let Ji Man choose for him.

 Ji Man looked over the menu on the wall for a while before she said, “Older brother likes to spring rolls, pair that with a plate of peanuts. Young Master doesn’t seem to like overly flavorful food. He can just have two steamed roughage buns. I want scallion pancakes and water chestnut cake. As for those gluttonous servant girls behind us, they’re definitely interested in trying snacks they haven’t eaten before. Waiter, you can pick whatever you think they’ll like.”

(T/N: Below are pictures of two types of golden rolls, lotus seed buns, and water chestnut cake.)

Ch 106 - snacks final.png

Ji Man was always very thorough and thoughtful. It was just how people should act, but Errong was surprised and looked at her with tiny stars in her eyes. “Sangyu, you’re so thoughtful. Unfortunately, our cousin doesn’t know how to appreciate his good fortune.”

Ning Mingjie didn’t care that much about what he ate, but steamed roughage buns… He turned his head slightly to look at this woman, “Has this one done something to displease Madam Ning?”

“Eh? You haven’t.” With a sincere expression, Ji Ma said, “I know that you look down on steamed roughage buns because of your noble status, but steamed roughage buns are pretty good. They help with digestion. Besides, you’ve been wearing a mask for a long time, so you’ll be prone to getting acne. It’s better if you avoid eating overly greasy food.”

The corners of Ning Mingjie’s lips twitched.

Ji Man looked at him with a serious expression and added, “Young Master, Sangyu doesn’t want to meddle, but as a man, you shouldn’t be afraid of other people looking at you. It’s not like you’re a young, virginal maiden. You’re too concerned about your appearance, so naturally you don’t like people looking at you. But in reality, there’s nothing wrong with being attractive, ah. There are many people that want to be beautiful, but the Heavens haven’t given them the opportunity.”

Ning Errong laughed. “There’s no need for you to try to persuade my older brother. Our father and his honored concubines have already tried persuading him several times. My older brother always stays silent.”

Ji Man sighed. “What a pity. This is a face that could cause the downfall of a country, but it’s blocked by a mask.”

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