The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 103

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 103 out of 513 – Who does your heart desire? (2)

Ji Man leaned against the window frame and suddenly yawned. Looking at the absolutely empty room, she finally remembered that Ning Yuxuan had gone out today. This was good too. It would save her from feeling annoyed when she saw him.

As for last night’s matter, she didn’t take it too seriously. There were numerous couples that shared a bed with different agendas. Plus, this wasn’t her body either, so there was no reason for her to be overly concerned. If she became pregnant, it would be the best outcome. Nie Sangyu would probably like this child. If she didn’t… then, she’ll treat this experience as being bitten by a dog.

Estimating the time by looking at the sky, Ji Man dragged her body towards the kitchen to prepare lunch. It was about time for them to return. Right after she finished cooking, she heard a servant rushing over here in panic.

After not being able to find anyone in the common areas of the residence, the servant ran to the kitchen and shouted, “Madam Ning, Madam Ning, Young Master Ning has been injured. Hurry and come with me to look, ah!”

Ning Yuxuan was injured? Ji Man raised her eyebrows. Didn’t he say that he knew martial arts? Why did he still get injured? Ji Man wiped her hands, walked out of the kitchen, and asked, “Is his injury from spraining his ankle or waist?”

This person was the original household’s servant. The servant blankly looked at Nie Sangyu for a while before finally saying, “They encountered assassins outside. Sir Ning was injured because he was protecting the third prince. He’s currently getting his injury bandaged in Li Province’s Wanjing Hall.”

This servant had just come here to bring this message. Although this servant was saying that Sir Ning had been injured, he didn’t actually know who "Sir Ning" was.

Assassins? Ji Man raised her eyebrows. This was truly worth a visit to see for herself.

After changing her clothes, Ji Man hastily went to Wanjing Hall in a palanquin.


Ning Yuxuan and the two princes were all sitting by a pile of herbs. When they looked outside, they happened to see Nie Sangyu getting off a palanquin and unhurriedly walking over here.

“My lord?” Seeing Marquis Moyu, who was sitting near the doorway, looking completely unharmed, Ji Man curiously asked, “Didn’t you have an encounter with assassins, and was seriously injured?”

The corners of Ning Yuxuan’s mouth twitched. He pointed at the nearby Ning Mingjie. “Mingjie was the one that was injured. Why do you look like you were hoping that I was the one injured?”

Eh? Ning Mingjie was injured? Ji Man hurriedly lifted her skirt and went inside to look. Ning Mingjie was still wearing his mask while half of his clothes had been taken off in order to treat the wound on shoulder blade.

Seeing that Nie Sangyu had come, he coolly turned his head away.

He couldn’t possibly still be mad over what happened last time, right? Ji Man thought that he probably wasn’t such a petty person. She glanced at the wound. It looked rather serious. It was bleeding through several layers of bandages.

However, in the end, he wasn’t properly dressed, so she retreated to Marquis Moyu’s side after one glance and said, “A servant came by and said Sir Ning was attacked by assassins. He probably mixed up who was injured.”

Ning Yuxuan was feeling very aggravated. “Did you walk so slowly because you thought I was the one who was injured?”

As soon as she heard it was Ning Mingjie, she had hastily lifted up her skirt and came into the room.

Ji Man lightly smiled, “My lord, please show some understanding and forgive me. This servant hasn’t eaten lunch yet.”

By the side, the crown prince said with a smile, “I had forgotten this until Sangyu mentioned it. Once Mingjie’s wound is wrapped up, let’s go back to eat lunch.”

Ji Man glanced at the silent Ning Mingjie and asked, “Young Master, is your injury serious?”

Ning Mingjie’s back slightly tensed.

Marquis Moyu fake smiled and said, “Mingjie’s protection of the third prince is praiseworthy, but his wound isn’t serious.”

“Oh.” Ji Man nodded. Seeing that everyone had stood up and was about to leave, she wanted to head back to the palanquin she had recently gotten off of.

Unexpectedly, Marquis Moyu grabbed her hand. “You can’t see anything inside a palanquin. Isn’t that really boring? Come and ride the horse with me.”

Ji Man’s face turned green. Ride a horse? Although she had already mostly recovered and wasn’t that sore, wouldn’t sitting in a palanquin be much more comfortable than riding a horse?”

“My lord…”

“Come, I’ll help you up.” Ning Yuxuan’s smile was gentle and he stretched out his hand towards her.

Ji Man took a deep breath and slapped her hand onto his palm. This sound made the crown prince and the third prince turn back to look.

Ning Yuxuan’s eyebrows didn’t even twitch. He held her hand and helped her up onto the horse, then he sat down behind her and picked up the reins.

“There might be more assassins left. I’ll go upfront to open the path,” Marquis Moyu very considerately said to the two princes.

The crown prince raised his eyebrows. Just as the third prince was about to speak, Ning Yuxuan had already raised the reins. “Jia!”

This horse seemed as if it had eaten stimulants. It was happy to gallop forward more than anyone else. It’s jolting sprint almost caused Ji Man to fall off. Her face was ashen as she hugged the horse’s neck in a death grip.

Over the sound of the wind, the person behind her asked, “Don’t you think hugging my waist will be more stable than hugging the horse’s neck?”

Ji Man’s hairstyle was falling into disarray from being blown by the wind. Hugging the horse’s neck and gritting her teeth, she said, “This servant feels that the horse’s neck is more comfortable.”

Marquis Moyu coldly harrumphed. When he whipped the horse, Ji Man almost screamed.

Riding on this horse was completely different from the horse rides in the park that cost a few dollars. In the park, someone else would be walking alongside the horse and guiding the horse by its reins. If she had to describe this experience, she would say it felt like an airplane meeting turbulence and about to violently crash.

Ji Man’s face had turned completely white. Moreover, she deeply felt that Marquis Moyu was doing this deliberately.

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