The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 099

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 099 out of 513 – Experiencing a different type of life (2)

Fortunately, the emperor favored Marquis Moyu and had allocated a pretty good courtyard to him. Everything was new here and there wasn’t much dust. By the time a bucket of hot water had cooled down, Ji Man had finished cleaning the rooms. The floor tiles that were made of precious stones were very smooth, so Ji Man straightforwardly ripped off strips of cloth, made them into a mop, and cleaned the floors until they were as clean as the surface of a mirror.

The crown prince had stopped at the doorway with one foot slightly raised up. Looking at this floor, he almost didn’t dare to come inside.

When Ji Man turned around and saw him, she hurriedly put her skirt down and said with a calm expression, “Eldest Young Master, is there a reason why you’re here?”

Hearing her address, the crown prince chuckled for a bit, “You’ve changed modes quickly. You’re certainly an exquisitely clever person.”

Holding the mop, Ji Man lightly smiled. “Eldest Young Master, you’re giving me too much credit.”

Looking at the person in front of him, Zhao Zhe really wanted to step forward and stroke her face. However, the words, “If there’s anything you want to say, quickly say it. Otherwise, hurry up and leave,” were clearly written on her face. He was normally a fearless crown prince, but in front of her, he was at a complete loss.

He lightly coughed and said, “You’ve made it so clean. I’m reluctant to step on this floor.”

Ji Man considerately brought a stool over to the doorway, bent her waist to salute, and said, “Then, Eldest Young Master, you should just sit outside. I haven’t finished cleaning yet.”

Zhao Zhe looked at the stool she was holding in the doorway and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He had never met a woman that failed to appreciate the favor of his interest in this way. And yet, he wasn’t angry at all.

Right after the beauty put down the stool, she was about to go back. Zhao Zhe grabbed her white wrist and asked, “Why do you shun me so much?”

Ji Man’s expression sunk. She made one attempt to yank her hand away before she calmly looked at him and said, “Oldest Young Master, although Sangyu doesn’t know any grand principles, I know the virtues a married woman should have. Other than Yuxuan, Sangyu shuns all men.”

Zhao Zhe boisterously laughed. “You’ve really become an upright woman. Yuxuan has been called away by my imperial father to discuss official business and there isn’t anyone else around here except us. If I insist on forcing you, what can you do?”

Ji Man felt that this person was slightly crazy. Out of the various groups of people, crazy people were the worst group to offend. Even when they killed someone, it wouldn’t be counted as committing a crime. They were truly terrifying. However, she couldn’t act cowardly. For a person like him, if you showed him even the slightest trace of fear, he would want a mile if you give him an inch.

“Sangyu is only a mere woman. Of course, there’s nothing I can do,” Ji Man said. “But, Sangyu isn’t a person that will commit suicide while having feelings of deep resentment. Before I die, I’ll definitely tell Yuxuan and my aunt why I’m going to kill myself.”

“Are you threatening me?” Zhao Zhe raised his eyebrows.

Ji Man sweetly smiled and her eyes were very gentle, but the word that her mouth spat out was powerful and resonating, “Yes.”

Zhao Zhe quietly looked at her for a brief period before he suddenly smiled, “Nie Sangyu, you’re truly a woman that’s suitable to be the empress.”

After saying this, he glanced at the stool before turning around and leaving.

Ji Man was scared out of her wits by these words. Gripping the mop, she was at a complete loss for a long time. She didn’t know what kind of reaction she should have.

A while later, she heard Ning Mingjie’s voice from the courtyard’s entrance, “Everyone knows that the crown prince’s words are the most untrustworthy. You can just act as if you didn’t hear anything.”

Ji Man raised her head and looked at the courtyard’s entrance, but she didn’t see Ning Mingjie. Why was he outside the courtyard? Did he hear all of the crown prince’s words?

After running out to look for him, she saw that Ning Mingjie had already walked far away. She didn’t know when he had come by. Perhaps, he was just passing by and happened to overhear?

Ji Man’s apprehensive heart calmed down after these words. Although the crown prince’s words were alarming, when she thought about it carefully, Ning Mingjie’s words were logical. Knowing what type of man the crown prince was, why should she take his words seriously?


At noon, Ji Man decided that she would personally cook. It wasn’t because she wanted to show off. It was because the court ladies and eunuchs had all been sent away. The only people left were the emperor’s relatives. Not a single one of them knew how to cook.

With a blushing face, Ning Errong followed her into the kitchen and said, “I’ll act as your assistant.”

“Sure, I’ll teach you how to cook a few dishes for my older brother,” Ji Man said as she washed the potatoes.

The princess consort and Noble Consort Nie were in the main courtyard talking with the emperor. The remaining women either said they were afraid of the cold or didn’t want to do any work. Ji Man and Errong were the only two people in the kitchen. Fortunately, there were sufficient ingredients. Ji Man counted; there was enough to make twenty dishes.


Ning Yuxuan was with the third prince. They were studying calligraphy together. They weren’t far away from the kitchen and would frequently smell the tasty aromas that drifted over from the kitchen.

“I frequently hear that you’re unsatisfied with Sangyu.” The third prince lightly smiled as he glanced at Ning Yuxuan. “From what I see now, my cousin doesn’t seem lacking when compared to anyone else, ah.”

In terms of familial relationship, third prince was Nie Sangyu’s older cousin. However, they weren’t close. The third prince usually spent his time outside of the capital. Once he reached adulthood, it was even rarer for him to see Sangyu. He had only occasionally heard news about her from Noble Consort Nie. The young girl that used to not be sensible had grown up now, ah.

Ning Yuxuan slightly frowned and said, “Third Young Master, you only have partial information. When she’s good, she’s truly very good. But when she does something upsetting, it’s enough to make a person be angered to death.”

The third prince raised his eyes and looked at him for a long time, “Yuxuan, haven’t you noticed this? There are very few people that can make your emotions swing back and forth so dramatically. When I came back last year and saw you, there was always a smile on your face. But now, you show anger and annoyance. You seem more like a person now.”

Ning Yuxuan was stunned. His expression was slightly ugly. “It’s not like that…”

“You don’t need to say anything else.” Third prince raised his hand to stop him from speaking. “I’ll just remind you of one thing. If you heart likes someone, don’t let your mouth be stubborn. There are some things where if you don’t tightly hold onto them, they might slip away from you. Do you understand?”


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