The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 085

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 085 out of 513 – You still owe me a dare (2)

“I was wondering how much trouble they could stir up. I truly overestimated them, or perhaps I should say that I underestimated you.” Marquis Moyu’s gaze swept over. There was a hint of a warm smile on his normally expressionless face. “You’re very clever.”

Ji Man looked at this great Buddha, sighed, and asked, “My lord, will you be sleeping here tonight?”

“Are you still not willing?” Ning Yuxuan stood up and gently wrapped his arm around her waist. “It’s fine if you’re not willing. I won’t touch you. But, how about we talk about our feelings tonight?”

Why did he want to talk about feelings out of the blue? Ji Man’s mouth twitched. Her eyes suddenly brightened and she said, “Then, let’s play truth or dare with rock-paper-scissors.”

“What’s that?” Marquis Moyu was slightly at a loss.

Ji Man explained the rules to him. Ning Yuxuan slightly raised his eyebrows, “This seems interesting. Let’s try it.”

Don’t joke with her. Ji Man had plenty of experience with this game from college. She was always slightly slower than the other person when showing rock, paper, or scissors, but no one had seen through her tactic and suspected her. Thus, her chance of victory was significantly increased. How could she possibly loss against a person from ancient times?

In the first round, she won as expected. She happily looked at Marquis Moyu and asked, “My lord, do you want to pick truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Ning Yuxuan didn’t show the slightest hesitation. Leaning against the bed, he was faintly smiling.

“This servant daringly asks, what type of woman do you like the best?” Ji Man narrowed her eyes as she asked.

This question was completely within expectations, but Marquis Moyu’s mind still wandered. He lowered his eyes and said, “I like quiet, gentle, and kind-hearted women that know how to dance and paint.”

Fine, none of these qualities matched Nie Sangyu. Ji Man’s lips twitched. But, when she carefully thought about it, these qualities didn’t match Wen Wan either, ah. Wen Wan, the female lead, had already turned from a white lotus into a black one. She wasn’t quiet or gentle anymore.

“Continue.” Marquis Moyu opened his eyes.

Ji Man nodded. But starting from the second round, something unexpected happened. She repeatedly lost.

“True or dare?” Ning Yuxuan asked.

“Dare.” She replied.

“Kiss me.”


Ji Man incredulously looked at him. Ning Yuxuan somewhat devilishly smiled. His peach blossom eyes reflected the image of the person in front of him. It was enough to make a person's heart thump.

He had never shown her an expression like this before. Normally, he would only fake smile at her or not show any expression. What was wrong with him today? Why was he trying to seduce her?

Ji Man took a deep breath. Hadn’t they said that they would agree to anything before they started? Otherwise, there was no point in playing this game. It was just touching her lips to his. With a smacking sound, she kissed his lips.

The marquis didn’t seem particular satisfied. And so, their following dialogue continued to be:

“Truth or dare?”


“Kiss me.”


After Ji Man had kissed him several times, she finally felt there was something wrong. “Why are you always winning, ah?”

Marquis Moyu innocently spread his hand out. “You’re just having bad luck. There’s nothing that can be done about that. Let’s continue.”

After silently cursing in her mind, Ji Man kissed him again. But this time, Marquis Moyu held the back of her head with his hand and flipped them over so that he was pressing her body underneath his. His tongue slipped past her lips and teeth and gently besieged her mouth.

What was he trying to do? Ji Man instinctively tried pushing him away, but she felt Ning Yuxuan clasping their hands together.

“I kept trying to figure out who you were and sent people looking for Nie Sangyu.” Very careful and intimate kisses landed on her neck after he said this.

Hearing these words, Ji Man felt as if her body had been struck by lightening.

What did he know?

“But, recently, I had to acknowledge the truth. There aren’t two people that are exactly the same. You’re Nie Sangyu, but you’re also not her.” Ning Yuxan’s eyes were as deep as the sea. “Sangyu, you’ve completely changed as if you’ve been reborn. I really like you now.”

Goosebumps rose up on Ji Man’s entire body, but her mind relaxed. The corners of her mouth twitched and she said, “My lord, are you trying to seduce this servant?”

“En?” Marquis Moyu lightly smiled. “Don’t overthink things. I’m serious. I want to treat you well. The emperor said that the Great Canal would be open in half a month. He wants to take a pleasure boat to Jiangnan to go sightseeing for a month and also observe the circumstances and feelings of the people. I have to go on the boat trip and I want to bring you along too.”

Ji Man asked in shock, “My lord, why are you bringing me?”

One month, ah. Didn’t he like Wen Wan the most? Why was he bringing her instead of Wen Wan?

“This is what Noble Consort Nie wanted. I also think that it’ll be more interesting to bring you along.” Marquis Moyu smiled and nibbled at the string for her dudou. “If I can’t fall asleep on the boat, I can at least listen to your stories.”

Ji Man hurriedly tried to stop him from doing anything else. Her mind was having a hard time figuring out his actions. They had only not seen each other for a few days. There was no reason for Ning Yuxuan to suddenly treat Nie Sangyu so well. Although he suspected that she was a different person, he had also said he would take her traveling on the emperor’s tour. What on earth was he thinking?

Feeling that his movements were becoming more and more outrageous, Ji Man couldn’t help shouting out, “My lord, you said you wouldn’t force this servant! This servant wants to peacefully sleep.”

Marquis Moyu stopped. He gently closed the front of her robes for her, then he obediently lied down next to her and said, “Don’t forget, you still owe me a dare.”


Translator Ramblings: I like how the author reverses the trope of transmigrated people being so terribly clever compared to people from ancient times.

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