The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 072

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 072 out of 513 – A hidden disaster (1)

He was as picturesque as a painting. Ji Man’s eyes became glazed as she looked at him. Noble men from ancient times truly had majestic appearances. His attractive, slender fingers looked as if he had never done manual labor.

Ning Mingjie was a clever person. He probably wouldn’t do something that would harm others if there was no benefit to him. It wouldn’t sound good if other people found out that he had written a poem with the marquis’s concubine even though Ning Yuxuan probably wouldn’t care. Perhaps, he might even thank her for securing his romantic rival.

Ji Man looked away from him and went back to listening to Errong gossiping to cast off her boredom.


Recently, Luoyan Pagoda’s fifth floor’s business had already exceeded the volume of business in the top floor. Moreover, the crown prince had even personally come here and written a poem. This was giving an enormous amount of face to Luoyan Pagoda. But, seeing that the crown prince wasn’t able to write out the second half of the poem and no one else could write out satisfactory verses either, the shopkeeper didn’t know what to do. He was so anxious that he wanted to look for the person that originally wrote the poem. This wasn’t a joking matter. What if the crown prince got angry and tore down Luoyan Pagoda!

But, they were doomed to never find Ji Man.

Ning Yuxuan looked at the poem that was hanging in the center of the fifth floor. His eyebrows hadn’t relaxed the entire time. The poem had been written very well and there weren’t many people that knew this style of calligraphy. Ning Mingjie was one of those people. However, he had seen very little of Ning Mingjie’s writing. Even though he knew that Nie Sangyu had left the residence with his cousins a few days ago and had come to Luoyan Pagoda, he still wasn’t absolutely sure that this was his writing, 

Perhaps, he was overthinking. It was unlikely that Mingjie would write this type of poem.

It wasn’t early anymore. No one had been able to compose a satisfactorily second half for the poem, so the crown prince decided to go home. Ning Yuxuan also returned home and decided he would check up on Nie Sangyu.

When he was halfway to Feiwan Courtyard, Songlan blocked his path and said, “Marquis, Mistress Ling has made your favorite snacks.” She seemed as if she wouldn’t get up from her kneeling position if he didn’t agree to go with her.

Ning Yuxuan just realized that he seemed to have been staying in Feiwan Courtyard for too long. He hadn’t visited the other women in a while. Nie Sangyu might not necessarily be able to afford this level of favoritism.

“Let’s go,” He said.

Songlan happily led him to Jiyue Couryard. Qi Siling had already been waiting at the entrance. Her face had turned slightly red from the cold, but her eyes brightened when she saw him.

“My lord.” The beauty had a supple waist and her salute was full of reverence. Her eyes were as bright and lustrous as gems and filled with grievances.

Ning Yuxuan lightly smiled, “Why are you waiting out here? It’s such a cold day. Let’s go inside.”

Qi Siling clutched her handkerchief and quietly said, “It’s worth it to be able to see the marquis for an extra moment. This concubines doesn’t feel cold.”

Qi Siling was a magnanimous and sensible person that never asked him to bestow favor on her. She also handled her duties in a fair and appropriate matter. This was the reason why he had previously given her the power to manage the household affairs.

“I’ll feel bad if you get sick.” Ning Yuxuan held her hand as they walked inside.

Qi Siling gently smiled, placed the snacks that she had recently made by his hand, and sat down to his left. “My lord, please try some.”

Ning Yuxuan felt that she had something she wanted to say, but he didn’t hurry her. He just quietly ate the five-kernels pastries.

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Ch 072 - Five kernal pastry.png

When he was eating the third piece, Qi Siling finally spoke, “This concubine has always thought that Old Madam’s bedroom walls have been missing something. Perhaps, the marquis’s cousin could write something. This concubine heard that he has very good calligraphy skills. A present from him would also make Old Madame very happy.”

“When did you start concerning yourself with matters like this?” Marquis Moyu put down the pastry. He was slightly annoyed. “My cousin came here as a guest. How could I ask a guest to do something like this?”

Qi Siling bit her lip and deliberated over the words that she would say next. “This concubine repeatedly heard from Old Madame’s servants that the marquis’s cousin has very good calligraphy skills. One of his writings is even on display in Luoyan Pagoda and has received a lot of attention. In the end, he’s a member of Ning Clan. Old Madame was very happy when heard about that news. This concubine made that suggestion in hopes of pleasing Old Madame.”

Ning Yuxuan was slightly stunned. So, Ning Mingjie had really been the one that had written Luoyan Pagoda’s poem? Why hadn’t he heard him mention it?

Anyways, the crown prince had fixated over that poem. If Mingjie had really written the poem, he would ask him for the second half of the poem and deliver it to the crown prince. It could be counted as doing the crown prince a favor.

After thinking of this, Ning Yuxuan stayed in Jiyue Courtyard for a little bit longer before he left and went to the southern courtyard.


Ning Minjie had finished collecting the snow on the plum tree. He was now carefully sealing up the bottle, so that he could use it for later.

As Ning Errong hovered around him, she kept talking about the same topic. “Older brother, you’ve reached a marriageable age. Stop trying to look for a perfect wife, ah. Miss Li seems pretty good. She’s at least brave enough to send letters to you during the last two days.”

“Also, hasn’t father mentioned that one of his good friends has a unmarried daughter? I heard that’s she’s a first-class beauty. Why won’t you at least look at her? What if father becomes anxious and has you directly marrying her? Then, you won’t see your wife until the bridal room.”

“You’re so bothersome,” Ning Mingjie turned his head and lightly poked Errong’s forehead. “Worry about your own marriage instead of mine.”

“I’ve already found someone, but you don’t even have a potential fiancée!” Ning Errong pouted and said, “Seniority has to be followed. If you don’t marry first, how can I marry someone?”

Ning Mingjie lightly shook his head. “Even father isn’t concerning himself over this issue. You can stop worrying about this.”

Ning Errong still had more words that she wanted to say, but she heard Baizhi call out from outside, “Master, Marquis Moyu is here.”


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