The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 068

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 068 out of 513 – Confusing amorous desires in the snowy night (1)

Ning Yuxuan had lightly kissed her neck. His warm lips made her shudder. While Ji Man was still feeling dazed, she felt something wet gently licking her.

No matter how much willpower she had, she couldn’t force herself to tolerate this! After taking several deep breaths, she still couldn’t restrain her impulse. With one shove, she pushed Ning Yuxuan away.

His gaze seemed somewhat confused and wasn’t the same as normal. Ji Man strangely felt somewhat afraid. After she calmed herself down, she asked, “My lord, what’s wrong? This servant hasn’t taken a bath. This servant didn’t think that you would…”

She had even said she hadn’t taken a bath! But, Ning Yuxuan seemed as if he hadn’t heard her words. With one hand, he pulled her body close to his and seemed as if he wanted to kiss her lips. But, he paused and there seemed to be a struggle in his eyes and his breath was heated.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Man felt that there was off about him. But, a moment later, she felt there was something wrong with her body too. Her entire body felt as if it was burning. She wanted to embrace the person in front of her. Her body felt empty.

When amorous feelings were surging upwards, a person’s mind would become muddle-headed. Ji Man felt very hot, and the person hugging her felt even hotter. Perhaps, the charcoal fire in her room was too exuberant. She should go extinguish it.

Right after she left the bed, the person behind her overbearingly carried her back to the bed, and pressed so closely down on her that their breath intermingled.

Their sleeping clothes were tossed from the bed and the person on top of her was unstable and edgy. Ji Man’s mind was a muddled mess. Unexpectedly, she subconsciously wanted to comfort him. She stretched her hand out and patted his back.

Ning Yuxuan’s eyes were red and he bit down on her clavicle. Ji Man let out a yelp of pain. Then, he suddenly became gentle again and gently licked the bite mark.

In the midst of this discombobulating period, Ji Man seemed to hear the sound of Nie Sangyu crying, but she was also laughing as she cried. It sounded miserable and plaintive. Ji Man really wanted to open her mouth and ask her what was wrong, but Ning Yuxuan had drawn her into a whirlpool and she couldn’t escape.

Ji Man muddle-headedly thought; he was really proving himself to be a man with many women. He probably wouldn’t make her feel too much pain. Although she had never been with someone before, she wasn’t a conservative person. She didn’t really care that much if she lost her first time. If she wasn’t doing this with someone that she truly liked, then it didn’t have any special meaning. She would just treat this experience as if she had gone out and found a prostitute.

But, just as she was about to lose herself into these sensations, the person above her carefully kissed her face and quietly called out, “Wan-er…”

Her eyes, ears, and nose seemed to suddenly return to her control. Ji Man became clear-headed. The pain of a heart curling up into a ball abruptly returned her to her senses.

This was Nie Sangyu’s heart, but she was the one that felt the pain. Ji Man took a deep breath and looked at the man in front of her. Right now, he was gentler and more captivating than any other previous moment. She grimly laughed once before pushing him off the bed.

Feeling uncomfortably hot, Ji Man gritted her teeth and put on her sleeping clothes. Looking at the displeased Marquis Moyu, she helped him up and put his clothes on for him.

Ning Yuxuan just felt that he really wanted the person in front of him. There had never been a time when he failed to obtain the things that he wanted. Just as Ji Man was about to put on his belt, he pushed her hand away. With his eyebrow furrowed, he tightly embraced her again.

Ji Man knew that the two of them had fallen into someone’s scheme. There was definitely something wrong with their bodies. Looking at his somewhat impatient expression, she hurriedly jabbed his chest with her finger as she said, “Ning Yuxuan, you’re the male…lead! You have to remember. It’s immoral for you to sleep with other women behind Madam’s back. Hurry and sober up! I’ll bring you back to Qiangwei Courtyard!”

“When is your mouth going to say something that I want to hear?” Ning Yuxuan lowered his head and angrily bit down on Ji Man’s lips. “You’re also my woman. Why are you making me leave?”

Ji Man’s lips twitched. Being tightly hugged by him, her body was also reacting. But, even though this was Nie Sangyu’s body, she still didn’t want to do it with a man that was thinking about another woman. It would be such a loss. Perhaps, when he returned to his senses, he might even blame her and say she had seduced him. Why bother?

“My lord, please let go of this servant first.”

“I won’t.” Ning Yuxuan angrily said, “Why are you always running away from me?”

Ji Man gritted her teeth. She really couldn’t put up with this anymore. She straightforwardly picked a nearby vase. She would smash this against the back of his head and knock him out.

When her hand had reached halfway, his hand grabbed her hand. Ning Yuxuan narrowed his eyes, “Planning on murdering your husband? Nie Sangyu, who gave you this courage to attack me?”

If you weren’t such a beast, no one would hit you! Flustered and exasperated, she used a lot of force to bite down on his wrist. It was so painful that it immediately made Ning Yuxaun clear-headed. He reflexively flung his hand and threw Ji Man off the bed. Ji Man wasn’t able to steady herself in time. She ended up hitting the wall behind her and groaning.

There were teeth marks on his wrist and he could already see blood. This woman had actually been wiling to bite him. Just as Ning Yuxuan was about to explode in anger, Nie Sangyu had already opened the doors.

It had already started snowing at an unknown time. The snowy windy blew away the heat inside the room. Both of them shivered from the blast of cold.

Ji Man endured the discomfort of her body as she turned around and put on her outer clothing and cloak after taking them down from the divider. She saluted Marquis Moyu and said, “When the marquis has finished resting, please carefully examine my courtyard tomorrow and see who was behind tonight’s event. That person even used such a despicable drug.”

“This servant will go to Errong's room to sleep for a night and order someone to bring water for you later. You should take a bath and go to sleep early.” After saying this, she ran toward the heavy snowfall as if she was fleeing from death.


Translator Ramblings: Yay, finally a novel where people don’t succumb to aphrodisiac.

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