The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 066

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 066 out of 513 – This brainless woman (1)

During dinnertime, Ji Man went over to old madame’s courtyard to report today's outing. She picked a few good moments to talk about. Knowing that old madame also had the intention of playing matchmaker, she said, “When my older brother has free time, Sangyu will invite him over here to walk around the residence."

“You’re a sensible one.” Old madame patted her hand and smiled very happily. "Noble Consort Nie has always been worried that you wouldn’t be able to figure things out and would stay depress. Right now, you’re well behaved and I don’t have to worry about you. Xuan-er must be blind to like that narrow-minded plaything.”

These words carried quite a bit of anger. Ji Man curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

What had happened in the residence while they were out today?

Old madame’s face sunk. She lightly snorted and said, “She came to my courtyard in the afternoon to serve tea and I didn’t drink her tea. I don’t like scented teas* to begin with and she had brought osmnathus flower tea, the one that I dislike the most. It was only a small matter, but she ran to Xuan-er and cried out her grievances. She thought that Xuan-er would side with her. She’s really lacking in the ability to make discerning judgments. I raised Xuan-er for so many years. Did she think that he would value a wild woman over me?”

* (T/N: Scented teas are made using a base of black, green, white, or oolong teas and blended with flower petals.)

Ji Man could guess what had really happened. Old madame had definitely given Wen Wan a hard time again and the female lead had a heart that was made of glass. Her heart must have broken, so she went to the male lead to tearfully complain. The male lead must have been in a dilemma. In the end, the matter was resolved by leaving it unsettled.

On one side, it was his wife. On the other side, it was his mother. Ji Man insincerely thought; Marquis Moyu was so pitiful. After gloating over his misfortune for a while, she said with a serious expression, “Madam has only recently enter this household and doesn’t know your likes and dislikes. Old Madame, why be with angry with her?”

“I just dislike her vixen-like appearance,” Old madame said with a calm expression. “Ning Clan has been a noble family for generations and has received the emperor’s favor. Every main wife has been carefully selected, and yet that person…”

Old madame didn’t say the rest of these words, but Ji Man could guess. Because Wen Wan wasn’t the person that old madame had chosen, old madame would never find her pleasing to look at. In this aspect, the female lead was blameless. But, this female lead was clearly not clever enough. If she couldn’t even endure the slight grievance, how would she be able to sort out such a large household?

“A few days ago, she brought me this month’s account book to look over. It was a total mess. It would have better to have a concubine managed it.” The more that old madame spoke, the more incensed she became. “Why did Xuan-er marry her? She doesn’t know how to manage a household or how to respect to her mother-in-law. She only knows how to beguile people."

It wouldn’t be good for Ji Man to interrupt, so she just listened to old madame’s complaints.

However, after old madame finished her tirade, she looked at Nie Sangyu and considered for a while. She said, “How about I speak with Xuan-er and have you manage the household accounts?”

Startled, Ji Man said, “Ah? Why not give it to Mistress Ling?”

Qi Siling had previously been the one managing the accounts, and she had been doing a pretty good job too.

“In the end, she’s still an outsider.” Old madame meaningfully looked at her.

After Ji Man thought it over, she understood old madame’s meaning. The marquis’s residence’s accounts were very large and it was possible for the person managing the accounts to extract ill-gotten gains. Even if it was only the accounts for the marquis’s inner court, there were still many tricks that could be done in between. So, the control of these accounts naturally had to be held by someone that old madame trusted.

“But, will the marquis agree?” Ji Man worriedly asked. If Wen Wan lost the power over managing the accounts, then she wouldn’t have any prestige left as the main wife.

“Even if he doesn’t want to agree, he’ll still have to.” Old madame’s face was serious as she said, “Didn’t you return the jade waist accessory that signifies the secondary wife position last time? It’s enough to show that you’re a sensible person. I’ll have him see the errors that Wen Wan made this time and hand the account book over to me. You can help me manage the account book in the background and he naturally won’t be able to say anything.”

Words have already been said to this point. Ji Man had to agree. Although this would be very tiring, once she managed the inner court’s accounts, her existence would be more popular than the main wife’s despite her status as a concubine. When Steward Qian sent charcoal to her the next time, he would definitely send two large baskets of first-class charcoal.


Wen Wan was sitting in her room and silently crying. Marquis Moyu was standing by her side. He sighed and said, “Mother’s temperament has always been like that. You’ll just have to accept the unfair treatment for now.”

“How long will I have to endure this unfair treatment?” Wen Wan raised her eyes to look at him. “You’re always siding with your mother. Even if she’s the one that’s wrong, you’ll only tell me to endure. You used to treat me so well before I married you. But now, you’re always telling me to suffer grievance after grievance.”

Ning Yuxuan had a slight headache, but he couldn’t bear to show anger towards Wen Wan. He could only tenderly persuade her, “Household matters aren’t just about you and me. Why are you putting me in this difficult position?”

“You’re saying that I’m putting you in a difficult position?” Wen Wan angrily stood up. With red eyes, she ran to the bed and rolled herself into the quilt as she cried and said, “Then I won’t make you suffer. Just divorce me!”

Marquis Moyu’s expression sunk. “Wen Wan, think before you speak.”

“I’m only saying the truth. She’s always giving me a hard time when I go to the main courtyard. Nothing I do is right. It’ll be better if I don’t stay here!” Wen Wan’s crying sounded awful.

Ning Yuxuan took a step forward. He wanted to comfort her, but then he thought, the reason her temper had developed into this state was because he had spoiled her. He immediately took a step back and coldly said, “Since you like to vent your feelings and cause a fuss, then just continue by yourself.”

After saying this, he turned around and walked out of Qiangwei Courtyard.

Wen Wan cried even louder, but this didn’t stop Ning Yuxuan from leaving.

At first, he felt that she was very pitiful when she was crying. It made him feel sympathetic towards her and want to pamper her. But now, when she hysterically cried, it just made him feel uncomfortable and want to leave.

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