The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 062

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 062 out of 513 – The matchmaker’s task (1)

Sure, my ass! This was clearly something that a servant girl could do. And yet, he had easily told her to do this. It was clear that in Marquis Moyu’s heart, Nie Sangyu wasn’t any different from a servant girl!

Although she already knew this truth, Ji Man was still very upset about this and immediately silently cursed him a hundred times to wear a green hat (i.e. be cheated on).


The next day, when Ji Man went to old madame’s courtyard to pay her respects, Ning Mingjie was also there. He had come here earlier than her and was currently sitting on the small couch that was near the window and quietly drinking tea.

“Sangyu, you came here at just the right time,” Old madame said with a smile. “Mingjie said he wanted to go out with Errong, but they’re not too familiar with this area. How about you bring Errong out and have Qingyun come over to drink wine with Mingjie?”

Tell Qingyun to come here? Ji Man raised her eyebrows and looked at old madame doubtfully. But, she saw old madame giving her a meaningful look.

Ji Man didn’t understand what she was trying to hint at, but she still agreed. On the side, Ning Mingjie turned his head and his silver mask slightly glimmered. His eyes held a gentle, smiling intent as he said, “Old Madame, thank you for taking the trouble.”

Ji Man still didn’t understand. She was only a concubine, ah. How could she accompany the guests outside to stroll around? Although she had a good relationship with Errong, it was strange that old madame would so easily agree to this.

“Young people like to play together. I’m old, so I won’t bother the four of you by coming along,” Old madame was smiling as she looked at Nie Sangyu. “While you’re out, check if that store is selling cold cream and buy two boxes for me.”

Old madame had really liked the cold cream and hadn’t used any of her other skincare and makeup products since she started using it. She had used up the box of cold cream from before. Shouwu and Danggui had also been using the small box of cold cream and seemed to have outstanding status in the household. Recently, the price of cold cream had decreased and the supply had increased. It was much easier to buy cold cream. This was why old madame asked her to bring back two boxes.

Ji Man agreed with a smile. Right now, she didn’t have to worry about Miss Shui’s business. She had already made Shuiji’s cold cream into a brand. Everyone was using Shuiji’s cold cream as a status symbol.

Although she was feeling happy, Ji Man was still thinking about old madame’s strange behavior while she went to the southern courtyard with Ning Mingjie. They were going there to look for Ning Errong. Why had old madame wanted her come along? It couldn’t be that she was also unhappy about seeing Wen and Ning Mingjie together?

Hearing that Ning Errong was still dressing up inside, Ji Man led Muxu and Ning Mingjie to stand outside to wait. Ning Mingjie seemed to be in a very good mood. The corners of his mouth had a tendency of curving upwards today. His black hair was tied up by a jade crown hat. Even though he was wearing a mask, he still gave off a handsome impression.

(T/N: Below is a picture of a jade crown hat.)

Ch 062 - jade hat.png

When Ji Man was reading the light novel, she had kept thinking. The supporting male character was generally a gentle and soft person and was also devastatingly beautiful. He also whole-heartedly only loved the female lead. Why was the female lead so stupid? Why had she stubbornly stayed obsessed with that one person?

Now that Ji Man was looking at the supporting male character from a close distance, even her heart was skipping. The supporting male character was written for the audience. She was the audience, ah. Thus, he was written for her! Please allow her some time to look at him with starry-eyed infatuation.

Ning Mingjie was standing five steps away from Nie Sangyu. He had originally been continuously looking at the building in front of them, but the gaze from the side was too ardent. He couldn’t resist tilting his head to glance at her.

That single glance showed Nie Sangyu looking at him as if she had lost her bearings. Ning Mingjie slightly raised his eyebrows. Find her gaze slightly amusing, he asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Sangyu, older brother.” Ning Errong’s voice came from the front and Ji Man hurriedly returned to her senses. With a proper expression, Ji Man said, “I was looking to see if your mask was 999 silver or not. I observed for too long. I hope that you can overlook my discourteous behavior.”

Right after saying this, she went to greet Ning Errong.

What did 999 silver mean? Ning Mingjie didn’t understand her words, but seeing that Ning Errong had already come outside, he said, “Let’s go.”

(T/N: A piece of silver that’s marked with 999 means that it’s almost pure silver, 99.9% silver.)

Ning Errong had been especially attentive with her manner of dress today. She was wearing a light pink sleeveless fur jacket and a white dress embroidered with silver thread. She had also put on a thin layer of makeup and there were dangling ornaments in her hair. She truly looked like a junzhu.

(T/N: Junzhu is one rank lower than princess. The title of junzhu is usually given to a daughter of a first-rank prince. The title can also be bestowed by the emperor’s decree.)

Ji Man had originally been wondering what old madame had been up to, but she finally understood after seeing Ning Errong.

Ning Errorng had already reached a marriageable age. No matter how reluctant Marquis Jingwen was, it was still time for her to marry. After going back and forth with looking, Maquis Jingwen still hadn’t found a son-in-law that he would be satisfied with. Instead, Ning Errong had said that Nie Clan’s Qingyun was pretty good.

Ji Man didn’t know when those two had meet for the first time. It hadn’t been written in the book. While Ning Errong had married Nie Qingyun later on, they also ended up divorcing. As for what happened after that, Ji Man didn’t know.

In this dynasty, divorce was very rare. What had happened for Errong and Nie Qingyun to marry? And, what happened to cause them to divorce, ah? Ji Man’s mind was full of question marks. But, thinking about how she would soon be a spectator with a front row seat, she temporarily restrained her curiosity. She praised Errong’s style of dress as they headed out.

Old madame had a very good relationship with Nie Clan. A single command from her had been enough to have Nie Qingyun driving a carriage to Marquis Moyu’s residence and waiting outside.

Seeing them come outside, Nie Qingyun called out, “Sangyu,” without greeting anyone else first.

Ji Man cleverly and cutely pulled Errong along with her as she walked over and sweetly shouted out, “Older brother.”


Translator Ramblings: I love the little moments when Ji Man act like Ning Mingjie's fangirl.

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