The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 041

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 041 out of 513 – A small-minded and shortsighted female lead (2)

Wen Wan was a small-minded and shortsighted female lead. In the original novel, after she had vented her feelings like this a few times, the marquis had dismissed all of the concubines in the household and they reached their perfect ending. They were like an inseparable pair of birds that flew together and stayed together.

Ji Man couldn’t help thinking that the original novel was written by a brain-dead person. True love was one thing. Living one’s life was another matter. How deep would a love have to be to last for an entire lifetime? At the most, the sweetness of love would last for a few years. The remaining years would depend on the couple’s ability to get along with each other. Wen Wan was the type of a woman that could only last during the honeymoon period. She absolutely wasn’t someone that you could spend the rest of your life with.

Marquis Moyu decided to take a walk around the residence. As he walked, he tried to think of ways that would make Wen Wan’s life better. Just after he left Qiangwei Courtyard and passed through a shady spot under the trees, he saw Nie Sangyu sitting in a pavilion. There were two cups of tea on the pavilion’s table.

“My lord.” Ji Man looked at him with a smile. “If there’s something that's troubling you, how about saying it out loud? Perhaps, this servant will have a way to help you.”

Ning Yuxuan slightly raised an eyebrow and aimlessly walked over. “How did you know that I was going to leave Qiangwei Courtyard?”

Ji Man lowered her eyes. “This servant just came here to drink tea.”

“You’re using two cups to drink tea by yourself?”

“…” Ji Man cleared her throat. “My lord, you’re a clever person and this servant isn’t too stupid. Madam found out that Master Qing is pregnant today, so it’s only inevitable that she would be feeling uncomfortable and the marquis wouldn’t linger in Qiangwei Courtyard. And so, this servant came here to try my luck.”

Marquis Moyu profoundly looked at her for a moment, then he sat down to left of her. “What’s your idea?”

Wen Wan was angry with him. But as the main wife, she should be happy for him when she found out that he would have soon have a descendent. And so, Ning Yuxuan didn’t know how to persuade her. But at the same time, he truly loved her, so he wasn’t willing to blame her.

Ji Man lightly smiled, “Madam has always been wanting to have a baby. But in the end, someone else had a child before her. No matter what, it was only expected that she would become angry. My lord, why don’t you clear things up by directly saying that after Master Qing gives birth, the child will be given to Madam to raise, regardless if it’s a boy or girl. This way Madam will feel better.”

It was a common occurrence for the main wife to raise the oldest child, even if the child wasn’t her own. Marquis Moyu sighed and said, “I had also thought about this method. But, with Wen Wan’s temperament, I can’t say for sure that she’ll feel happier if I tell her this.”

“She’s a woman. As long you spend more time coaxing her, it’ll be fine.” Ji Man said, “Madam is definitely afraid that if someone else becomes pregnant, the other woman will steal away your heart. My lord, if you spend time with her every day and don’t look at Master Qing, Madam will naturally understand your feelings.”

Marquis Moyu raised his head and chuckled, “Are you still bearing a grudge against Qing-er for pushing you into the pond?”

She obviously wanted him to give Mu Shuiqing the cold shoulder. Mu Shuiqing was also a person that he had to worry about. If she were given the cold shoulder after becoming pregnant, she would definitely cause trouble.

Ji Man looked at Marquis Moyu with a slightly melancholy expression and said, “My lord, why do you always think Sangyu is so petty? Master Qing had already been punished for last time. Why would Sangyu still want to harm her? But, my lord, you know Master Qing’s temperament. If you allow her to do as she pleased, Madam will definitely end up unhappy. With Master Qing's personality, it’s easy for her to offend people. It’ll be difficult for her to keep this baby.”

Ning Yuxaun raised his eyebrows, “Are you saying that you’re doing this for her own good?”

Even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t believe that Nie Sangyu would have this type of inclination.

Ji Man shook her head and very seriously said, “This servant is only telling the marquis something that might make Madam feel happier in order to curry favor by being well-behaved in front of the marquis. As for whether the marquis will listen or not, the power is in your hands.”

Ning Yuxuan quietly harrumphed. He looked at the person in front of him. Her eyes were as bright as the red glow of sunrise. He pursed his lips and said, “If you just honestly don’t do anything, that would be the most obedient.”

Ji Man lowered her head to laugh and said, “My lord, don’t worry. This servant won’t compete or desire anything.”

Only a fool would actually believe a woman’s words, including hers. How could she possible not want anything? There were many things that she wanted. But, these things couldn’t be rushed. She had to take these things step by step.

Ning Yuxuan picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip. It tasted fresh and sweet with a fragrant scent. It was actually osmanthus tea.

He furrowed his eyebrows. He put down the tea and said, “I don’t like to drink sweet teas like this one.”

Ji Man raised an eyebrow, casually took the cup he had drunk tea from, took a sip, and licked her lips. “You don’t even like to drink tea that’s made from dew. Then, next time, if there’s anything sweet, this servant will help you eat it and drink it.”

Ning Yuxuan slightly widened his eyes. He hadn’t expected that she would do something like this. After being stunned for a while, he finally slightly pursed his lips and said, “Pay attention to decorum.”

Ji Man realized what she had done and somewhat awkwardly put down the cup. “This servant has overstepped. This servant will be leaving to go to the palace with Old Madam later and won’t bother the marquis any further.”

Going to the palace? Ning Yuxuan knew that Noble Consort Nie’s confinement period had ended and his mother was going to the palace to visit her. But, hadn’t they already spoken about this before? Only the main wife and secondary wife had the status to enter the palace. As a concubine, how could she enter the palace?

“My lord, you don’t have to worry.” Ji Man saw the confusion in his eyes and lowered her gaze as she ridiculed herself, “Other than the concubine status you gave me, I still have my identity as Noble Consort Nie’s niece. As long as I keep a low-profile, it shouldn’t be difficult for me to enter the palace with Old Madame.”

Marquis Moyu paused, raised his eyes to look at the well-behaved person in front of him, and surprisingly felt somewhat guilty.


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