The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 012

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 012 out of 513 – A starved dead camel is still bigger than a living horse

Since her master had already said it like that, Muxu didn’t continue asking. She took the silver taels, went to the kitchen at lunchtime, and brought back two side dishes and a soup back.

“What did Aunty Zhao say?” Ji Man asked as she ate.

“She took the silver taels and agreed.” Muxu whispered, “From her expression, she’s not an easy person to deal with. Master…”

“Don’t worry. It’s enough that she agreed.” After Ji Man finished lunch, she put down her chopsticks and turned around to look for the most gorgeous clothing she had left in her wardrobe. “Help me change clothes.”

The clothing was made from first-class material. The long skirt was an earnest deep blue and it was paired with a yellow top. It looked magnanimous and noble. This was probably clothing that Nie Sang Yu had worn when she was the marquis’s wife. Naturally, it wouldn’t be suitable for her to wear this clothing anymore if she went out. But, it would still be okay to use it keep up appearances in front of servants.

As Muxu helped her style hair and inserted a golden hairpin into her hair, Muxu’s eyes couldn’t help turning slightly red.

Ji Man looked at the person behind her in the bronze mirror and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing…” Muxu sniffled. “This servant was just thinking about the past. Why is master being punished like this…”

The previous Nie Sangyu had gotten whatever she wanted. She would have never needed to exert this much effort just to get more meat to eat each day.

Ji Man laughed in disagreement. “What’s the use in thinking about the past? We still have to continue living. If we can’t live lavishly anymore, then at the very least we need to live without worrying about basic necessities, right?”

Living in the confinement courtyard was pretty good. She didn’t need to go out and compete and scheme for a position. Right now, she only wanted to slightly improve her meals.

Muxu nodded and applied rouge and other cosmetics to Nie Sangyu. Ji Man felt slightly stunned by the beauty of this face after makeup was suddenly applied. This face hadn’t worn make up for a while.

Aunty Zhao secretly came to the confinement courtyard right after lunchtime. Because she was Steward Qian’s relative, she had always been very proud and arrogant. But seeing that the concubine locked in the confinement courtyard had been so generous, she felt that this would be a good opportunity to gain a large sum of money and swiftly came here.

But as soon as she entered the room and raised her eyes, she saw a woman with a noble appearance, gorgeous clothing, and without the slightest hint of being in dire straits. Aunty Zhao couldn’t help but put away her originally slightly irreverent attitude. She properly stepped forward and performed the proper etiquette before asking, “Master Sangyu, why did you call this servant over? Do you have an order for this servant?”

Ji Man curved the corners of her lips and said, “I felt very happy after eating the delicious food from the kitchen and wanted to thank Aunty Zhao. That’s why I asked you to come here to receive your reward.”

Startled, Aunty Zhao felt slightly discomfited. Previously, she had always curtailed the food sent to Nie Sangyu’s courtyard. Right now, she had only added more dishes because she was following the madam’s order. This Master Sangyu actually said she was going to reward her…

“I lost the marquis’s favor and spent the past month broken-hearted. Recently, I finally realized something after prolonged thought.” Ji Man smiled and said, “It was foolish of me to not want to eat or drink. Although I lost the marquis’s favor, I’m still from a famous, aristocratic family. My paternal aunt’s position as noble consort is dependable. When the old matriarch comes back from praying to Buddha, I won’t be staying in this cold courtyard for long. Why make life difficult for myself? Aunty, don’t you agree?”

Stunned by these words, Aunty Zhao quietly said, “This… Master Sangyu’s words are right.”

A starved dead camel was still bigger than a living horse. It wasn’t even necessary to mention that House Nie’s influence was vast enough to cover the sky. The old matriarch, the marquis’s biological mother, was Noble Consort Ning’s best friend. No matter how much the marquis disliked Master Sangyu, after the old matriarch came back from praying to Buddha, she definitely wouldn't let Master Sangyu suffer too many grievances.

When she thought of it like that, her back felt chilled. She had also been foolish. She shouldn’t have followed those blind people and taken retribution against Nie Sangyu for her past mistreatment. She had forgotten that the person in front of her would have a change in fortune soon. In the end, a master was a master. If Nie Sangyu held a grudge against her, would there still be a place for her in the marquis’s residence in the future?

Ji Man waited until Aunty Zhao thought things through before opening her mouth to say, “The meals made by the kitchen during the past two days were very tasty, but my body is weak right now. Perhaps, I’ll need you to be more thoughtful with my meals. These fifty silver taels are for you Aunty Zhao. Thank you for your trouble.”

Ji Man stretched her hand out to help Aunty Zhao up and personally put the money into her hand. Ji Man gently smiled. “Is Aunty Zhao still thinking about my poor actions from the past? Are you willing to help me?”

Aunty Zhao hurriedly said, “Of course not, Master Sangyu. This servant feels honored that Master Sangyu is asking this servant for help. This servant wouldn’t decline regardless of how difficult the task is.

Ji Man smiled, “Since it’s like that, I need Aunty Zhao to purchase a few things for me. Here are another fifty silver taels. Look at my current circumstances. I can’t even leave the residence. I feel bored, so I want to buy a few things. Aunty Zhao, could you…”

Aunty Zhao grasped the silver taels and said with a smile, “Whatever master wants to buy, this servant will have someone buy them when they’re out buying groceries. I wouldn’t dare to say yes to anything else, but this servant can definitely help with this task.”

“I’ll definitely remember Aunty Zhao’s kindness.” Ji Man took out a list of things she had previously written and placed it in Aunty Zhao’s hand. She said, “I’ll have to bother Aunty Zhao with these little trifles. If there are any remaining silver taels, Aunty Zhao, you don’t need to be polite. Use them to buy clothing for yourself.

Aunty Zhao smiled so widely that it seemed as if a flower was blooming on her face. She repeatedly said, “Okay.” Then, she turned around and left to complete Nie Sangyu’s task.

“Master, why did you give her so many silver taels?” Muxu’s felt slightly distressed. “So many silver taels. It would have been enough to eat delicious food for a year.”

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