The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 003

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 003 out of 513 – Since you’re here, you might as well accept it (1)

“That one is fine.” Ji Man pointed at a light green long dress with a yellow bodice that was at the center. It was combined with a wide white sleeves top.

(T/N: Ji Man’s outfit resembles the pictures below.)

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.34.03 PM.png

Muxu nodded, took out the outfit, and helped her change her clothes. Ji Man looked at the mirror, then she opened Nie Sangyu’s jewelry box and selected two jasper hairpins and a silver flower hairpin. Along with the golden flower mark between her eyebrows, this style of dress and adornment made Nie Sangyu appear more spirited.

Nie Sangyu was very beautiful. Her lips were crimson even without applying makeup and she looked slightly cute when she was smiling. It was only that her previous attire was truly frightening. If she had gone out meet the new madam while wearing her white clothing, it would seem like she was paying a condolence visit and the male lead would definitely punish her.

Most of the time, the second female leads’ deaths were a result of their own actions. Ji Man decided that she would be like a tranquil daffodil. She wouldn’t do anything that would provoke a misfortunate death.

When the doors were open and Liu Mama saw Nie Sangyu, she momentarily lost her senses.

(T/N: Mama (嬷嬷) – a form of address for an elderly female servant.)

Ji Man courteously curtsied at her and said with a smile, ““I’ll have to bother mama with leading the way.”

According to the plot, it was time for the second female lead to appear. The female lead had married into the marquis’s household. As the previous main wife, who had been demoted to a concubine by the marquis, she had to go and respectfully offer tea to the new main wife.

Liu Mama’s words had been right. The status of a concubine wasn’t high in the marquis’s household. It was only slightly higher than a servant’s status. She should exercise restraint by curbing Nie Sangyu’s previous lofty arrogance.

“Master Sangyu, please follow me.” Liu Mama couldn’t resist taking another look at the person in front before turning around and walking towards the front of the residence. Why did Master Sangyu seem as if she had become a different person? She even curtseyed her and properly followed her

Everyone in marquis’s household knew that Nie Sangyu had an arrogant and willful temperament. She treated the servants like they weren’t people. Relying on her illustrious family background, she treated the honored concubines and ordinary concubines harshly. When she had found out that the marquis was going to marry Miss Wen Wan, she had caused a huge fuss with her crying and threatening to commit suicide. This news almost traveled to the palace. This behavior was absolutely overstepping the bounds of what was proper. As a result, the marquis had demoted her to an ordinary concubine in his anger and locked her up so that she could reflect on her past errors.

When Liu Mama had come here, she had expected that she wouldn’t be able to bring Nie Sangyu to the main room or that she would have to deal with her crying and causing a huge fuss. Even the marquis had said, “If she really doesn’t want to come her, then keep her locked her up.”

But, the result was that the person behind her couldn’t be more agreeable. She even dressed herself appropriately without any crying or fussing.

Liu Mama muttered to herself in surprise as she led them directly to the front courtyard.

The marquis’s residence was very big and had been bestowed by the emperor. The emperor had also conferred a marquis title to Moyu. Moyu’s wedding would naturally be very grand. The court officials and their wives were all standing in the front courtyard. They were smiling and conversing as they waited for the bride.

“Aiya, did you hear? Nie Sangyu has been locked up.” When women were gathered together, there were would always be gossip. A group of madams standing in a corner and looking at the courtyard that was filled with celebratory red started gossiping.

“I just knew that she wouldn’t have a good ending. She relies on the fact that her paternal aunt is a noble consort. What right does she have for acting so arrogant? Did she really think that Marquis Moyu would tolerate her despotic behavior for the rest of their lives?”

“I heard that Noble Consort Nie has also recently lost favor. Marquis Moyu was probably waiting for this chance to abolish Nie Sangyu’s position as the main wife, so that he could give this highest position to his sweetheart.”

“Isn’t that so. Once Miss Wen Wan enters Marquis’s household, let’s see if that woman can still be arrogant. She probably still in her room crying!”

Ji Man repeatedly shook her head as she listened to these words. Nie Sangyu had foolishly antagonized so many people. Even outsiders were hoping that she would have a bad ending. It wasn’t surprising that she had been easily destroyed by the female lead.

The madams had been chatting and laughing, but they let out screams of fright when they inadvertently turned around and saw her.

Ji Man blinked. She picked up a piece of fried pancake from a table and stuffed it into her mouth. She pretended that she was only passing by and continued walked towards the inner part of the courtyard.

Liu Mama turned around to look at her again. Seeing that she wasn’t showing any overreaction, Liu Mama’s attitude significantly eased up. “The marquis is at the entrance with the new madam. Master Sangyu, you should go inside to greet the honored concubines.”

“Okay.” Ji Man nodded. She left Muxu outside of the main room. She picked up her skirt and went inside by herself. She sneakily surveyed the four people inside the main room and saluted the two people who were wearing more dazzling head ornaments. “Greetings to the honored concubines.”

She had read in the book that Marquis Moyu had two honored concubines, two ordinary concubines – oh no, that’s wrong, he had three ordinary concubines including her – and numerous bed servants. This person could truly be considered a Casanova.

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