ChongFei Manual Ch 95.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 095.2 out of 171

Wei Luo had slept well last night. The mountain air was refreshingly cool. Last night, there had been a cool breeze from the window. As expected, it had been much more comfortable than sleeping at home.

She had woken up early in the morning, picked out and changed into a light pink muslin jacket and skirt embroidered with lotus flowers, sat in front of her bronze mirror brushing her hair, and walked to the copper basin to wash her face and rinse her mouth. Just as was wiping her face and before she had time to eat breakfast, a servant girl came inside and stammered, "Fourth Miss, please... Please come with me..."

It was Wei Zheng’s servant girl, Yin Lou.

Wei Luo looked into the mirror to wipe away the rest of the water on her face and calmly asked, "Is something wrong?"

Yin Lou embarrassedly nodded her head. Probably because she didn’t want other people to her, she looked around before quietly saying, "Fourth Miss, please follow this servant."

It was difficult to imagine that Wei Zheng would look for her without a reason. Wei Luo put down her towel and leisurely walked over, "What's the matter? Tell me about it."

Yin Lou didn't know what to say. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. She kneeled down in front of Wei Luo.

This was related to Wei Zheng's reputation. If something happened to Wei Zheng, then she wouldn't have a good ending either as her servant girl.

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Wei Luo's eyebrows went up in surprise. She was really curious what would make her lose her head like this, so she agreed to go with her. Yin Lou lead her to the front of Wei Zheng's room, pushed opened the closed door, and entered the room. There was absolute silence in the room. When Wei Luo walked inside, there wasn't any abnormal in the outer room. Just as she entered the inner room and saw the two people inside, she immediately stopped walking.

Wei Zheng was wearing a yellow outer robe decorated with plum flowers at the edges and sitting on the bed with her head lowered. Both of hands were holding the bed sheets so tightly that her hands had turned white.

Li Song was standing at the other end of the bed and wearing the same deep black robe that he was wearing yesterday. His face was gloomy and his entire body was shrouded in a terrifying aura.

Wei Luo's sharp eyes saw the purplish red bruises on Wei Zheng's neck and smelled the soft ambiguous scent in the air. She immediately understood what had happened. She furrowed her eyebrows, didn't ask anything, turned around, and started walking outside.

Yin Lou hastily stopped her, "Fourth Miss, you have to be responsible for our Miss... Please don't go."

Wei Luo turned around to look at her. There wasn't a change in her tone, but her words very ruthless, "She was responsible for this shameful act and defiled herself. How can I help her? How is this related to me?”

Yin Lou was unable to respond. She was choked off in her speech.

Hearing these words, Wei Zheng fiercely glared at her with red eyes and deliberately gritted her teeth and said, "How is this not related to you? He only did that to me because he thought I was you..."

As expected, Wei Luo stopped walking and turned around to look at her and Li Song. Her eyes held undisguised disgust that made Li Song's heart plunge to the bottom. Clearly, he was in pain, but he didn't want to show it in front of her. He lifted the corner of his mouth and sneered, "Did I mistake you for the wrong person, or was this because of your scheming? As a dignified daughter from Duke Ying's family, are you not afraid that I'll spread the news that you used this type of underhanded trick to coerce someone?"

Wei Zheng's face turned white and stared back at him, "What nonsense are you saying? Clearly, you..."

In large strides, Li Song walked towards her and raised his hand. Wei Zheng thought he was going to choke her again and instinctively dodged to the side. But, he only bent over and took out a white porcelain bottle from underneath the pillow. He turned the bottle in his hand and hatefully and disdainfully looked at her, "What's this? Are you going to say you don't know?"

Wei Zheng clenched her teeth and didn't reply.

Li Song went back two steps and held the small, porcelain bottle so tightly that he almost crushed it, but he didn't. He threw the bottle at Wei Luo's feet and didn't say anything.

Wei Luo bent down to pick up the porcelain bottle to looked at it in her hand, saw the label on the bottle, and probably knew what had happened. She hadn't thought that Wei Zheng would do something like this. She couldn't be interested in Li Song. Then, whom had she prepared to lure into a trap? Song Hui? From the current scene, Li Song had probably come here for some inexplicable reason after Song Hui left and inadvertently fallen in this trap.

Wei Zheng really opened her eyes. Before, she had only thought she was stupid. She hadn't expected that she would be so lacking in moral character.

Wei Luo slowly said, "I'll tell this matter to daddy and paternal grandfather. As for how they'll deal with this... You’ll have to see what they decide.”

Then, she turned around and left the inner room. She probably didn't want to continue seeing this scene.

As she walked, she ordered Jin Lu, "Go prepared a carriage immediately. I'm leaving the mountain and returning home."

Jin Lu hurriedly responded yes.

Wei Zheng blankly sat on the bed and thought of Wei Kun and her paternal grandfather's response when they found out. Her hands and feet felt icy and her face was pale.

Li Song stood in place for a long time. When her figure had walked far away, he started following after her in large steps. Wei Luo wasn't walking quickly. He quickly caught up to her in the verandah and stopped in front of her, "Wait!"

Wei Luo took half a step back, lifted her eyes up to look at him, and indifferently asked, "Is there something else?"

Li Song lowered his head and looked at her for long time. That pair of eyes were dark and deep. All of his pride and unruliness were hidden away. Close to abandoning himself to despair, he asked, "Are you not going to ask why I was in her room?"

Wei Luo looked at him without saying a word.

He hoarsely said, "I heard that you were sick and thought it was your room, so I went inside to look..."

He looked into her eyes and cruelly said, "Wei Luo, the person I want is you."

Wei Luo's expression immediately changed. She pursed her pink lips and raised her hand to viciously slap him!

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