ChongFei Manual Ch 90.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 090.1 out of 171

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Song Ru Wei had a good relationship with Zhao Lin Lang, so Zhao Lin Lang invited her to Zi Yu Villa and also said she could bring another person. Thus, Song Ru Wei thought of Wei Zheng.

Hearing that she would have the opportunity to become closer to the seventh princess, Wei Zheng was naturally very happy and unreservedly agreed.

Wei Zheng was jealous of Wei Luo's close relationship with the sixth princess and had been determined to worm her way into being friends with Zhao Liuli too. To no avail, Zhao Liuli rarely appeared in palace banquets. Even if she did show, she usually didn't talk to anyone other than Wei Luo and the two sisters from Duke Zhen's residence. Towards other people, she always kept her distance. It was very difficult to come in contact with her.

Wei Zheng had tried to talk to Zhao Liuli a few times, but she had been ignored each time and she gradually stopped trying. She thought that Wei Luo had incited Zhao Liuli against her and this was why she was ignoring her. Actually, this wasn't true. Zhao Liuli had a naturally shy disposition and wasn't used to talking to strangers.

Now, she had the opportunity to get close to seventh princess Zhao Lin Lang, so Wei Zheng was naturally happy. If she could gain a close relationship with the seventh princess, she wouldn't lower her head in front of Wei Luo.

Wei Zheng's mental abacus was loud as she counted her chickens before they hatched. This was her main purpose in going to Zi Yu Villa. The second reason was naturally... She glanced at the small porcelain bottle in her hand.

Song Ru Wei had said that the capital's young noblemen from distinguished families would be holding a friendly gathering for poetry in Hua Fu Mountain, which was behind Zi Yu Villa. At that time, Song Hui and many young nobles would be there for a total of two days and one night. By chance, they would be staying the night at Zi Yu Villa.

A few days ago, Wei Zheng heard that people from Count Zhong Yi's residence had come here to discuss Wei Luo and Song Hui's marriage. Wei Kun had put so much thought into Wei Luo's marriage, but he had never put any thought into her marriage! Wei Zheng felt very indignant. Why did Wei Luo always receive the best? Clearly, she was closer to Song Hui. If they were going to arrange a marriage between an older male cousin and younger female cousin, it should be her that should be getting married.

Song Hui treated her so well. Every time he saw her, he would smile gently. He liked her too, right?

Thinking of this, Wei Zheng felt that Wei Luo was gaining an advantage too easily.

Naturally, she wasn’t resigned and wanted to go to Ginkgo Courtyard to consult with Du-shi. But, Du-shi hadn't left Ginkgo Courtyard in many years and wasn't clear about matters outside of the residence. Du-shi already had a difficult enough time protecting herself. How could she help her? Then, she had heard about this type of aphrodisiac from Yin Lou. She thought over the past and considered the future. In the end, she decided for Yin Lou to obtain this drug, then she would use it on Song Hui.

After he had possessed her body, he would have to marry her.

Wei Zheng stored the little porcelain bottle into her trousseau, closed the box, turned around, and asked Yin Lou, "If you dare to tell this to anyone, I'll sell you to the red light district."

Since Yin Lou knew an old woman from the red light district, she naturally knew what kind of place it was. It was a place with brothels, where men seek women for pleasurable love. She wouldn't even mention that the life there was exhausting. Every day, the women would have to receive different men. It was much worse than being a servant girl. Yin Lou knelt down in horror and promptly declared her position, "Miss, be assured. Even if this matter rots in this servant's stomach, I won't tell anyone!"

Wei Zheng nodded, told her to rise, and said, "Recently, one of Wei Luo's personal servant girls asked about me. She's probably suspicious. Later, go outside and prepare medicine for me. If anyone asks, say the medicine is for me.”

Yin Lou obediently nodded. Seeing that Wei Zheng didn't have any other orders, she bowed and left the room.

Wei Zheng sat inside her room and thought for a while. She was originally planning on going to Gingko Courtyard to visit Du-shi. However, now that she thought about, she would wait until the matter was settled before going. As long as she could marry into Count Zhong Yi's residence, she would be able to take her out of Gingko Courtyard and bring her to Count Zhong Yi's residence. Her mother wouldn't have to be locked away in that small courtyard anymore.


After Wei Luo bought the present and returned home, she wanted to go to her room first to store the jade away, then bring the ivory pendant to Wei Chang Hong. Unexpectedly, she saw Chang Hong walking out of a room and the two of them met in the verandah. Wei Luo instinctively tried to hide the box behind her.

Wei Chang Hong was just about to go to Mister Qi's place to ask him for guidance on a few questions. Seeing Wei Luo looking guilty, he followed the movement of her hands and saw the red sandalwood box with decorative carvings. His eyes flashed as he looked at Wei Luo and slowly asked, "What's that?"

Although it wasn't their birthday yet, he had already given Wei Luo her gift. Wei Luo still hadn't given him his gift. Even thought he hadn't asked about it, he hadn't forgotten.

Wei Luo knew that she wouldn't be able to conceal the box. She could only confess, "This is a gift for you. I especially went outside today to buy it."

Chang Hong curved his lips into a smile. On his left cheek, a shallow dimple was revealed. He was obviously in a good mood. "Can I see it?"

Wei Luo automatically shook her head. In addition to the ivory pendant, there was a white jade hairpin inside the box. If Chang Hong asked, how should she explain? She held the box tightly. Her eyes turned and without a change in her expression, she said, "Since it’s a birthday gift, then of course, I have to wait until your birthday to give it you. You won't be surprised later if you see it now."

Chang Hong looked at her and reminded, "Ah Luo, I've already given your gift to you."

The implication was that he wanted her to give him his present now.

Wei Luo still refused. She thought of how she used to rub his head when they were children, but when she lifted her hand, she discovered that he was already a head taller than her and immediately stopped her action. Very resolutely, she said, "Anyways, you can't see it now."


(T/N: If you lived in a patriarchal society where your future happiness or misery was completely dependent on who you married and you had a father that didn’t care about arranging your marriage, what would you do if you were in Wei Zheng’s position? Her plan on raping Song Hui is definitely wrong, but even as an adult, I can’t think of a better plan for her future and she’s only a thirteen-year-old girl that wants to live with her mother again. If she succeeds and even if Song Hui hates her, she’s still better off marrying into her maternal side of the family than waiting until Wei Kun decides to marry her. Knowing that Wei Kun was going to force Chang Hong to marry Li Xiang, it would be stupid of Wei Zheng to trust that Wei Kun will care enough about her future enough to find her a good husband.

I find Wei Zheng’s story pitiful because she would have grown up to be a very different person if Qin-shi or someone who wasn’t self-absorbed, bitter, or crazy raised her. The story starts when she’s only five years old. That’s such malleable age. Chang Mi is the perfect example of how someone could change from a horrible person to a good person because of who his parent was. Normally, I think people are responsible for their bad decisions. But, Wei Zheng never had a good role model. And, as a girl in historical times, her world is very limited and secluded. She doesn’t have the opportunity to interact with other people in school the way children in modern times would and learn what’s right and wrong.

What do you guys think? Do you have a different view? As a modem day person, who has access to more knowledge and experience than Wei Zheng, what would you do in her current position? )

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