ChongFei Manual Ch 73.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 073.2 out of 171

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Zhao Jue relied on the fact that his father was Emperor Chong Zhen's younger brother to obtain a position without responsibilities in the Ministry of Revenue. Although he had an official position, he didn't act according to standards. Most of the officials in the Ministry of Revenue were dissatisfied with him, but due to his father's status, they could only be secretly angry with him and didn't dare to speak out against him. Not only that, he was a womanizer with a voracious desire for the joy between men and women. Although he had a wife and three concubines, he still messed around with the servant girls in Prince Rui's residence.

Now, he wouldn't even let off his wife's younger sister. What a perverted beast.

Wei Luo silently thought.

She had just recently heard their voices through the wall, so Wei Luo was unable to directly look at them right now. However, those two were ignorant of this and refused to move from blocking their path.

The girl behind Zhao Jue was blushing. Her eyes had the radiance of springtime scenes. A glance would show that she had been recently ferociously loved. She was probably feeling embarrassed. She hurriedly went back to looking down after raising her head and looking at Wei Luo for a moment.

Zhao Jue disdainfully smiled. He leisurely fanned the jade fan in his hand. "Ah Wu was busy today and couldn't go outside today, so she pleaded with this heir to accompany her younger sister in taking a stroll outside. Since this heir was free, I agreed to her request. This is Ah Xuan's first time in the capital. There are many things unfamiliar to her.”

The Ah Wu he mentioned was his wife, Xiang Wu. Xiang Wu referred to Xiang Xuan as her younger sister, but they weren’t biological sisters. They were cousins that were related on the paternal side.

Zhao Jie wasn't interested in his affairs. He had only casually asked this question. Now that he asked and was answered, he would naturally be leaving. He moved forward and said, "This being the case. I won't bother the heir in his interest. I'll visit Prince Rui's residence on another day to talk."

Finished speaking, he led Wei Luo to leave with him.

Unwilling to give up, Zhao Jue blocked his way. His gaze fell on Wei Luo's body. "Ai, it's so rare for us to meet. Why are you leaving so quickly? Is Chang Sheng familiar with Duke Ying's granddaughter? How come I've never heard of this? Duke Ying is an obstinate old man. You dare to do something with his granddaughter..."

The more he spoke, the more indecent his words were. He even reached his hand out to try to touch Wei Luo's shoulder.

Zhao Jie grabbed his hand that had reached halfway. His gaze was ice cold as he merciless held Zhao Jue's wrist until his bones made a sound. "She's accompanying Liuli. It's not what you're thinking of. Don't touch her or this prince will be impolite towards you."

Zhao Jue didn't expect that his reaction would be so big. He endured his pain as he said, "Isn't it only..."

Just as he said to this part, he immediately stopped speaking after seeing Zhao Jie coldly looking at him.

It was only now that Zhao Jie let go of Zhao Jue's wrist and continued leading Wei Luo to the other private room.

Wei Luo followed behind him. When she passed by Zhao Jue, she couldn't resist slanting her head to look at him.

The young girl's gaze was cold. It was even colder than Zhao Jie's. Her eyes held a cold and cryptic inquiry with a difficult to understand hostility. Without any reason, a person would become apprehensive from her gaze. Zhao Jue was frozen by this gaze and even forgot to react.


Wei Luo thought as she walked. So that person was Zhao Jue.

This was the person that pushed Wei Chang Yin off a horse, broke his muscles and bones, and made her eldest cousin into a handicapped person that would never be able to stand up in this lifetime. While her eldest cousin Wei Chang Yin was sitting in a wheelchair, endured the pain caused by his leg problems every year, wouldn't even dare to like someone, and kept pushing the girl that he liked further and further away... This person was standing here perfectly all right and having an affair with another woman. Zhao Jue was the source of tragedy between Wei Chang Yin and Liang Yu Rong.

Wei Luo had a long face and her mood was heavy.

She followed Zhao Jie into a private room and silently sat down on a rosewood stool carved with lions. She had already lost the shy expression from before.

The waiter brought up the eight meat dishes and eight vegetarian dishes. There was also a clear turtle soup simmered with fish. He also deliberately put a bowl of yuanbao wonton soup in front of her. The dishes prepared by Yu He were very good. The wonton soup by itself was memorable enough. The fresh, fragrant, and translucent soup was made with chicken broth and also had a layer of tiny shrimp sprinkled on top. The thin and tender wonton skin seemed to melt as it entered one's mouth. The wontons were fragile and tender. If one ate the wonton with a spoonful of soup, then it was truly the most delicious food on earth.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Wei Luo wasn't in the mood to eat wontons. She held her small face and thought of the scene she had just saw.

Xiang Wu was the daughter of the Minister of Rites, Xiang Xing Zhou. Xiang Xuan's father was Xiang Xing Zhou's younger brother from a concubine mother. One daughter was born from the legal wife. The other daughter was born from a concubine. With his own abilities, Xiang Xing Zhou had become an official. Xiang Xing Fan had achieved nothing. Seeing that his daughter had grown up, he wanted to send her to the capital and have Xiang Wu bring her around to various female nobility gatherings, so that she would be able to find a good marriage. This was how Xiang Xuan came to the capital.

Xiang Wu was a beauty with an elegant temperament, but she was too strong-minded. Perhaps, this was the reason that Zhao Jue wasn't attracted her. As for Xiang Xuan... Wei Luo remembered that in the end, Xiang Wu found out about Zhao Jue and Xiang Wu's adultery. Xiang Wu wasn't a person that would suffer in silence. She immediately told this matter to her father, Xiang Xing Zhou, and third uncle Xing Xing Fan and had Xiang Xuan driven out of Prince Rui's residence.

Without any other options, Xiang Xuan could only plead with Zhao Jue to accept her as a concubine. Unfortunately, by this time, Zhao Jue had already lost interest in her and was unconcerned about her problem. Unable to enter Prince Rui's residence and without her purity, she finally figured out a method. She seduced Liang Yu when he was drunk and made him believe that he had taken her virginity. Using this method, she entered Marquis Ping Yuan's residence as Liang Yu's concubine.

She was a person that was never satisfied. Instead of sincerely repenting and turning over a new leaf by obediently and honestly serving Liang Yu, she set her heart on climbing up. It was also said that she and Liang Yu Rong didn't get along. Not only that, she angered Marquis Ping Yuan's wife so much that she became ill.

After Liang Yu Rong died, Wei Luo found out about this from Liang Yu Rong's personal servant girl.

She wouldn't allow this type of scheming woman to enter Marquis Ping Yuan's residence in this lifetime and harm Liang Yu Rong's entire family.

Wei Luo’s thoughts had flown away. She didn't seem to notice that was another person sitting near her.

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