ChongFei Manual Ch 63.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 063.3 out of 171

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Until the celebration ended, Li Xiang stayed at the lotus pond. She didn't dare to go out and meet other people. There was a clear slap mark on her face. She didn't want other people to see and laugh at her.

She hid there until most of the guests had left, then she left this place.

Elder Princess Gao Yang had been anxiously waiting for her at the Duke Ding's residence entrance for a long time. She had ordered people to look for her two or three times before Li Xiang came out of the residence.

Li Xiang entered her family's carriage. Without any warning, she rushed into Elder Princess Gao Yang's arms and loudly cried. She complained about the grievances she had suffered today and narrated the Wei Luo's actions one by one. She lifted up her small face to show Elder Princess Gao Yang her face, "Mother, look, it's still swollen..."

Elder Princess Gao Yang carefully looked. Although it wasn't obvious, there was a slap mark. Her heart ached from seeing a mark on her daughter’s flower-like face, "Why did Wei Luo hit you? Did you two have a falling out?"

Li Xiang grievously cried. Her tears continuously flowed, but she didn't forget to invert right and wrong. "She was completely unreasonable. After we had two words of disagreement, she threatened to teach me a lesson..."

This wasn't the first time that Elder Princess Gao Yang heard malicious words about Wei Luo from Li Xiang. From the time that Li Xiang returned from Jing He Villa, her hatred of Wei Luo had sunk into her bones. Last time, they had injured Wei Chang Hong. Now, Wei Luo had hit Li Xiang. The feeling that you had when someone else's child was injured was naturally different then when your own child was hurt. Elder Princess Gao Yang's heart ached and felt displeased. She wanted to scold Wei Luo. However, after the hunting ceremony, Prince Ru Yang's and Duke Ying's families were in sharp opposition. The two families were like fire and water and couldn't co-exist. Since they were in the wrong first, even though they suffered a loss this time, it wouldn't be good for her to speak.

Elder Princess Gao Yang sighed. Just as she was about to speak, a person outside hurriedly lifted the carriage's curtain. With a face full of panic, he said, "Elder Princess, young master's arm was broken by someone and he’s also suffering other serious injuries!"

Elder Princess Gao Yang only felt her body becoming weak and the scene in front of her darkening. With a trembling voice, she asked, "What did you say?"

Song-er was injured? How could this be possible? He was skilled in martial art. A normal person couldn't even injure him. How could he be seriously injured?!

That servant responded, "This servant couldn't find young master, so I borrowed people from Duke Ding's residence to look for him together. Later, I found young master at the side of the bamboo forest. Not only was young master's wrist broken, his body also has other serious and minor injuries."

As if she had heard thunder on a clear sky, Elder Princesses was too shocked to speak. The scene in front of her felt hazy and her limbs felt cold.

Soon, three people carried Li Song onto the black, flat roofed carriage. They placed him onto a cotton-padded mattress and retreated. There was only paleness on Li Song's face. However, when Elder Princess Gao Yang opened his sky blue robes, she saw green and purple bruises on his chest, even his back had bruises. Some were serious and some were light. The most serious injury was his left wrist. It had been bent into an odd curvature. 

In the end, Zhu Geng had shown him a little bit of kindness. He hadn't been utterly ruthless. He had only broken one wrist instead of both of them.

Li Xiang forgot about crying. Aghast, she called out, "Older brother!"

Elder Princess Gao Yang saw her seriously injured son and her heartache couldn't be increased any further. She covered her mouth and bent down to weep. She quickly ordered the driver to hurry back to Prince Ru Yang's residence.

When they arrived at Prince Ru Yang's residence, Li Song was carefully carried inside.

The servants hurriedly went to invite a doctor to the residence. Elder Princess Gao Yang asked the doctor to examine and treat Li Song's injuries. This torment took two hours. After the doctor looked over Li Song's injuries, applied the medicine and bandaged his wounds, and added a board to Li Song's left wrist before bandaging to set his bone, and stroked his own beard, he finally said, "Properly tend to his healing. It will take about a hundred days for his bone to knit and his tendons to heal. During the next three month, he can’t move his wrist. If he does, it'll hinder his healing."

In addition, the doctor also wrote two prescriptions. One was for external injuries. The other was to nurse his internal injuries.

Elder Princess Gao Yang sadly wiped her tears. After she thanked the doctor, she ordered the servants to thank him with large monetary gift before sending him off.

She didn't know who had such a deep hatred of Li Song to and would want to hurt him this badly.

Li Zhi Liang had already brought people with him to Duke Ding's residence to search that bamboo forest. No matter what, the culprit had to be found. Once the culprit was found, she definitely wouldn't let that person off!

It was probably because she had cried too much. Elder Princess Gao Yang's body felt weak and she fainted soon after.

Li Xiang hurriedly had the servants bring her mother back to her room so she could have a good rest.

After she had sent off Elder Princess Gao Yang, there was only her and Li Song left in the room. Li Song's eyes were closed as he lied on the bed. His handsome eyebrows were wrinkled. He wasn't sleeping peacefully. Perhaps, it was because of the pain.

Li Xiang stood next to his bed for a while, then she leaned over to tuck in his blanket. As she was lifting his uninjured arm to put inside his blanket, she suddenly paused. She felt that there was something inside his hand. She lifted up his sleeve, lowered her head to look, and saw that his hand was holding a golden hairpin. There were emeralds inlayed in the hairpin. It looked expensive. A single glance told her that it was belonged to a wealth family's daughter.

She gasped in surprise. And also curiously wondered, why did her older brother have this item?

She reached out her hand to bring it towards her for a closer look. However, despite her attempts at pulling, she couldn't pull it out.

Li Song was tightly holding the hairpin and she couldn’t loosen his grip on it.


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