ChongFei Manual Ch 56.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 056.2 out of 171

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Li Song finished recalling that memory. When he looked up, he saw a girl at Eastern Crane Courtyard's entrance.

Her small body was stretched taut and covered in sweat despite early spring's cool weather. Her pink lips were tightly pressed together. Her gaze as she looked at him was bone-chilling cold. But then, her gaze unexpectedly became calm as if all of the hostility and anger was taken into her eyes and was waiting for the moment it would burst out.

Li Song felt uneasy from her gaze. He stubbornly said with calmness, "Why did you come here? Shouldn't you be going to see your younger brother?"

Wei Luo clutched her sleeve, didn't reply, and slowly walked to him. She looked up at him with her small face and word by word asked him, "Were you the one that injured Chang Hong?"

He subconsciously took a step backward and said without hesitation, "It was me."

It was him. It was him as expected. Inside her sleeves, Wei Luo's small hands were clenched. She hated him to the extreme, but was able to control her emotions and not seem too anxious. She lightly moved forward and he continued retreating, so she walked forward to be closer. Her petal-like lips simply asked, "Why?"

Eventually, Li Song couldn't continue retreating. His back was against a Chinese parasol tree. When he looked down, he would see her bright black eyes. Unfortunately, there was no emotion in those eyes right now. There wasn’t even the pretense of a smile in her eyes only coldness was left. After he thought for a moment, he disapprovingly said, "What reason could there be? This type of thing frequently happens on the hunting grounds. Originally, I wanted to shoot a rabbit, but because he suddenly came out from behind, I shot him accidentally. Couldn't it be that he doesn't know how to evade when he sees an arrow shooting towards him?"

These words really made a person angry. Wei Luo smiled in anger. The smile didn't reach her eyes; only her lips were slightly curved, "Are you blaming him for not getting out of the way?"

Li Song didn’t express an opinion.

Wei Luo has smiled enough. She raised her hand and the hairpin that she had hid in her sleeve was in front of his chest. She slowly smiled and brought the hairpin closer to him until the sharp end of the pin was pressed up against him and would be touching his skin if there weren’t a layer of clothing. He felt the ice-cold temperature of the hairpin.

"Li Song, do you think that you can successfully avoid just because you want to?"

There was too much meaning hidden in these words. Li Song's eyes shivered with cold or fear. He fiercely glared at her, "Do you dare to injure me?"

Why wouldn't she dare? If they were allowed to hurt Chang Hong, why couldn’t she hurt him?

The hate in her eyes was too obvious. Li Song had a bad feeling. He slowly said, "You..."

Before his words were finished, the hairpin had pierced through the clothing on his chest and ruthlessly went into his chest! Li Song only felt a stab of acute pain. A sweet strong-smell welled up in his throat. He incredulously looked at Wei Luo. He couldn't have expected that she would be able to act so ruthlessly. He hoarsely said, "Wei Luo..."

The two of them were underneath the Chinese parasol tree. An outsider wouldn't see the slightest anomaly. No one would know that the hairpin in Wei Luo's sleeve had deeply pierced Li Song's chest.

Wei Luo held onto the hairpin and pushed the hairpin deeper. The hate in her eyes had exploded. She wished that he could immediately die. She looked at his painful expression and suddenly felt very joyful. Right now, was Chang Hong feeling the same pain? Could he be a substitute for Chang Hong's pain? She took out her hand and gently touched his eyebrow. In short while, a sweet and touching smile appear on her face. "Li Song, why aren't you calling for people? If you don't call out soon, I won't be able to resist killing you."

The girl's soft fingers gently stroked his face and her sweet smile was right in front of him. The more he looked, the more dazed he became. He felt as if this moment wasn't real.

“You dare…”

Wei Luo didn't stop. Instead, she stood on toes and softly whispered into his year, "Why wouldn’t I dare? Haven't I already done it?" As she said this, she gently and slowly rubbed his ear for a moment like a spoiled kitten. It tugged on his heartstrings.

"Li Song, are you not calling for people because you like me?" When she said these words, her eyes were curved and her voice was sweet and soft.

Li Song tightly gritted his teeth. Her loveable, soft body was right in front of him and made him think of that Spring Lantern Festival night. He had hugged her soft and small body in the crowd of people. She had seemed fragile enough that a single touched would shatter her. But he knew that this was his own misperception. She wasn't a fragile, porcelain doll. She treated everyone else very well, but treated him with cold indifference.

He had secretly considered. Was this because he had bullied her when they were children?

But didn't she viciously bully him back in return each time?

He considered himself very contradictory. He clearly hated her to the point of gnashing his teeth, but he couldn't help wanting to see her. It was normal for them to hate each other. But, why did she say that he liked her? How could that be possible?

Li Song suddenly returned to his senses and firmly pushed her away. With a face full of sweat, he said, "Leave!"

Wei Luo loosened her hand. She had prepared to step back in advance and stood firm afterwards.

Actually, the words she had just said had only been a guess. The look in Li Song's eyes when he looked at her was too familiar. In her previous life, this was the same gaze that the young men in Long Shou village would have when they looked at her. She knew that this look represented love and desire.

How could Li Song love her? She didn't believe it at first. However, at the moment when her hairpin stabbed into him, she had to believe it.
If there wasn't love, how could there be pain?

Li Song was clutching his chest as he slowly slumped to the ground. His body was curled up as he said in a horse and powerless voice, "I want you to leave..."

The servant in the courtyard finally discovered that there was something strange over there. Before, the servant had just thought that they were talking. Their voices had been low, so he couldn't hear the detailed content. In addition, Li Song hadn't called him to come closer, so he was doing his own tasks. But, now, when he turned his head, he saw that Li Song's chest was covered in fresh blood. His face was full of surprise. "Young Master!"

Li Song coughed out blood and weakly said, "Help me return to my room."

A servant saw the hairpin that pierced his chest, trembled as he helped Li Song up, and looked at Wei Luo, "Was it her? She..."

Li Song closed his eyes. After a while, he finally spit out three words, "Have her leave."

The servant could only look away from Wei Luo and help Li Song go inside.

Wei Luo was left standing in the garden. In a short moment, she controlled the emotions in her eyes and left Eastern Crane Courtyard. Her steps were slow. Every step brought pain.

She had only walked a few steps, crossed the threshold, and her view suddenly opened up to a wide panorama.

Zhao Jie was only a few steps away from her. He was wearing a light green robe with a persimmon pattern and his bearing was like a pine tree.

She didn't know how long he had waited at the entrance or how much he had seen.

Seeing her leave the courtyard, he stepped forward, but he didn't ask her anything at first. He raised his hand and stroked her head. In a tone that showed that his heart ached and felt helpless, he asked, "Didn't I say you shouldn't be walking? Ah Luo, why didn't you listen to me?"

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