ChongFei Manual Ch 48.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 048.1 out of 171

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Wei Luo’s eyes widened. How did he know?

When did they hug? Why did he say it so seriously? Although she didn’t know why he was saying this, she still had to explain, “He didn’t hug me… I accidently bumped into him and we were crowded together by the people around us.”

At that time, she couldn’t control her own movement because of the bustling crowd. If she could, she wouldn’t have wanted to bump into Li Song. But, not only did she bump into him, he also firmly pressed her against the wall. But, why would Zhao Jie know this? Didn’t he go home last night without going out into the streets?

Zhao Jie saw through her doubtfulness. Without changing his expression, he explained, “Yang Hao returned to the capital earlier. On the way back, he saw the two you by chance.” His eyebrows were furrowed when he said, “Are you two still in contact with each other?”

Wei Luo shook her head no. Who would want to talk to that person? It would be best if she never saw him again. “We just met on the street by coincidence and exchanged a few words.”

She recalled something and after hesitating for a moment, she still chose to be honest, “He was with the fifth prince. The fifth prince also invited Chang Hong and older brother Song Hui to participate in the Spring Hunt Ceremony.”

Zhao Jie seemed lost in his thoughts. He smiled and asked, “What else did old five say?”

Wei Luo shook her head, “He didn’t say anything else.”

He stroked her head, “You should go too. This prince will hunt a fox for you at that time.”

“Older brother Prince Jing, you’re going too?”

He nodded.

The Spring Hunting Ceremony was an opportunity for the nobility to show to their abilities. Although Emperor Chong Zhen wouldn’t be present, the results would be reported to him so that he would know. Every year, the emperor would bestow a reward for the top three hunters, so this was a good opportunity to stand out and be noticed by the emperor.

The youths were hot-blooded. They couldn’t wait to show off their youthful vigor. While they were hunting, they liked to invite young woman from noble families to watch their hunting. After all, the presence of women was necessary to energize hunting’s excitement. It would be too regretful for a bunch of young men to fight and sweat profusely without young women to admire and appreciate them.

This wasn’t a rare event. There was a villa on Zhang Xun Mountain with scenic views. The imperial family devoted this villa for young men and women to stay during the hunt for two days and one night, so there wasn’t a worry about a place to stay.

Wei Luo didn’t immediately agree. Instead, she said, “I’ll go if Chang Hong goes.”

She didn’t enjoy going to this type of lively event. Compared to watching a group of men competing with each other for hunting the most animals, she would enjoy fiddling with scented lotions in her own room more. Also, she didn’t like foxes… She feared all long-fur animals. When she was a child, she had been scared to death of the three kittens being raised by Zhao Jie. Foxes were even worse. She understood that Chang Hong wouldn’t be going, so these words also had the meaning of refusal.

If they stood outside for too long, it would inevitably attract the attention of people passing by.

She said her good-bye to him, “Older brother Prince Jing, if there’s nothing else, I’m going inside.”

He didn’t stop her this time. He stood at the entrance and watched her entering the residence until her figure disappeared, then he turned around and mounted the horse.


Wei Luo plucked half a basket of roses from the greenhouse, brought them over to Han-shi‘s Orchid Courtyard, and asked Han-shi to help her by creating a new scented lotion.

Han-shi agreed and said to come back after three days.

Wei Luo still didn’t leave after she finished talking about this matter. She sat down on the beautiful wooden couch and embarrassedly mumbled, “Aunty Han, do you have any method for dealing with a sore chest?”

Because she had already experience this in her previous life, she couldn’t tolerate having to the go through this again. Her breasts felt sore and swollen, especially when she was walking. It would be great if there were a way to make them not hurt, or make them finish growing faster… So that she wouldn’t be in pain every day. Han-shi knew so much. She probably knew a way to fix this problem, right? She didn’t have a mother and wouldn’t be comfortable asking fourth aunt this type of thing. She could only come here to ask Han-shi.

Han-shi listened to her problem and as expected, she did have a method. Han-shi turned around, took a small cloisonné enamel bottle from her cabinet, put the bottle into Wei Luo’s hands, and said, “Pour a little bit of this medicine into your palm, after its warmed up, rub it on the area that hurts every night. This medicine can only speed up the growth a little bit. It can’t actually remove the pain, but the result is the same. They won’t hurt anymore after they’re done growing. Consistently try using this medicine for a few months.”

Wei Luo blushed from her blunt words. She accepted the bottle and made a sound of acknowledgement. She held the bottle in her hand as if it were a hot potato, quickly said her good-bye, and didn’t continue staying in Orchid Courtyard any longer.

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