ChongFei Manual Ch 170.6

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 170.6 out of 171

While the guards were hurriedly leading Li Song to Wei Luo, she was currently tied to a chair with twine and couldn’t move.

Wei Zheng was standing in front of her and Du-shi was sitting in an Eight Immortal Style chair across from her. They arrogantly looked down on her from their higher positions. Wei Zheng was wearing a jade green top and a pomegranate red skirt, but her hand was holding a sharp dagger. The dagger exuded a ghastly luminescence. Wei Zheng waved the dagger in front of Wei Luo and said with a mocking smile, “What right do you have to see my daddy? Wei Luo, you should have died ten years ago. For you to live until now, that was your good luck. It’s audaciously daring of you to come back.”

Wei Luo raised her eyes to viciously look at her and said, “That’s my family. Why can’t I come back?”

“Your family?” Wei Zheng covered her mouth and laughed. Her eyes were full of disdain. “Since it’s your family, then why doesn’t anyone from Duke Ying’s family recognize you? Your mother died early and daddy doesn’t want you. What’s the use in returning here?”

Wei Luo pursed her lips and stayed silent.

Wei Zheng somewhat resentfully looked at Wei Luo’s face. She was clearly someone that had been raised by inferior peasantry, but she still looked extremely beautiful. Even though she was wearing simple and coarse clothing, it couldn’t diminish the beauty of her face. Wei Zheng raised the dagger and placed it against Wei Luo’s face. A vicious light flashed through her eyes. “If your face is ruined, do you think daddy will still be able to recognize you?”

Wei Luo widened her eyes in horror. Her face finally expressed terror.

Wei Zheng was very satisfied. Her wrist lightly moved and the dagger started to slide down Wei Luo’s face.

At this exact moment, the wooden doors were slammed open from the outside. A figure strode into the room, snatched the dagger from Wei Zheng’s hand, and firmly threw it far away. Li Song icily looked at Wei Zheng and Du-shi and ordered the guards, “Watch them.”

The guards surged into the room and quickly surrounded Wei Zheng and Du-shi.

As Li Song untied the rope around Wei Luo, he silently looked at her. He really didn’t know what to say to her at this moment, so he only said, “It’s okay now.”

The fright that Wei Luo had suffered wasn’t small. To be honest, she had been scared witless. She didn’t know where they had come from. A long time later, she finally said, “How did you find me?”

Li Song paused in his movements and said, “I was worried that something would happen to you, so I started looking for you.”

He said these words lightly, but in actually, over a dozen people had spent the entire day  looking for her.

Wei Luo silently stared at him, then she turned to look at the other two people in the room, Wei Zheng and Du-shi.

Li Song followed her line of sight and his gaze turned icy. He picked up the dagger that he had flung to the side, brought it to a guard, and said, “Did you see what she was going to do?"

The guard nodded.

Li Song added, “Good. Do that to her face. If you’re not willing to be vicious, then you can pay with your life.”

Wei Zheng incredulously widened her eyes until they were circles. She loudly said, “Are you crazy? I’m Duke Ying’s family’s Sixth Miss. Aren’t you scared of offending Duke Ying by doing this?”

Li Song was leading Wei Luo out of the room. Hearing her words, he turned his head and curved his lips into nonchalant smile, “What’s there to be afraid of?”

Wei Zheng was stunned silent. In that moment, she inexplicably felt that this person was extremely terrifying.

After Wei Luo and Li Song left the room, they quickly heard a painful scream from behind them. It was accompanied by the sound of Du-shi’s wailing cries.

As they were walking out from the alley, Li Song walked in front of her. He knew that she didn’t like it when he was too close to her, so he maintained a distance of three steps away from her during the entire walk.

He said, “I’ve already found out the truth of what happened back then. I’ll deliver the witnesses to Duke Ying’s residence tomorrow. You can return to being Duke Ying’s family’s Fifth Miss. And, you don’t have to worry. Li Xiang and Wei Chang Hong’s engagement has also been canceled. Du-shi and Wei Zheng won’t be a threat to you in the future. Based on Wei Kun’s temperament, he’ll definitely harshly punish those two…” He long-windedly spoke until there was nothing left to say.

He suddenly stopped walking, turned around to look at Wei Luo, and asked, “Is there anything else you need help with?”

Wei Luo looked at him, shook her head, and said, “No.”

Li Song pursed his lips and thought for a moment before saying, “Do you have a place to stay for tonight?”

Wei Luo shook her head again.

He said, “Then, stay at my house. I’ll order people to send you back to Duke Ying’s residence tomorrow.”

After saying this, Li Song ordered Lu Shi to call a carriage over here to bring Wei Luo back.

Li Song didn’t turn to look at her again. His gaze had fallen onto a different spot as he said, “You can go.” Then, without waiting for Wei Luo to get into the carriage, he turned around and started to walk away first.

Wei Luo was standing in front of the carriage as she silently looked at Li Song’s back figure. She didn’t know why, but at this moment, she felt that he looked lonely.

Lu Shi urged her, “Miss Wei?”

Wei Luo didn’t respond. She slowly took a step forward. After one step, she paused. Then, without any further hesitation, she walked towards Li Song.

Li Song heard footsteps behind him and he turned his head. He saw Wei Luo with her her hands behind her back and standing a few steps away from him.

His eyes sunk, “Why did you follow after me?”

Wei Luo pursed her lips, “Didn’t you have a condition for helping me?”

Li Song stared at her without blinking. A long time later, he finally asked word by word, “Wei Luo, what are you saying?”

Wei Luo organized her thoughts before saying, “I can agree to your condition.” Although he was slightly strange and wasn’t good at expression his emotions, Wei Luo thought that she could try to accept him.

Li Song’s heart was palpitating. For a moment, he thought that he had misheard.

His eyes felt slightly itchy. A while later, he suddenly strode towards Wei Luo and tightly hugged her.

Wei Luo felt that his embrace was slightly painful, so she tried moving slightly, but he didn’t loosen his grip at all.

Li Song lowered his head so that their faces were touching. It seemed as if he was struggling with himself for a long time before he finally resolutely threatened in a hoarse voice, “Do you know what you’re saying? Even if you regret it now, it’s already too late.”

Wei Luo lightly nodded. Of course, she understood.


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