ChongFei Manual Ch 170.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 170.2 out of 171

The drizzle was accompanied by a cold wind and soaked the sides of Li Song’s sleeves. Because it was late autumn, there was a penetrating chilliness even though it wasn’t raining heavily. For every step he took, Li Song felt as if his body was turning into ice. But, his expression didn’t change and he arrived at Duke Ying’s residence’s corner entrance to see that it's wooden doors were closed. He didn’t see a fiendishly older female servant or a startled and terrified young girl here either.

Li Song stood in front of the corner entrance for a long time. His expression couldn’t be clearly seen. The oil papered umbrella blocked most of his face and only his perfectly curved chin was exposed.

Lu Shi stood behind him and silently waited with him. After a while, seeing that Li Song wasn’t moving at all, he finally asked, “Young Master, are you waiting for someone?”

Shortly after, Li Song finally moved. He strode towards the alley that was next to the corner entrance and threw down these words, “Wait for me here. You don’t need to follow me.”

Lu Shi was at a total loss. At first, he blindly followed Li Song for two steps. But, after seeing Li Song’s unwavering steps, he slowly stopped. He looked at Li Song’s back figure in confusion.

Li Song entered the alley where Wei Luo had disappeared into a few days ago. After taking several steps into the alley, the path became more and more narrow as he walked deeper into the alley.

The raindrops slid down from the eaves and dripped down onto the limestone path. The sound of the raindrops was both quiet and melodious. The surrounding area was unspeakably quiet because very people went through this alley.

Li Song gradually slowed his pace and took a turn into another alley. Last time, he hadn’t taken this path and had directly left the alley into the bustling street. Today, he was walking slowly, so he had noticed this path.

Li Song walked several more steps before stopping in front of a place where the eaves were protruding. He lifted up his umbrella and started at the scene in front of him.

The girl underneath the eaves noticed that someone had come and slowly raised her head from her knees. She blinked her black, limpid, almond-shaped eyes. At first, she was so surprised that she didn’t know how to react. Soon after, she faintly pursed her pink lips and observed Li Song for a while before slowly putting her head down. Her temperament was rather stubborn. She didn’t say a word or make a sound. She just quietly curled up in the corner like an abandoned cat.

Last time, she had only been afraid because he had discovered her hiding in Duke Ying’s residence’s corner entrance. This time, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

The two of the stayed like this. One was standing and the other was sitting. Neither of them spoke until the rain became heavier and the bottom of their clothes had become soaking wet.

When Wei Luo lifted up her skirt and shrank further back underneath the eaves, her pink, satin shoes that were embroidered with orchids were exposed. Although her clothes were old, they were very clean. Only her face was slightly dirty from the dust that had come off from the walls. She looked quite pitiful.

This was the first time that Li Song saw Wei Luo looking so pitiful. In his previous life, Wei Luo was always proud and willful. No matter what she was doing, she always behaved as if it was her natural right. Her unyielding spirit made people hate her to the point of wanting to gnash their teeth in anger, but it almost made people want to be closer to her.

He had never seen her so lonely and weak.

After Li Song had looked at her for a while, he suddenly lowered his eyes and chuckled.

When he laughed, he was quite good-looking. He had a handsome and elegant appearance to begin with, but because he usually acted arrogant and unrestrained, it made people have an instinctive dislike towards him.

Wei Luo couldn’t make head or tail of his sudden laughter. She glanced at him before looking away and continuing to stare at her feet.

She originally thought she could easily reunite with her father after she found Duke Ying’s residence. She hadn’t expected that it would be so difficult to enter the residence. She had gone there several times, but she was driven away each time. Last time, it had been even more severe than usual. That older female servant had told the household’s servants to teach her a lesson. Fortunately, she had run away quickly. Otherwise, who knows how badly she would have been beaten.

Wei Luo was feeling very gloomy. She didn’t know when she would be able to see her father.

As she was thinking about this, Wei Luo noticed that the person next to her had slightly moved from her peripheral vision.

Li Song walked closed. Without giving time for Wei Luo to react, he leaned over and grabbed Wei Luo’s wrist. He pulled her up, turned around, and started walking.

Startled, Wei Luo tried to move back and pry Li Song’s hand from her wrist. She stared at him with her black, almond-shaped eyes and said, “Who are you? Where are you taking me? Let me go.”

After leaving the shelter of the eaves, the heavy rain quickly drenched the hair in front of Wei Luo’s forehead. Under the cleansing rain, her eyes became even clearer as if a layer of water covered them. Her eyes reflected Li Song’s figure.

Li Song let go of her wrist and moved the umbrella over her head. He lowered his eyes to look at her wrist. The part of her wrist that he had been holding onto before had already turned red. There was even a light circle of green above the red mark. It was probably from him injuring her the last time they had met. The bruise still hadn’t healed.

He remembered that he had been very forceful at the time because he had been scared that she would run away.

Li Song raised the hand that had been at his side and gently moved her soaked, loose hair behind her ears. He looked at her with a burning gaze as he said, “Come with me.”

Wei Luo directly looked at him and saw a predatory gleam in his eyes that wouldn’t allow any refusal. She instinctively shook her head and said, “No…” After saying this, she turned around and started to run away from him. She definitely didn’t know this person. Why did he keep looking for her? Did he want to kidnap and sell her? Wei Luo thought of that childhood memory and a chill went up from the soles of her feet. She couldn’t go with him.

Li Song caught up with her and grabbed her hand. This time, he didn’t using all of his strength to seize her wrist. He only tightly held her fingers and didn’t let her go. “Wei Luo. I’ll say it one more time. Come with me.”

Wei Luo stared at him with wide eyes, “Who are you?”

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