ChongFei Manual Ch 158.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 158.2 out of 171

Wei Luo regretted her words as soon as she said them. She anxiously stretched her hand out and grabbed Zhao’s hand, “I was just casually saying those words. It wasn’t my true intention. Don’t be angry.”

Zhao Jie didn’t move at all. He didn't even turn his hand over to hold her hand in his. He only closed his eyes and tiredly said, “I’m going outside to walk around.”

Wei Luo knew that he was angry. If she really allowed him to go out without clearing up their misunderstanding, their grievance would only worsen with time. She hurriedly stood up and grabbed his sleeve. “Don’t! You can’t go out!”

She had forgotten that she was soaking her feet. Both of her feet were inside a wooden basin. She stumbled for a moment before she started to fall forward. Wei Luo closed her eyes and thought this fall was really going to hurt. However, she didn’t feel pain and only felt warmth. When she raised her head, Zhao Jie was directly looking at her with an expressionless face. His thin lips lightly curved up as he said, “Don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you threw yourself into my arms.”

Wei Luo flattened her lips, then she took advantage of the situation to tightly hug him. “You’re not allowed to go out.”

Zhao Jie looked at her without saying a word. A short while later, he returned her hug and sat down while holding her. He took a towel from a nearby shelf, lifted up her feet, and lowered his eyes as he dried her feet for her.

Wei Luo look at him for a while before she asked, “Are you still mad?”

Zhao Jie stayed silent and only raised his eyes. He was clearly asking her, “What do you think?”

Wei Luo resigned herself to being wrong and silently accepted his anger.

A while after Zhao Jie had finished drying her feet, Jin Lu came into the room and brought a bowl of prepared medicine. This was the medicine that Doctor Sun had prescribed to replenish blood and improve her qi. As Wei Luo drank her medicine, she said to Zhao Jie, “So bitter.”

Zhao Jie was sitting at the bedside and his hand was holding a book with the title “Jin Gui Ji Zhu”. He seemed as if he hadn’t heard Wei Luo’s words.

(T/N: This book is part of a collection of medical books.)

Trying to speak to Zhao Jie would only be courting a rebuff. After Wei Luo finished drinking the medicine, applied the lu tai ointment, washed her face, and rinsed her mouth, she climbed into bed. When she rolled herself into the inner part of the bed, Zhao Jie didn’t even glance in her direction.

So petty. Wei Luo raised her head to look at him. She stretched her hand and tugged his arm. She looked at him with a genuine expression on her snow-white face, “Don’t be angry anymore.”

Zhao Jie was finally willing to look at her, but he only looked at her for a moment before looking away and continuing to read his book.

The servant girls had all left the room by now. The lighting in the room was dim. The only light came from a porcelain lamp that was on the square table that was decoratively carved with chrysanthemums and inlayed with ivory and by the bedside.

Wei Luo sat up. She looked at Zhao Jie and seriously said, “I didn’t mean those words. Big brother is so wonderful. How could I be willing to let someone else have you? You can only belong to me. If anyone dares to delusionally think she can have you, I’ll be the first person to not let her off. You can’t have a child with someone else either. Even if the empress pressures you, you still can’t agree. If you dare to agree, even if that woman becomes pregnant, I won’t allow her to give birth to that child.”

Zhao Jie looked at her. The more she spoke, the more her words got off track. How did her normal apology become twisted to that direction?

Wei Luo also realized that she had strayed from the original topic. Disregarding everything, she threw herself into Zhao Jie’s arms. “Anyways, I like you the most. I’m sorry. Don’t be angry anymore.”

No matter how hard Zhao Jie’s heart was, as soon as he heard these words, his heart softened.

Wei Luo seized the book in his hand and brought it in front of her to read. “What’s this? You were looking at this book the entire time. What’s so interesting about this book?”

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By lucky coincidence, she saw the page that Zhao Jie had been reading. The topic written on that page was, “Women’s irregular pregnancy pulse illnesses.” She was stunned for a moment, but her heart quickly felt warm. Even when Zhao Jie was having an argument with her, he was still thinking about her. Wei Luo wrapped her arms around his neck and burrowed her head between his neck and shoulder. All sorts of feelings well up in her heart as she said, “Big brother…”

Before she could finish speaking, she felt a sharp pain on her neck.

She whimpered for a moment and instinctively struggled to move away, but Zhao Jie’s arms were firmly wrapped around her waist and she couldn’t move at all. Although Zhao Jie was very angry and had bitten down forcefully, he still couldn’t bear to harm her. He quickly loosened his grip.

With tears in her eyes, Wei Luo rubbed her neck. In her mind, she thought she was really pitiful. Li Song had bitten her last time and now Zhao Jie was biting her. Her neck’s fate was truly full of trouble and misfortune. But, if this would allow Zhao Jie to get rid of his anger, she would accept it.

After Zhao Jie bit her, he stretched his hand towards her to touch his teeth mark. Wei Luo thought he was going to bite her again and moved backward to avoid him. Seeing his narrowed eyes, she slowly moved back to her original position.

Zhao Jie said, “Wei Luo, do you want to try to give me to someone else again?”

Wei Luo knew that she couldn’t adopt a confrontational posture with him at this time. She moved forward and rubbed her cheek against his cheek. “Whom can I give you to? You have such a bad temper. You frequently like to discipline people. Your only good point is your face. Other than me, who can tolerate you? I’m still the best option. I like you the way you are and won’t be disdainful toward you.”

Zhao Jie curved his lips, then he flipped their bodies over so that he was pressing her against the bed. He stared into her eyes and said, “Be good. Say that again.”

Wei Luo smiled and said, “Not angry anymore?”

Zhao Jie brought her into his arms and a long time later, he finally said, “Ah Luo, don’t say those words again.”

Wei Luo obediently stayed in his embrace and listened to his heartbeat as she said, “I was just too worried. I’m scared that I won’t be able to give birth to a child. At that time, the empress will definitely pressure you. Although the empress treats me very well right now, she’ll definitely blame me in the future.”

“This won’t happen.” Zhao Jie comforted her, “Even if there isn’t a child, I can adopt one of ninth brother’s future children. Moreover, didn’t the doctor say that as long as you treat your body with those methods, you’d become pregnant soon? Imperial mother is fair and reasonable person. She won’t have any prejudice against you.”

Wei Luo was slightly comforted. She rubbed her eyes and said, “Let’s go to sleep early. I’m sleepy and I still have to go to Zhao Yang Hall to pay respects to imperial mother.”

Zhao Jie’s hand went inside her moon white sleeping robe and touched her satiny skin. He kissed her and said, “We can’t create a child if we just go to sleep.”

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