ChongFei Manual Ch 156.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 156.2 out of 171

Wei Bao Shan seemed as if she didn’t notice that Wei Luo didn’t want to see her. She glanced at the Guanyin statue (patroness of female fertility) inside the hall and said, “Has His Highness and Her Highness come here to wish for a child?”

Wei Luo raised an eyebrow and gave an irrelevant answer, “Miss Bao Shan is in very good shape. First Madam and First Young Madam are still climbing the stairs and you’re already here.”

It wasn’t clear if Wei Bao Shan had understood the ridicule in Wei Luo’s words. She said with a smile, “Your Highness, you’re flattering me too much. It’s only that my body isn’t fragile and pampered. The path here wasn’t that long either.” Her words were hinting that Wei Luo had needed Zhao Jie to carry her up the mountain.

She went back to talking about the previous topic. “Your Highness, if you’re wishing for a child, I have a useful item from my hometown. It’s an embroidered picture of a Chinese unicorn with a hundred children. It’s said to be very effective and has helped many couples. If Your Highness doesn’t mind, I can deliver it to Prince Jing’s residence after I return home.”

Wei Luo truly didn’t like her and there was no need to give Wei Bao Shan face, so she bluntly said, “Really? No need. I never accept things that have unclear origins. Miss Bao Shan, you should just keep it for yourself.”

Wei Bao Shan’s expression changed. Her eyes flitted towards at Zhao Jie. She seemed to be asking for his opinion.

Zhao Jie always valued Wei Luo’s opinion as the most important point. Moreover, he could also see that Wei Luo was feeling vexed towards this girl in front of them. Thus, he indifferently said, “If Ah Luo wants an embroidered picture of a Chinese unicorn with a hundred children, the palace seamstresses can embroidered one for her when we return to the capital.”

His words made Wei Bao Shan seem as if she was bringing disgrace to herself.

Wei Bao Shan’s face changed back and forth between losing all color and turning completely red. It was extremely interesting sight.

Wei Luo’s mood turned cheerful. She held Zhao Jie’s hand as they left the hall and headed towards the guest rooms at the back of the temple. “That sounds good. I want one that’s six feet wide and ten feet tall.

Zhao Jie agreed with a smile.


Shortly after, first madam and Liang Yu Rong reached the top of the mountain. After they prayed to Bodhisattva and burned incense, they also went to the guest rooms.

Other than have an effective Bodhisattva, Da Long Temple also had unique vegetarian meals. They frequently had worshippers coming here for these two reasons. After Zhao Jie and Wei Luo had lunch at noon, they prepared to return home. When they arrived at Da Long Temple’s entrance and were about to descend the mountain, Wei Luo’s sharp eyes immediately noticed that Zhao Jie was missing something on his waist. “Big brother, where’s your sachet?”

Zhao Jie lowered his head to look. He must have inadvertently left it behind while they were eating. Just as he was about to order Zhu Geng to go look for it, he saw Wei Bao Shan walking over to them. Gasping for breathing, she stopped in front of Zhao Jie. “Your Highness, please wait.”

Wei Luo raised her eyebrows as soon as she Wei Bao Shan.

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows, “What?”

Wei Bao Shang took out a forest green sachet embroidered with golden thread and brought it forward in front of Zhao Jie. “Your Highness, please look. Is this your sachet?”

Zhao Jie didn’t respond, but Wei Luo saw that it was indeed Zhao Jie’s sachet. Zhao Jie liked plum blossoms and there was two wintry, pure plum blossoms embroidered on his sachet. He probably really liked this sachet. He had been constantly wearing that sachet recently.

Wei Bao Shan added, “I found this sachet in a guest room. Because this vaguely resembled Your Highness’s sachet, I came here to ask. If this sachet belongs to the prince, please be more careful. Don’t lose it again.”

“Zhu Geng.” Zhao Jie expressionlessly said.

Zhu Geng hurriedly appeared, “Your Highness, this servant is here.”

Zhao Jie didn’t take another glance. He turned around and ordered, “Burn the sachet. Don’t let this prince see it again.”

Zhu Geng was startled for a moment, but he quickly recovered and took the sachet from Wei Bao Shan. He took a folded matchbook from his clothing, lit a matchstick and placed the lit matchstick underneath the sachet. A gust of wind later, the sachet was burned to ashes.

Wei Bao Shan’s expression stiffened. She would have never expected that Zhao Jie would respond in this manner and was left utterly speechless.

Zhao Jie walked to Wei Luo’s side and kneaded Wei Luo's hand. She was equally stunned. “Stop staring into space. Do you want me to carry you down the mountain?”

Wei Luo returned to her senses and shook her head. Descending the mountain wasn’t as tiring as climbing up. She could walk down by herself.

When they arrived at the bottom of the mountain, Wei Luo finally asked, “Isn’t a little too regrettable to burn that sachet?”

Zhao Jie answered her question with another question, “What’s there to regret?”

Wei Luo said, “Didn’t you like that sachet a lot? I saw that you wore it several times.”

Zhao Jie smiled and carried her up onto the shaft of the carriage. He raised his head to look at her and said, “If I had taken the sachet, wouldn’t my little vinegar (symbolizes jealousy) jar have caused a huge disturbance? Your mouth was pouting so much that I could have hanged an oil pitcher on it.”

Wei Luo slapped his hand away. She felt he was completely slandering her. “I’m not a vinegar jar.” He was clearly the one who was a vinegar jar.

Zhao Jie stepped onto the carriage, lifted the curtain, and entered the carriage. He didn’t continue to tease her and his expression had become slightly stern. “Wei Bao Shan has a scheming mind. It’s better if you have less contact with her in the future.”

Wei Luo didn’t expect that he would notice this too. She sat down at his side and enthusiastically asked, “How did you notice this?”

Zhao Jie felt that her question was slightly laughable. “If you found a sachet that belonged to an unfamiliar man, would you specially return it to him?”

Wei Luo properly said, “Naturally, I wouldn’t. I would throw it away. Why would I meddle with someone else’s item?”

That was the exactly the reason.

Zhao Jie didn’t say another word. He originally didn’t care to discuss this type of troublesome matter. He only said more than usual because he saw that Wei Luo had been unhappy. As he expected, the little fellow became entirely free from worry after he said those words and changed the topic. “Are you really going to give me an embroidered picture of a Chinese unicorn?”

Zhao Jie nodded, “Of course.”

On the next day, Zhao Jie went to the palace and went to the Embroidery Department to look for the best seamstress out of the hundred seamstresses that worked there to embroider a picture of a Chinese unicorn with a hundred children for Wei Luo. Empress Chen was currently longing for a grandson. When she heard about this picture and how Wei Luo had brought Zhao Jie with her to Da Long Temple to pray, she was extremely supportive. She even called Wei Luo to her side and spent the visit excessively praising her.

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