ChongFei Manual Ch 154.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 154.3 out of 171

Wei Luo talked with Empress Chen for a while longer. After seeing that it wasn’t early anymore by the color of the sky, she stood up and bid farewell.

Just as she reached the doorway, Empress Chen called out, “Ah Luo.”

Wei Luo politely turned around and asked, “Imperial mother?”

Empress Chen warmly looked at her and sincerely and earnestly said, “You and Chang Sheng have been married for a while. Have you thought about having children yet?”

At first, Wei Luo froze in surprise. Soon after, her cheeks turned red and she nodded.

Empress Chen laughed and said, “Chang Sheng isn’t young anymore. People of the same age as him already have children that are old enough to run around. This empress is just feeling anxious for him and doesn’t have any intention of pressuring you.” She walked to Wei Luo’s side, held up Wei Luo’s hands, and patted them. “Having a child is always good for a woman. Besides, this empress would also like to have grandchildren to hold.”

As Wei Luo walked out of Bao He Hall, she felt as if she had been defeated and was running away.

She and Zhao Jie had never avoided the topic of children. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to have children. Moreover, they went to bed together every night. This matter couldn’t be rushed… Empress Chen had spoke so frankly. She really didn’t know how to answer her.


On the same day that Wei Luo entered the palace, Zhao Liuli got sick in the evening.

The sickness arrived quickly. Zhao Liuli had perfectly fine before she fainted and fell to the ground. Empress Chen’s heart was burning with worry and anxiety. She stayed by Zhao Liuli’s side without resting or sleeping.

Fortunately, Liuli woke up the next morning. While crying, the first words she spoke was, “Imperial mother, I want to see older brother Yang Zhen.”

How could Empress Chen’s heart not ache? On the very same day, she went to the imperial study to look for Emperor Chong Zhen and asked him to agree to Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen’s marriage.

Emperor Chong Zhen had originally still been opposed to this, but his arrogance disappeared when he was faced with Empress Chen and he began to sway to her side.

He had been in the process of looking for a way to end their stalemate. If he agreed to Empress Chen’s request, perhaps her expression wouldn’t be so bad when she saw him. Moreover, Zhao Liuli was his daughter and he naturally wanted her to have a happy life. Hearing that Zhao Liuli had gotten sick during the past day, he also couldn’t bear to see her like this.

Later on, Yang Zhen entered the palace and pleaded to see Emperor Chong Zhen and the two of them talked for an entire afternoon in the imperial study. Their conversation was mystery, but the emperor changed his mind early next morning. He agreed to bestow Princess Tianji to Yang Zhen as his wife. An auspicious date was selected for their wedding. In addition, he also rewarded Yang Zhen with a residence, a hundred fertile fields, and countless gold, silver, and precious stones.


Wei Luo let out a sigh in a relief after she heard that Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen’s matter was resolved.

She would frequently think about Empress Chen’s words when she had too much free time.

It was strange. She had been married to Zhao Jie for almost half a year, but her period still came regularly. She had heard that two months after Liang Yu Rong married Wei Chang Yin, a doctor had diagnosed that she was pregnant by checking her pulse.

Wei Luo and Zhao Jie were visiting Duke Ying’s residence today. By chance, her oldest female cousin, Wei Dong, had come back on the same day to visit her maiden family and had also brought a two-year-old son with her.

That cute and delicate child had red lips and white teeth. When he saw someone, his easy smile made people feel joyful.

Even Wei Luo, who didn’t like children that much, couldn’t resist wanting to pinch his cheeks.

Her little nephew’s nickname was Duo Fu and he especially liked things with bright colors. By chance, Wei Luo was wearing a peach-blossom-colored, pleated skirt embroidered with treasure boxes today. Duo Fu kept circling around her and pulling at her skirt and her fingers. He would giggle as he looked at her and called her aunty with a lisp. It made Wei Luo feel as if her heart was melting.

Although Zhao Jie didn’t express anything, she could tell that he also liked little children.

As they were leaving, Zhao Jie gave Duo Fu a silver longevity charm. The young child didn’t what it was and tried gnawing on it, which caused many people to smile.

On the way back home, Wei Luo was lying down on Zhao Jie’s lap and said, “Big brother, let’s have a child, okay?”

Zhao Jie only smiled and kneaded her palm without saying anything.

Wei Luo immediately noticed his moodiness. She raised her head and asked, “You don’t want to?”

Zhao Jie said, “I heard that many women die while giving birth. Ah Luo, you’re still young. I don’t want you to be in any danger.”

Wei Luo hurriedly shook her head, “I won’t. I’ll carefully take care of my body. I guarantee that there won’t be any problems.” She added, “Look at Duo Fu. He’s so cute. If we have a child, he or she will definitely be very cute too.”

Zhao Jie hugged her and thought for a while. He recollected how Wei Luo looked as child. No one would disagree that she had looked as if she was carved from white jade and was as lovely as snow and rain.

Wei Luo continued to try to persuade him, “Okay? Yu Rong is around the same age as me and she’s already pregnant. Oldest cousin Chang Yin doesn’t seem as worried as you.” As she said this, she sat up. She held Zhao Jie’s shoulder and asked, “Big brother, is it because you can’t? And that’s why…”

Zhao Jie interrupted her words and asked in a threatening tone, “What are you saying?”

Wei Luo, “…” She had accidentally blurted those words out. Was it too late to take those words back?

It was too late for her to feel regret. Zhao Jie wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “Okay, let’s have a child tonight after we get home.”

As a result, Zhao Jie carried Wei Luo straight to their room once they returned home. He tormented Wei Luo inside and out several times and didn’t let her off until the marble white color of the dawn sky could be seen.

In the end, Wei Luo resembled a person that had been scooped out of water. Her entire body was sweaty. Even the quilt underneath her was wet. She was lying in Zhao Jie’s arms as she complained, “Zhao Jie, you’re a perverted beast.”

Zhao Jie kissed her face. “Do you think I’m capable now?”

Wei Luo didn’t answer this question. She had already fallen asleep.


Somehow the news that Wei Luo and Zhao Jie wanted a child traveled to Empress Chen’s ears.

Empress Chen attached even more importance to this issue than the both of them combined. She immediately sent an older female servant to Prince Jing’s residence. Wei Luo had seen this servant a few times and she had heard Empress Chen call her “Yu Mama”. She looked very stern and solemn. The palace servants that worked under her were all slightly scared of her.

Yu Mama walked forward and stopped in front of Wei Luo. She didn’t act as fawningly servile as other people. She only saluted and said, “This servant greets Her Highness Princess Consort Jing. Your Highness, this servant asks you to please cooperate with this servant in the future.”

Wei Luo nodded, “I’ll have to bother Mama.” Since she was someone sent by Empress Chen, she had to give her some face.

But a few days later, Wei Luo found out that the scope of Yu Mama’s control was too much.

Since she had come here, she had requested that Zhao Jie and Wei Luo sleep in separate beds. In order to safeguard the purity level of the sperm, she also requested that Zhao Jie and Wei Luo could only sleep together every three nights. There were also many other rules in in addition to these two rules. They had to wash with unscented, clean water. They couldn’t drink wine, eat spicy food, lose their temper, and so on.

Because they were only sharing a bed every three nights, Zhao Jie wouldn’t be satisfied until he tormented Wei Luo until late in the evening. The next morning, Wei Luo didn’t even have the strength to leave the bed.

After that, Yu Mama had a new rule. When they copulated, it couldn’t last more than two hours.

Not only that, Yu Mama also controlled Wei Luo meals. She couldn’t eat any oily food. She also couldn’t eat meat or fish. Wei Luo felt as if she was living the life of ascetic nun. After several days of this, Zhao Jie’s face was already as black as the bottom of pot without Wei Luo saying a word.

Zhao Jie had been preoccupied by the difficult problem of Qing Zhou’s drought. Every day, he would leave early and come back late. It was one thing for him to not be able to see Wei Luo during the daytime. But now, he couldn’t even hug his little wife at night.

The two of them were clearly living under the same roof, but they didn’t see each other for three days!

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