ChongFei Manual Ch 147.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 147.1 out of 171

Zhao Jie put down the book he was holding and asked, “Where is she?”

Zhu Geng reverently and respectfully replied, “To respond to Your Highness, she’s already been settled down in a place outside the capital.”

Only seven or eights days had passed since Zhao Jie’s order, his subordinates really worked very quickly.

Sitting in his rosewood, round-backed chair, Zhao Jie contemplated for a while before saying, “Bring her here immediately.”

Zhu Geng acknowledged the order and left the room.

Wei Luo put down her novel and sat up on the couch. Her dark, limpid eyes looked at Zhao Jie. She wanted to say something to comfort Zhao Jie, but she didn’t know where to start. Seeing Zhao Jie walking towards here, she stretched her hands out and requested, “Pick me up. I want a hug.”

Zhao Jie grasped Wei Luo’s hands and wrapped them around his neck, supported Wei Luo’s bottom with his hand, and picked her up from the couch. But, he didn’t sit down on the couch. Instead, he walked to the other side. Wei Luo clung to his body like she was a koala bear and moved up until her eyes were directly facing his. She asked, “Big brother?”

Zhao Jie looked at her and uttered a quiet sound of acknowledgment.

Wei Luo opened and closed her mouth. She wanted to ask something, but Zhao Jie’s eyes that were as deep as the sea silenced her. She kissed Zhao Jie’s lips and changed what she had originally planned to ask, “Her Majesty likes to go to Bao He Hall to pray to Buddha. I went with her one time. There weren’t many palace servants there. I only wanted a cup of water and I still had to wait for a long time. You should send more people over there, so that they’ll be able to properly attend to the empress.”

Zhao Jie smiled, “A Buddha Hall is suppose to be peaceful and quiet place. Imperial mother dismissed most of the palace servants from there because she doesn’t like to be bothered when she’s chanting sutras.”

Wei Luo’s heart tightened and she couldn’t resist furrowing her eyebrows. Fortunately, her cheek was against Zhao Jie’s face, so he couldn’t see her expression. “Then, you should secretly send guards to watch over her. It’s better to be prepared just in case.”

Zhao Jie didn’t refuse her this time. He compromised by saying, “I’ll arrange this tomorrow.” Then, he pinched her butt as he asked, “Are you satisfied?”

Wei Luo nodded, but she didn’t explain why she was being so insistent about her request.

She was worried because Empress Chen had died in Bao He Hall in her past life. Wei Luo didn’t know the details. She had only heard other people saying that when Empress Chen went there to burn incense in worship, the canopy in the hall had caught on fire from the three hundred and thirty lit candles. This was how her life had ended. At the time, there wasn’t a single palace servant inside the hall. Even if there had been servants in the hall to begin with, Empress Chen had dismissed them. By the time that Emperor Chong Zhen had led people over there and the fire was extinguished, not even her corpse was left behind for the emperor. Everything had turned into ashes.

This matter had always stayed in Wei Luo’s heart. However, she didn’t know if the rumors she had heard were true or false, so she didn’t want to prematurely mention this. It was only now that Empress Chen had been going to Bao He Hall more and more frequently. In addition, there was a valuable, solemn Buddha statue in Bao He Hall. This was why Wei Luo couldn’t resist thinking about what had happen in her previous life.

That incident should be happening around this time.

Wei Luo didn’t want Empress Chen to die like this. It wasn’t just because she was her mother-in-law. It was also because of Empress Chen’s character. Wei Luo had like Empress Chen since she was a child. She felt that Empress Chen was a woman that could be compared favorably with men in terms of ability and bravery. She shouldn’t have died so early or give Noble Consort Ning and her son this unfair advantage. She should be there watch as Zhao Jie was crowned emperor.

Zhao Jie walked back and forth in the study while holding Wei Luo. His steps were very steady and his arms were also very stable as he held her. It was only that his posture was slightly strange. He held Wei Luo as if he carrying a child.

Zhao Jie suddenly thought of something. He lowered his head and said into Wei Luo’s ear, “Let’s try this position next time.”

Wei Luo’s face turned red. She naturally knew what he was implying. She incredulously asked, “H-How is this possible?”

Zhao Jie raised eyebrow, “Why wouldn’t it be possible?”

At this time, how could he still be thinking about that? Wei Luo was glad that there was no one in the study right now. She mumbled to herself, “Too strange. I don’t want to.”

Zhao Jie placed her down on the black-lacquered table that was decoratively carved with clouds, stroked her head, and said with a smile, “Silly girl, it’ll be interesting to try new things.”

Wei Luo shook her head like rattle drum. She wouldn’t agree no matter what.

Zhao Jie lowered his head to bite her ear and quietly said, “Didn’t you beg me to help you find out about Yang Zhen’s situation? How are you going to repay me?”

Wei Luo was seething in anger. She pushed him away and glowered at him. “Why does it count as me begging? Yang Zhen belongs to Liuli…” She paused for moment. When she looked at Zhao Jie again, he looked as if he was definitely going to eat her.

Oh, right. Even though Yang Zhen was Liuli’s sweetheart, Liuli had asked her for help and she had asked Zhao Jie for help in turn. It wasn’t wrong for him to say this. Wei Luo gave up. She blew out her cheeks, pinched the skin around Zhao Jie’s waist, and said, “Don’t act too outrageous.”

Unfortunately, the flesh there was very hard. No matter how hard she tried to pinch and twist his waist, she didn’t succeed. It was even less likely for her to be able to successfully hurt him.

Zhao Jie deliberately misinterpreted her meaning. He smiled and said, “En, I’ll be more gentle.”

What was the result of these vulgar words being said during the daytime? When Zhu Geng came back, he saw Wei Luo sitting at the corner of the couch with a red face and his master was composedly sitting at his desk while holding a book. There was a faint smile on Zhao Jie’s lips. His posture was remarkably similar to the posture of someone that had recently finished bullying an innocent girl.

Zhu Geng coughed once and pretended that he didn’t know anything. With his head lowered, he said, “Your Highness, Chang Mama has been brought to the residence."

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