ChongFei Manual Ch 143.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 143.2 out of 171

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie didn’t go anywhere. It was bitterly cold outside. Wei Luo was wrapped in a fox fur cloak, holding a hand stove, and sitting on Zhao Jie’s lap as she drowsily napped. Zhao Jie had one hand around her waist and his other hand was holding Meng Zi. He would occasionally flip a page.

(T/N: Meng Zi is a famous Confucianism book. It’s a collection of anecdotes and conversations on topics in moral and political philosophy.)

Wei Luo suddenly heard a sweet, melodious sound. She curiously turned her head and saw that a box made of woven bamboo had been placed on the red sandalwood table with curved edges. The base of the box was very thick and the sound was coming from inside the box. There were even two vivid and lifelike skylarks perched on a branch inside the box. They chirped along with the music and their wings and eyes were also moving. Even the butterflies on the leaves also fluttered their wings. She could have almost been fooled into thinking they were real. Feeling very interested in this rare object, Wei Luo asked, “What’s this?”

Seeing that she liked it, Zhao Jie smiled along with her and said, “It’s a toy sent by the foreigners. It’s called a musical box. It’s for you.”

Shortly after, the sound stopped and the skylarks also stopped moving. Wei Luo raised her head to request help from Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie turned the gear at the side of the box and the music started again.

Wei Luo stretched her hand out to touch the skylarks. “This is so interesting.”

Zhao Jie stroked her head and said, “Many other objects were also added to the storeroom in addition to this item. If you like them, you can have them all.”

Only a fool wouldn’t accept gifts. Wei Luo naturally agreed. Soon after, she felt like there was something wrong. “Why are you giving me things without any reason?”

Zhao Jie smiled and he frankly asked, “Ah Luo, what happened to shoes you were going to make for me?”

Wei Luo only remembered this matter after he brought it up. She immediately jumped down from his lap and said, “Wait a second.”

When they were going to Tian Chan Mountain, she had brought along the half-finished shoes with her. There wasn’t much to do at the hot springs villa, so Wei Luo had finished Zhao Jie’s shoes before half a month had passed. But, she hadn’t taken it out to show him since he wouldn’t be able to wear it right now.

She walked to a cabinet that was decoratively carved, took out the shoes that were on the top shelf, and walked back to Zhao Jie’s side. “I made them according to the shoe pattern you gave me. It should be the right size. You can try them on.”

Zhao Jie took the shoes and looked at them. The tops of the shoes were embroidered with a honeysuckle pattern. This style was a bit simple, but the stitches were finely done. A single glance showed that she had put forth a lot of effort to make this. Zhao Jie really liked the shoes, but he wasn’t in a hurry to try them. He pulled Wei Luo’s small hand over to carefully look at it. “How long did it take you to make this? Did you prick your hand while making them?”

Wei Luo cutely whined said, “Humph! You’re asking this question now? This is my first time making shoes. It took me half a year and my fingertips have been poked to death. At the time, you were so busy with supervising the construction for the river channel that you weren’t attentive towards me.”

Zhao Jie kissed her cheek and said in a distress tone, “I was wrong. You only have to make this one pair of shoes. I can wear them for the rest of my life.”

Actually, he had done his best to take care of her. At that time, Zhao Jie has been constantly traveling back and forth between the villa and the city. Whenever he had time, he would accompany her. When her fingertips bleed, Zhao Jie was the one that sucked the blood away. She was only saying these words because she wanted credit for her achievement.

Zhao Jie tried on the shoes. The size was right. It was just a bit thin and couldn’t be worn right now. They would be very suitable to wear once it was spring.

Zhao Jie said with a smile, “The shoes made by Ah Luo are more comfortable than the ones made by other people.”

Even though Wei Luo knew that he was only saying these words to make her happy, she still felt happy hearing them.

After lunch, Wei Luo thought of the two things she had asked him to do and asked about them.

Zhao Jie said, “I already had Zhu Geng send people to Guang Dong. If the horses are going as fast as possible, they’ll be able to bring back Yang Zhen’s news within a month.”

He paused before mentioning the other matter, “As for Liuli’s poisoning, the palace servants from fifteen years ago have already been released from working in the palace. It’ll require effort to find them and it’ll probably take some time.”

Wei Luo asked, “Will you be able to find them?”

Zhao Jie said, “The palace keeps a register. It’ll be possible to find them.”

Wei Luo let go of her worries.

On the next day, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie woke up early and prepared to go to Duke Ying’s residence to visit her family.

Because Wei Luo had been late in coming back to the capital by half a month, she had missed Wei Chang Yin and Liang Yu Rong’s wedding. Liang Yu Rong had already married into Duke Ying’s household three days ago.


【Little Theater】

The residence’s oldest cousin Wei Chang Yin has already married. Do you want to hear about Wei Chang Yin and Liang Yu Rong’s interesting bedroom stories? Let’s interview them ~

Author: May I ask, how was your wedding night resolved?

Yu Rong: If I have to describe it, then there’s only six words.

Author: What six words?

Yu Rong: *stays silent*

Chang Yin: *lightly smiles* Came on top and helped herself.


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