ChongFei Manual Ch 140.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 140.2 out of 171

Wei Luo glanced at him in rebuke. She knew that his words were impossible. “Isn’t the river channel still being fixed? If you don’t go, what if someone sends a memorial to the emperor accusing you of misconduct? What will you if His Majesty blames you?”

He didn’t say a word. But in his mind, he thought that even if Tong Zhou’s prefectural magistrate’s courage was increased to 100%, there would still be no one that would dare to accuse him of misconduct. Zhao Jie held Wei Luo’s hand. His face was pressed against her face and he slowly whispered, “Ah Luo, I’m not feeling well.”

Wei Luo’s small face had been steamed pink and tender by the hot spring. Hearing his words, she took her hand out from his and placed it against his forehead, “You’re sick. Of course, you’re not feeling well.”

When Zhao Jie was sick, he was exceptionally shameless. He was thick-skinned to begin with, now it was to the point of unmatchable. He said, “If you kiss me, I’ll feel better.”

Wei Luo paused and did her best to righteously say, “Properly take your bath!”

Zhao Jie, “…”

However, seeing his pitiful appearance, Wei Luo lowered her head, kissed him, and asked, “Satisfied?”

Zhao Jie originally had another intention. But after considering that he might pass on his cold to Wei Luo, he could only put this intention to rest for the sake of Wei Luo’s health.

Anyways, the bath couldn’t possibly be more emotional touching. After the two of them reconciled, they were so harmonious that it was as if they were one person. There were more affectionate with each other now than before their argument had happened. Of course, most of the time it was Zhao Jie that was unwilling to be apart from Wei Luo.

After the bath was done, Wei Luo helped Zhao Jie dry off. Zhao Jie’s moon white sleeping robe was fortunately not complicated. But, Zhao Jie was too tall. It was very tiring for Wei Luo to put the robe on him. She had to stand on her tiptoes to reach him and she couldn’t help clinging onto his chest as she did this. Wei Luo was only wearing a thin, gauzy robe that couldn’t block much. Only a short while later, she felt his change…

Flustered and exasperated, Wei Luo glared at him. “You!”

Zhao Jie smiled and nipped at her lips. He innocently said, “It’s not my fault. You tempted me.”

What a fallacious argument. Wei Luo ignored him, turned around, and started walking out. “You can dress yourself.”

Jin Lu and Bai Lan had gone to pass on Wei Luo’s order, so there was no one in the inner room right now.

The other servants were tactfully staying outside just in case they needed to be sent on an errand. They clearly understood that the prince and princess consort had reconciled and wouldn’t want anyone inside to get in their way.

Zhao Jie tied a sapphire blue sash that was embroidered with persimmon stems around his waist, then he stepped forward, unwarrantedly pick up Wei Luo, and placed her down on the bed. He was hugging her from the back. Still feeling worried, he said with a voice that held a rarely heard grievance, “Ah Luo, let’s not argue in the future.”

Wei Luo turned around to look at him. She pursed her small lips and said, “You were the one that made me angry first.”

Zhao Jie immediately followed her words by saying, “Everything was my fault. I shouldn’t have said such disgraceful words. Haven’t the heavens already punished me by not letting me find you and suffering the windy chill?”

Wei Luo grumbled, “Smooth talker.” However, her appearance showed that she really wasn’t angry anymore.

She suddenly thought of something after hearing Zhao Jie’s words. She touched his forehead, then she touched her own forehead. “Do you feel better? Does this villa have a doctor, or cold medicine that was prepared in advance? I’ll have people bring it over here.”

Zhao Jie grasped her small hand and intertwined their fingers. He said with a smile, “It’s only a small cold. I’m not as delicate as you. I’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

Wei Luo skeptically asked, “Really?”

“Why would I lie to you?” So that she would believe him, Zhao Jie opened up the quilt and wrapped it around the two of them. His chin was pressed her forehead and he softly said, “It’s late. Let’s go to sleep.”

Seeing that his complexion had improved after the bath and that his temperature wasn’t as hot as before, Wei Luo believed his words. Lying in his embrace, she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

However, the truth proved that men were the type that boasted too much.

On the next morning, not only did Zhao Jie’s temperature not decrease, it burned worse than yesterday. Hugging him was like hugging a furnace. When she felt his forehead again, it was burning hot!

Wei Luo felt anxious and regretful. She shouldn’t have listened to his words last night. How could he get better from a cold without seeing a doctor or eating medicine? She hurriedly had Jin Lu inform the steward to send someone to descend the mountain and bring back a doctor. Then, she dampened a handkerchief with cold water and placed it against his forehead several times.

Zhao Jie slowly opened his eyes and grinned. “It was worth getting sick.”

Wei Luo pinched his waist. “Stop speaking, be good and stay lied down.” She didn’t feel comfortable after saying these words, so she threatened, “If you don’t take care of your body better in the future, I won’t care about you.”

Zhao Jie grabbed the hand that had pinched him and said with a smile, “If you don’t care about me, then who will look after me?”

There were plenty of people that wanted to look after him. Even thought she knew that his words were false, Wei Luo still enjoyed hearing these words.

An hour later, a doctor had rushed over here. He checked Zhao Jie’s pulse and his temperature, wrote out a prescription, took out medicine, and said, “The prince has a healthy body. Most people would be muddle-headed when their temperature is this high. Your Highness, please have people prepare the medicine by following this prescription. The prince will be fine after drinking four to five doses of the medicine. Also, don’t let the prince be exposed to chilly weather during the next two days.”

Wei Luo nodded. She had Jin Lu pay the doctor three times the normal medical fee and sent Bai Lan off to prepare the medicine. Once the medicine was done, she personally fed Zhao Jie.

Now that Zhao Jie was sick, the construction for the river channel would be delayed by two days. In addition, yesterday’s snowfall had been too heavy and it would delay future progress. The young couple had to stay in Tong Zhou for an additional half month. By the time the river channel was repaired and they started traveling back to the capital, it was already near the end of the year.

On the day that Wei Luo and Zhao Jie arrived at the capital, it was New Year’s Eve. Emperor Chong Zhen had especially set up a family banquet and they had been invited.

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