ChongFei Manual Ch 137.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 137.1 out of 171

The rain had come suddenly and fallen rapidly. A short period of time after Zhao Jie had returned, the rain stopped. However, Wei Luo wasn’t feeling well. Shortly after they finished dinner, Wei Luo’s cheeks became flushed and her mind became foggy. She said some muddled words while she was nestled against Zhao Jie’s chest.

After a doctor was called over, the doctor said she was sick because she was fatigued from the past few days and today's chilly temperature had invaded her body. The doctor wrote out a prescription and Zhao Jie ordered a pageboy to go with the doctor to bring the back the medicine. Zhao Jie took the towel that Jin Lu brought over and held it on Wei Luo's forehead. He asked Jin Lu, "What did Her Highness do today?"

Jin Lu narrated Wei Luo's day fully, "After it started to rain, Her Highness had been standing at the window for a long time. This servant said a few words to try to persuade her. Later on, Her Highness finally left the window and sat down to embroider. And then... House Li's young master came by and requested to see Her Highness. Her Highness went outside to see him."

Zhao Jie’s expression didn’t change. He lowered his eyes and looked at the young girl that was completely curled up in his arms. He suddenly asked, “What was she embroidering?”

Jin Lu suddenly realized. She hastily went to a red sandalwood cabinet that was carved with a scroll pattern and took out an embroidery frame. She brought the item to Zhao Jie and said, “To respond to Your Highness, it’s this one.”

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Ch 137 - scroll pattern final.png

Zhao Jie took the item and saw a decorate design of honeysuckle embroidered in golden and silver thread. From the pattern, it seemed like it would be used to make a pair of shoes. He suddenly thought about how he asked Wei Luo to make a pair of shoes for him. He originally thought that the little fellow had already forgotten about this. So much time had passed since he asked. Unexpectedly, she hadn’t forgotten. Zhao Jie lowered his gaze and chuckled. He gave the item back to Jin Lu and said, “Put this back.”

Jin Lu felt slightly puzzled, but she did as he said.

A short while later, a servant brought over the prepared medicine. Zhao Jie scooped up a spoonful, blew on it to cool it down, and brought it to Wei Luo’s lips, “Ah Luo, it’s time to drink your medicine.”

Wei Luo actually wasn’t seriously sick. She had been napping in Zhao Jie’s arms until Zhao Jie woke her up. Her small eyebrows were twisted as she forced herself to drink the bowl of bitter medicine. She fluttered her fan-like eyelashes and said, “I want to eat sweet osmanthus flower and lotus root.”

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Ch 137 - sweet osmanthus flower and lotus.png

This wasn’t a difficult request. Zhao Jie put down the celadon bowl with a lotus flower pattern onto a teapoy that was by the bed and said to Jin Lu and Bai Lan, “Order the cook to immediately make sweet osmanthus flower and lotus root and bring it over here.”

Wei Luo was sick right now and should be eating lighter foods, so he added, “Also prepare a bowl of snow ear fungus and pumpkin congee and a few side dishes.”

Jin Lu and Bai Lan immediately withdrew from the room.

Wei Luo leaned against Zhao Jie’s chest and snuggled closer. She stretched her hand out and wrapped it around his waist. She was somewhat unhappy. “Big brother, you’ve been leaving early and coming home late every day because of Prince Ru Yang’s matter. You haven’t kept me company for a while.”

Zhao Jie smiled, pinched her little nose, and said, “How has the prince not kept you company? I’ve only been slightly busier during these past two days and you’re already holding a grievance.”

Wei Luo didn’t reply immediately. Perhaps, her thoughts were disorderly because she was sick. She said things as soon as they popped into her mind, “I don’t want Li Song’s jade piece.”

Zhao Jie tightly held her wrist and his chin was resting on the top of her head. “I’ll have someone bring it back to the elder princess tomorrow.”

She nodded and didn’t say another word.

Shortly after, the sweet osmanthus flower and lotus root, snow ear fungus and pumpkin congee, and other dishes were brought over. Wei Luo was feeling weak, so Zhao Jie hand-fed her the meal.

Wei Luo felt tired after dinner. She curled up around a quilt and fell asleep. Zhao Jie went to his study.

When he had gone to the palace today, Emperor Chong Zhen had handed over Zhao Zhang's work to him. He wanted him to leave for Tong Zhou in a few days to supervise the repairing of the river channel. Normally, this wouldn’t be something that Zhao Jie should have to do at this time. Zhao Jie had only been married for half a month. They only had time to be affectionate with each other for a short period of time. It wasn’t very considerate of Emperor Chong Zhen to throw this work at Zhao Jie and separate him for his newly wedded wife. However, repairing the river channel couldn’t be delayed. Emperor Chong Zhen had waved his hand and told him to leave for Tong Zhou in a few days.

Zhao Jie leaned back in a chair that was decoratively carved with roses. His heart felt sour. Tong Zhou wasn’t far from the capital. It would only take a carriage seven to eight days to get there. By waterway, it would only take three to four days. He could bring Wei Luo with him. Moreover, Tian Chan Mountain was also in Tong Zhou. If Wei Luo was bored, he could bring her to his villa to soak in the hot springs.

He just didn’t know if Wei Luo would be agreeable to this.


The following day, Wei Luo had mostly recovered and she wanted to eat pickled white radish for breakfast. After she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth, she felt refreshed as she sat down at the table.

Zhao Jie asked her, “I have to take a trip to Tong Zhou in a few days. Ah Luo, would you want to go there with me?”

As Wei Luo bit into the pickled white radish, it tasted crisp and sweet. Without even thinking, she replied, "Sure."

Zhao Jie smiled. He wanted to hold her in his arms. "You're not going to ask me why I'm going there?"

Wei Luo ate another bite of picked radish and drank a bowl of congee. She open-mindedly said, "Isn't it something that His Majesty has assigned you to do? What's there to ask about?"

She suddenly thought of something, turned her head, and anxiously asked, "How long will we be going? Will we be able to come back before New Year?"

Liang Yu Rong would be getting married in February. She wanted to see Liang Yu Rong one more time before she got married and have a private discussion. In addition, she would have to visit Duke Ying's residence on New Year's. Chang Hong's marriage should be settled soon. She couldn't let this matter slip.

Fortunately, Zhao Jie nodded and said, “Definitely.”

Wei Luo let go of her worries.


Very quickly, the day to leave arrived. Knowing that Tian Chan Mountain was also in Tong Zhou, Wei Luo became more interested. While Zhao Jie was in Tong Zhou working, she could stay in Tian Chan Mountain and enjoy the hot springs by herself. It would be wonderful. Because there was a long distance to travel, Wei Luo didn't bring many servants. She only brought Jin Lu, Bai Lan, Yun Gua, Yu Suo, and two older female servants.

Because winter had started, the temperate became colder and colder on the way there. The carriage wasn't comparable to a prince's residence. There wasn't a floor heating system. Wei Luo still felt cold even though she was holding a hand stove and was wearing a cloak lined with fox fur. Wei Luo wasn't willing to go outside, so Zhao Jie stayed inside the carriage to accompany her the entire time. It would definitely be warmer with two people sitting inside the carriage instead of one person.

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Ch 137 - hand stove final.png


Today, Zhao Jie had sent Jin Lu and Bai Lan out of the carriage. He hugged Wei Luo while she sat in his lap, "Are you still cold?"

Wei Luo nodded. For some unknown reason, she had been feeling very cold the past few days. She hadn't felt this cold in previous winters.

Zhao Jie said into her ear, "How about we do something to warm up your body?"

Wei Luo didn't understanding his meaning at first and even innocently asked, "Do what?" She didn't understand until Zhao Jie took of her cloak.

She had spent the past few days in the carriage and Jin Lu and Bai Lan had always been at her side to serve her, so it wasn't convenient for Zhao Jie to do that thing. He had probably been feeling very stifled. Not caring that they were in a carriage, he stripped the rest of her clothing. Wei Luo wasn’t against doing this type of thing, but she was worried that the driver outside would here them. With a blushing face, she covered her chest and said, “We’ll arrive in Tong Zhou soon…”

Zhao Jie held her waist, nipped at her ear, and said, “I can’t wait.”

This time, it was forceful and urgent.

Zhao Jie's chest was hotter than Wei Luo's. Wei Luo felt as if a burning furnace was embracing her and that she would soon melt. Wei Luo did her best to not make a sound. They hadn't done this for too long. Zhao Jie came very quickly the first time. As she gasped for breath, Zhao Jie quickly regained his energy before she had time to rest. He placed her on a large pillow with a ripple pattern and started moving again.

This time, it lasted a long time.

Wei Luo opened her mouth and bit down on Zhao Jie’s shoulder. She pitifully moaned, “Gentler.”

However, Zhao Jie was shameless. Instead of listening to her words, he became more forceful.

An hour later, Wei Luo's entire body felt weak and sweaty. She collapsed onto a large pillow. There was crimson cloak that was embroidered with peony flowers covering her. This cloak made her exposed feet look even more white and lustrous in comparison.

At this time, Zhao Jie was feeling satisfied from gorging. He held her small feet and separated her legs.

Wei Luo immediately became alert, moved closer to a corner, and said, “Don’t.” Her hoarse and soft voice really made a person feel fondly towards her.

Zhao Jie smiled and very gently said, “I’m just drying you off. Otherwise, how will you put on your clothes?”

Wei Luo paused for a moment. She stopped resisting and closed her eyes.

She thought that the driver outside had definitely heard them. She hadn’t been able to resist calling out. As soon as she thought of this, she didn’t have the face to go outside. But, no matter how reluctant she was, the carriage still arrived in Tong Zhou and eventually to the foot of Tian Chan Mountain.

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