ChongFei Manual Ch 132.2

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  Everything comes from a bowl of braised pork. 
  At that time, her body was still small. It was the Chinese bean pods that were found in the first half of the year. The water and green onions that came out were generally delicate and delicate. This should have been a great time for choosing between good and bad. However, unlike Miss Bejia, she did not move her mother's heart and she was not interested in getting married. The only hobby was eating meat—the best for pigs and sheep, chickens and ducks, and fat and thin. 
  She loved food since childhood, especially good meat. 
  Although this is wrong, she knows. 
  In the university's nutrition dietary textbooks, he clearly wrote: "Meat is an acidic food, and it is useless to eat more." But
  she always wanted to eat her mother's braised pork and missed the warm and familiar taste. 
  She recalled that she was only willing to lose weight for weight loss. 
  There are schools, families, societies, cities, gossips, and crowded busses
  that are always crowded... It's just like a car accident wakes up and everything is different. 
  Gu Qing Qiao, a famous daughter of the only seedling, the father's official priest, and the grandfather is the general of the founder of the Republic of Korea. The original grassroots hoe suddenly became everyone's grand show. He is still a child of Gao Ganqin who is rooted in roots. I really don't know whether to say Fuxing Xingzhao. . 
  Amazed surprise, daylighted. But this ancient people did not have so many intestines and they lacked entertainment. Deep feelings of claustrophobic perplexity, spiritual emptiness leading to physical hunger and thirst, her only pleasure is to collect some good food. 
  In the end of the year, a gentleman came to his home and said that Miss Gu is very good at all. She only loves eating well, and she fears that she will lead some incidents because of food. 
  Hey, love can overthrow the opposition, it is a bloody case of a gimmick. 
  She rolled her eyes at God. 
  On the fifteenth day of the first month, the old man of the book suddenly said that there were expensive guests in the family who wanted to eat. The cook was prepared to have a good table at an early stage. 
  Just wanting to open his mouth, the old man took the first step: "I'm anxious about urgent things. There are some flesh and oysters. I told Ada to keep it for you."
  She stunned, and Zhao Yan's eyes sneaked at her eyes and smiled at her sleeves, her eyebrows curling. 
  This dynasty had gone to her mother's birth, leaving only such a beautiful girl. Although people are not top vicious, they may not see her in the end. 
  Oh, why are you all like Zhao? 
  She remembered Uncle Snow Co. in her heart. 
  Shaking into the kitchen, Ada is cutting the meat and she is very happy to see her. 
  "Miss, today's meat is very good! The three-layered three flowers, both fat and thin, are perfectly suitable for being used as flesh and oysters." 
  Ada was singled out by her, and she had been tortured by her for several years. Now it is already Master chef. 
  I think she had the first Lantern Festival here. Everyone eats sesame, peanut, and yam stuffed oysters, but she just wants to eat salty oysters. The cooks looked at each other and did not know that Lantern could be made salty. 
  In the end, Ada, a little girl from the kitchen, stood up and fumbled to make her a long-awaited fresh meat. 
  "Very good, Ada, I would later use the pork bone to boil the soup." She has always been critical of her eyebrows. "Remember to put some more pepper." 
  Since then, the ceremonial scholastics have eaten this strange flesh of pork every year. 
  Ada, a cook, became famous in the war. 
  "Since this meat is so good, let's have a braised pork tonight." She looked at the white flower on the chopping board and became interested. 
  “There is no such thing in the list given by Master.” Ada was a bit embarrassed. “The abalone bird's nests are... The small ones don’t have enough meat.” 
  Also, if you think about it, braised pork is not a big dish on the countertop. Just eat it. 
  So she turned and continued to float, Shi Shiran said: "Then you burned me a bowl alone, and the remaining smashed and served as a stuffed dumpling, ready to be sent to Dongxi at night." 
  "Hey, miss you this Don't go tonight!” Ada called out in the back.
  "Well, what's wrong, you haven't heard of the feast? Can't you eat it? What's wrong with the banquet?" Jiao Yan sighs with the wind, Wu Yan soft words with hidden bitterness, "Great New Year's, you have the heart to make Miss I this extremely honorable daughter of the body of starving it? " 
  Ada blankly stand in place. 
  "Yes, Ada, remember to leave me a bowl of white rice." The
  evening arrived, and she began to be old--the sick. 
  In this world, there are tens of millions of deceptive methods. The only thing that is simple is to pretend to be sick. There is no need for props and no preparations are needed. The old man could not help her, but he was not good enough. He finally walked away. 
  The old man walked in front of her, and she giggled behind her quilt and opened her quilt. 
  Winter Hi ears, vaguely hear her sing is "malingering malingering I love you, like Mice Love Rice." 
  Pursed his lips, disdain for winter Hi Miss no creativity - this song she had heard Miss Too many times to sing, each time is "XXXX I love you, like a mouse loves rice". 
  Miss is not too tired, she thought. 
  Dong Xi is not an ordinary gimmick. She has a strong heart capacity and is used to her eccentricity. 
  I thought that when the lady was fined by the Master and she was copied by the son-in-law for a hundred times, she was on the brink of collapse. She shook her crazy and shouted in fury: 
  “Why should I wear it? Why should I wear it?! Why do you say why I wear?!!” 
  “ ... ... because ... ... do not wear ... ... will catch cold ... ... "Winter happy to shake her twigs almost almost spread out, I insisted on pulling out these words from the throat. 
  The lady suddenly miraculously quieted down. 
  " said it right." The lady looked at her and smiled. The smile was exceptionally strange. "I don't wear cold." 
  Then the young lady let her go and looked at her crimson arms. 
  "I'm sorry, I shouldn't study Jingtao's brother." The voice of Miss was very gentle, as if she were a sweet bubble. "I'll never be out of embarrassment in the future. You can rest assured."
  Jing Tao brother? How to teach? 
  It was a foggy winter cloud, but it was the first time she felt that the swearing lady was so beautiful. 
  It looks good to anyone who she sees. 
  Unfortunately, Miss later rarely normal, she often lamented: "In fact, I really do not want to wear." 
  Sometimes even muttering, he should be called "flattery." 
  "What is this?" The old man was very angry when he heard it. 
  "Because thousands of people wear it, don't wear it." The
  lady smiled and she looked wonderful. 
  The beauty who sings tea in front of Yangko can't help but say: “Miss, nowadays you can have the most famous Duan Yu Duan dynasty today. Don't you really want to go and see?” 
  “噗” As soon as the young lady sprayed a big tea. 
  It's so dirty, Dong Xi quietly moved in the distance, quietly. 
  "Duan Yu? This is really a man named Royal Highness the name?" Miss blankly at her, then thought of something like a, Yangtianchangtan, "Oh my poor Qiao Daxia, Arjuna, if you say ......" 
  Gee, began nonsense Indiscriminate language, Dong Xi looked at the young lady, could not help but be sad. 
  The banquet began half an hour ago. The winter hi that was sent to the kitchen was not returned. 
  The stomach began to cry, Qing Joe could not sit still. 
  Now that this is a pampered person, the biological clock is incredibly fast, and if you don't eat it, you have stomach pain. 
  After thinking about it and thinking about it, she eventually defeated reason. She put on a black robe and walked quietly toward the outside. 
  When the dark winds rise at high nights and eat good food. 
  Touching the familiar room, pushing the door to a look, a small pot on the stove top suddenly burst into heat, the air filled with a refreshing meaty fragrance. There is also a small white porcelain bowl that is buckled in the pot—you don’t need to look at it. It’s filled with fresh rice. 
  Ada Ada I love you, just like mice love rice.
  She sang in her heart. 
  Eating meat in a pan, bibimbap in soup, everything is so delicious. 
  The pot was still cooking, and she stood there, sandwiched a piece of meat, and ate a piece of rice. She ate and remembered the people who loved this dish in a distant space and time. 
  The heat blew the nose red, then turned into a fog, and crystal clear water on the cheeks. 
  "Why are you crying?" 
  A voice suddenly asked her. 
  "Because the braised pork is so delicious." 
  She answered subconsciously and turned away. 
  Golden crown hair, clothing fluttering, looks as beautiful as a distant mountain. 
  Gu Jiaqing Qiao, the first time I saw people watching the trance, actually even forget to eat meat.