ChongFei Manual Ch 131.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 131.2 out of 171

However, Wei Luo didn't expect that Zhao Jie would turn out to be such a low-key person. Although he was a person that usually hid his thoughts and behavior, there were numerous treasures hidden in the storeroom.

Wei Luo stood at the storeroom's entrance and glanced around. There were ancient calligraphy and paintings messily placed in the storeroom. When she casually picked them up to see, they were either the genuine work of famous artists from the past dynasty or rare treasures from the current dynasty. Each of them was worth over a thousand gold.

The sight overwhelmed Wei Luo. She took out a painting that was gilded with gold from a bamboo scroll tube that had been in the storeroom's cobweb-filled corner. She opened the scroll to see. It was the famous painting by Huang Yi, “Wintersweet and Wintry Crows”, from the previous dynasty. It was said that this painting had disappeared a long time ago. Even an imitation of this painting was difficult to find in the world, much less the authentic painting. And Zhao Jie had casually flung it in a corner of the storeroom?

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Ch 131 - wintersweet and wintry crows.png

Wei Luo carefully looked at the inscription on the scroll painting. It was undoubtedly Old Master Huang Yi's seal. She lowered her head and looked at the bamboo scroll tube. An image of a landscape with a pavilion was carved onto the bamboo scroll tube.

There was only person in this world that liked to store paintings in bamboo scroll tubes. Unfortunately, the old master had only painted three paintings. One of them was buried with him. The other was in the emperor's study. Zhao Jie had actually left the third one forgotten in a storeroom’s cobweb-filled corner.

For a moment, Wei Luo looked at Zhao Jie in different light.

Wei Luo walked to an eight treasure shelf and selected a precious coral to pick up. She asked, "What's this?"

Zhao Jie said, "Imperial grandmother gave this to me. It's blood coral, the best type of red coral."

Wei Luo silently placed the item back and asked about another item, "What about this flower arrangement base?"

Zhao Jie said, "This flower arrangement base is made of red and white agate craved that was carved into a Pisces pattern."

Wei Luo blew off the dust on a light golden-colored gourd-shaped item, "What's the origin of this item?"

Zhao Jie glanced at it and explained, "It's just an ivory-colored tray with decorative cravings that was given by a court minister. Its origin isn't significant."

(T/N: Below is a picture of that tray. It’s a Ming Dynasty item that can be seen in the Beijing Museum,)

Ch 131 - ivory gourd tray.png

Wei Luo, “…”

So much treasure! And he was actually wrecking all of them like this!

Wei Luo circled the storeroom again. Every item was well known. They were all rare treasure that other people couldn't even get if they begged for them. But, Zhao Jie piled them up in the storeroom like they were radishes and cabbages. If Wei Luo didn't come here to look around today, who knows how long they would continue to be buried? Wei Luo even wanted to stretch her hand out to scratch Zhao JIe. "How could you treat these items so poorly?"

Zhao Jie laughed and said, "There was no one to take care of them before. I don’t like to place too many items in the rooms, so I left all of them here. If you like, you can have the servants take them out and clean them. You can place them wherever you like."

These words suited Wei Luo’s intention.

There were so many treasures. She had to carefully organize them. But, when she thought about it again, she remembered that she was here to select a thank you present for Noble Consort Ning. She looked around. She was unwilling to part with anything and didn't want to give any of it away.

Wei Luo felt that the decision had become even more difficult after she came to the storeroom.

In the end, it took her a long time before she selected a pair of mandarin ducks with lotus flowers agate paperweight and a golden-colored warming ink box with dragon patterns on six sides. She reluctantly said, "Let's give these two items. I heard that Noble Consort Ning likes to paint. These two items could be considered a good match."

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Ch 131 - golden warming ink box.png

Zhao Jie stroked her head and seemed rather ruefully as he said, "My Ah Luo has grown up and understands the ways of the world."

Wei Luo waved his hand away and looked at him strangely. What did he mean by this? She wasn't a fool. Noble Consort Ning had given her a very good medicine. How would it be okay if she didn't send gifts back in return?

Several days after the servants delivered the gifts, the teeth mark on Wei Luo's neck started to gradually fade. According to Imperial Doctor Zhang, as long as she persisted in applying su ji san, the teeth mark would completely disappear.

Hearing these words, Zhao Jie's complexion finally improved.

In addition, the weather had become colder as winter approached, so Wei Luo was wearing thicker clothing and the average person wouldn't notice that there was something strange with Wei Luo's neck. Today, Wei Luo received news that first madam had engaged Wei Chang Yin to Marquis Ping Yuan's daughter, Liang Yu Rong.

Marquis Ping Yuan and his wife didn't agree to the engagement at first. Although the treatment for Wei Chang Yin's leg had started, it might not be completely successful. What would they do if they married their daughter to him and found out that the treatment for his leg wasn't successful? As a result, Marquis Ping Yuan's wife hesitated for a long time. The couple didn't agree until Wei Chang Yin personally visited them at their residence and said very sincere and passionate words.

As for the exact words that Wei Chang Yin said, it wasn't known.

Liang Yu Rong wouldn't suffer the slightest bit by marrying Wei Chang Yin. The title of Duke Ying was hereditary. If Wei Chang Yin's leg could be successfully treated, as the legal son of the first branch, he would definitely inherit this title after his father. When that happened, Liang Yu Rong would be Duke Ying's wife. This new status would be far higher than her current status as a marquis's daughter.

That meant that Liang Yu Rong would be the one that was getting a bargain. If Wei Chang Yin's leg recovered, there would definitely be many people who would want to marry him. At that time, Marquis Ping Yuan's wife wouldn't be looking down on this marriage anymore.

When Wei Luo heard this news, she felt very happy for Liang Yu Rong and moved by their story.

Liang Yu Rong and Wei Chang Yin's ending had been so tragic in her past life. Many things had changed in this lifetime, so it was only natural that they would end up together. It really made her feel utterly delighted.

Liang Yu Rong and Wei Chang Yin's wedding was scheduled for the second month of the next year. The timing was a bit rushed since Wei Chang was half a year older than Zhao Jie. In the past, his marriage had been delayed because of his leg. Now, that the matter of his wife was settled, first madam naturally wanted him to marry Liang Yu Rong sooner and have children for House Wei.

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