ChongFei Manual Ch 125.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 125.3 out of 171

Wei Luo slowly woke up after they left the palace.

She was sitting in Zhao Jie's lap when she opened her sleepy eyes, looked around, and revealed a rarely seen foolish side as she asked, "Are we going home?"

Zhao Jie was very pleased to hear her say, "going home". His hand was placed on the back of her head as he lowered his head to directly look at her, kissed her, and said, "Yes, we're going home."

Wei Luo had just woken up. Before she had time to orient herself, she subconsciously stuck her tongue out to show resistance. Her resistance failed and her tongue was sucked into his mouth instead.

Zhao Jie said with a smile, "You really could sleep today. You didn't see it, but imperial mother's view of me has changed. She's worried that I'll exhausted you."

Wei Luo rather agreed with Empress Chen's view. She mournfully said, "Exactly! Would I be this tired if it wasn't because of you?"

Zhao Jie laughed and didn’t say a word.

Wei Luo curled up his arms. A moment later, she slowly said, "Big brother, let's discuss something."

Zhao Jie looked at her and tucked a strand of hair that was next to her lips behind her ear. "About?"

Wei Luo was slightly embarrassed. She buried her face into his chest and only a small ear was exposed. Her voice could barely be heard as she said, "Next time... Could you be gentler and less vigorous?"

Zhao Jie curved his phoenix eyes. His smiled became deeper and deeper as he asked, "Oh, why?"

Unfortunately, Wei Luo couldn't see this.

Wei Luo's voice became quieter and quieter. In the end, it was almost as quiet as a mosquito. "You're so big. It hurts too much."

Zhao Jie chuckled.

Wei Luo's ear tingled from hearing this sound. She lifted her head and earnestly said, "This is a serious matter."

Zhao Jie said, "Silly girly. Only the first time will hurt."

Wei Luo didn't believe him, "Really?"

Zhao Jie stroked her head, "If you don't believe me, how about trying again right now?"

It would be strange if Wei Luo agreed. It was broad daylight and they were inside a carriage. If the driver or the passersby heard them, she would rather smash her head into a pillar and die.

When the carriage had reached halfway, Wei Luo smelled roasted sweet potato from outside and had Zhao Jie leave the carriage to buy her one. The roasted sweet potato was too hot, so Wei Luo had Zhao Jie hold it. As Zhao Jie peeled the skin, she ate it small bite by small bite.

When she was about to eat the last bite, Zhao Jie deliberately asked, "I spent so much time peeling the potato for you. Aren’t you going to leave a little bit behind for me?"

Wei Luo opened her mouth and put the last piece in her mouth. Very proud of herself, she said, "I already finished eating it."

Zhao Jie slightly closed his eyes. Shortly after, he smiled and said, "It's okay. There's still one more bite left."

Wei Luo fluttered her eyelashes. Just as she was about to ask how could there be one more bite left, he was already holding her face and moving his face downwards.

A short while later, Zhao Jie sat back down in his original position in perfect contentment, "Really sweet."

Wei Luo touched her mouth. She hadn't thought that he would do something like this. Stealing food from someone's mouth. This was really too excessive. But, even though she was silently rebuking him, she wasn't really angry.


Emperor Chong Zhen had given Zhao Jie half a month off from work. In addition, Zhao Jie had finished everything during the previous period of time, so today and the next several days were very relaxed. He would be able to accompany Wei Luo every day.

When they returned to Prince Jing's residence, Wei Luo had slept enough and wasn't feeling sleepy anymore. But, her body was still feeling fairly sore.

Zhao Jie was holding Wei Luo in his embrace as they sat on the couch facing the southern window. Zhao Jie was reading a book and Wei Luo's head was lowered as she took stock of the gifts she had received today. Then, she had Jin Lu entered the items in Prince Jing’s residence’s account books.

Zhao Jie's was holding Wei Luo with both arms, so after he finished a page, he would have Wei Luo turn the page for him

Wei Luo found him bothersome. "Wouldn’t it be fine if you just didn’t hug me?”

With his chin on top of her head, Zhao Jie said with a smile, "My Ah Luo is so soft and smells so good, I can't bear to let go."

Wei Luo twitched her lips. Although she was annoyed, there was a trace of a smile in her eyes.

After all of these items were recorded, Wei Luo was originally planning on telling Jin Lu to go to the accounts room to bring back the account books for Prince Jing's residence's past few months so that she could look at it here. But, Zhao Jie stopped her and said, "We've only been married for one day. You don't need to be so anxious. The steward can manage these things. "

Wei Luo considered his words and thought that they were reasonable, so she didn't continue to insist. It wouldn't be too late for her to look at these things after she came back from visiting her family.

When night arrived and they had finished dinner, Wei Luo went to the cleansing room to bath.

Zhao Jie asked, "You really don’t need your husband to help you?"

Wei Luo immediately refused, "No need."

If she let him help her, it would definitely turn out like yesterday. They wouldn't be done until early morning.

After Wei Luo finished bathing, she put on a light, loose silk top and a gauzy muslin skirt. She didn't wash her hair and had put up her hair using hairpins. This revealed her smooth, slender, white jade neck. When she walked back to the inner room, just as she was about to order Jin Lu and Bai Lan to bring lotion to her, she stopped walking when she saw Zhao Jie next to a trunk.

It was the trunk that she used to store her clothes.

The trunk was open.

She would skip wondering why Zhao Jie had opened her trunk. Wei Luo's face immediately didn't look good when she saw the booklet in Zhao Jie's hand. It was the booklet that fourth aunt had given to her the night before her wedding. As Wei Luo walked closer, she could almost see the position between the man and woman.

Zhao Jie lifted his head to look at her. There was a smile on his lips as he meaningfully asked her, "Ah Luo, have you seen everything in this booklet?"

Wei Luo's heart felt weak. Just as she was about to snatch away the booklet in Zhao Jie's hand, Zhao Jie swiftly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his arms.

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