ChongFei Manual Ch 124.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 124.3 out of 171

After the meal, Jin Lu carried in a cup of long jing tea with mint. Wei Luo used it to rinse her mouth, then she held a wu xiang pill in her mouth until it dissolved.

Zhao Jie asked, "What are you eating?"

Wei Luo explained it to him.

Zhao Jie couldn't help laughing. He lowered his head and sucked Wei Luo's lips for a moment. "I wondered why you smell so sweet. So, there was something like this. Last night..."

Wei Luo guessed his meaning and hurriedly covered his mouth. She wouldn't let him continue speaking.

In addition to them, there was also Jin Lu, Bai Lan, and two other servant girls in the room. Those two servant girls were from Prince Jing's residence. One was called Yun Gua. The other was called Yu Suo. She heard that they were specially sent over by Empress Chen. They looked very neat with well-behaved manners. When Jin Lu and Bai Lan were helping Wei Luo with getting ready, those two had been responsible with the tea and water in the outer room. They seemed like they were well trained and skilled at serving.

Right now, while Zhao Jie and Wei Luo were bantering flirtatiously, their heads were lowered and they didn't dare to carelessly look around. They all focused their gazes on the floor underneath their feet.

Yun Gua and Yu Suo were born from dancers, so they had naturally seen many beautiful women. But, seeing Wei Luo today, they felt that those previous people couldn't be compared to her at all. Yesterday, Wei Luo had been glamorous and charming with her wedding makeup and adornments. She had been as lustrous as gems and made people unable to look away.

Today, she was wearing a pomegranate red wide-sleeve gauzy outer robe embroidered with peony flowers. Her hair was arranged into a fan he hairstyle with a golden butterfly and plum blossom hairpin on the top. Other decorative plum blossom hairpins surrounded the top hairpin. Although the gems on the plum blossom hairpins didn't look big, each of them was perfectly smooth, round, and extremely glossy. A single glance would tell that they were very expensive. Compared to yesterday, Wei Luo's face had increased in a woman's gentleness and charm. Her every movement easily carried loveliness. Her eyes look quick-witted and there seemed to be a bright light illuminating her.

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No wonder the prince treated her so meticulously. She was such a lovely person, who wouldn't be willing to tenderly take care of her?

After breakfast, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie went to the palace together to greet Empress Chen and Emperor Chong Zhen. After they arrived at Qing Xi Palace and came down from the carriage, Wei Luo's legs still felt weak enough that she didn't feel like she could walk.

Zhao Jie stood in front of her. He looked at her and asked, "If you can't walk, I'll carry you there."

Wei Luo knocked away his stretched out hand. "How can that be okay? If His and Her Majesty saw, they'll definitely speak badly of me."

There were eyes everywhere in the palace. This was also the first time that Wei Luo and Zhao Jie came into the palace after their wedding. There would only be more instead of less people watching them. If Wei Luo agreed to let Zhao Jie carry her there, news would spread out from the palace next day. House Wei's Fourth Miss was excessively pampered and touchy with Prince Jing in public. They would say that her moral character was troubling and so on.

Zhao Jie was also aware of this point. He held her hand and said, "Then, I'll walk slower. We're not in a hurry to get there soon."

This was the only option they could choose.

On the way, Zhao Jie asked, "What did you just call the emperor and empress?"

Feeling that his question was strange, Wei Luo said, "His Majesty, Her Majesty."

Zhao Jie turned his head and looked at her with a smile, "You should change your address."

Wei Luo suddenly understood. She pursed her lips and with a blushing face, she said, "Understood."

When they arrived outside of Qing Xi Palace's Zhao Yang Hall, Wei Luo gritted her teeth as she walked up the stirs. Then, she let of Zhao Jie's hand before they entered the hall. She saluted Emperor Chong Zhen and Empress Chen. "Daughter-in-law greets imperial father and mother."

Zhao Jie was at Wei Luo's side and followed her by saying, "Imperial son greets imperial father and mother."

Empress Chen and Emperor Chong Zhen had waited approximately the time to brew a cup of tea (10 minutes). They took into account that these two were newlyweds and this time was bound to very sweet for them, so they didn't mind that they were late. Besides, Empress Chen was too busy being happy that Zhao Jie had finally married. She wished that they would stick to each other every day and give her an imperial grandson earlier. So, why would she blame them for being late?

Empress Chen said, "Quickly stand up. It drizzled last night. It probably wasn't easy to walk on the path. Were you two able to walk here unhindered?

She even found them an excuse to use.

Wei Luo lifted her head up in surprise. It hadn't rained last night. There had only been a few raindrops. Empress Chen was really too wonderful. She had actually paved the steps for an excuse.

Zhao Jie was thick-skinned. Without a change in his expression, he said, "To respond to imperial mother, there was a slight delay on the way here. I'll have to ask imperial father and mother to please forgive us."

Empress Chen waved her hand and said, "It's fine. This empress and your imperial father had also just recently sat down."

Emperor Chong Zhen closed his hand into a fist and covered his mouth as he lightly coughed.

Other than the emperor and empress, there were also a few elder princesses in Zhao Yang Hall. They were all Zhao Jie's aunts. Wei Luo had briefly looked at them when she walked inside. Other than Elder Princess Ping Yang, Elder Princess Gao Yang, there was also one other elder princess. This elder princess looked dignified and conscientious. She was probably the rumored Elder Princess An Yang, who lived a secluded life.

Other than these three elder princesses, there were a few other princesses. Zhao Liuli was standing next to Empress Chen. She smiled at Wei Luo with joy. She opened her mouth and secretly mouthed out, "Second sister-in-law."

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