ChongFei Manual Ch 124.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 124.1 out of 171

The movements in the room continued for a long time and gradually became quieter when the moon was near the western horizon. However, the sound of Wei Luo's soft weeping continued.

Jin Lu and Bai Lan thought about the sounds they had recently heard at the same time. Hearing their Miss's delicate and soft cries that sounded like a kitten's would make a person's bones feel limp.

No one called them from inside, so they didn't dare to go into the room. Hearing that the matter had been done, one of the older female palace servants wearing a pale rose-colored bi jia top left in advance. Jin Lu, Ba Lan, and two other servant girls from Prince Jing's residence were left behind for the night vigil.

About two hours later, Zhao Jie's voice came from the room, "Bring hot water."

Jin Lu and Bai Lan looked at each other. It was finally finished... It had been such a long time. Would Miss's body able to handle it? Although they were worried, their movements were swift. A short while later, they brought the water that had been boiled in the kitchen into the cleansing room behind the bedroom. Jin Lu walked to the divider and said with her head lowered, "Your Highness, the hot water has been prepared."

She didn't hear any response coming from the bed other than Wei Luo's soft milky voice saying, “En.”

It didn't seem like she was answering Jin Lu's words. It was more like she was refusing something.

Jin Lu couldn't resist her curiosity. She looked up and her face immediately became red. She lowered her head again and hurriedly withdrew from the inner room.

Jin Lu walked out the door. The chilly wind blew by, but her brain was still thinking about the scene she had saw. Behind the red curtains embroidered with golden thread, there were two shadows. Her Miss was straddling Prince Jing. With Prince Jing’s arms holding Miss closely, the two people were kissing as if they were unwilling to separate from the other. One was so petite and the other was tall. It was unexpectedly agreeable sight.

It was only that Prince Jing was a bit too hasty. It was only the first night and their position was so intense. Would Miss be able to endure it...

Zhao Jie let go of Wei Luo’s mouth and kissed downwards to suck away the saliva on her chin. Then, he held her soft earlobe in his mouth and hoarsely asked, "Ah Luo, let's go take a bath, okay?"

Wei Luo didn't have any strength left, so she went along with whatever he said.

Zhao Jie picked up her up and reached the cleansing room in a few steps. He put her down into the warm water, then he jumped into the water himself. This time, Zhao Jie didn't tell Jin Lu and Bai Lan to come inside. He personally served Wei Luo in cleaning. After he had rubbed her entire body, he lowered his head to look at her small face that was blushing from shyness. With a smile on his face, he whispered, “Let’s do it one more time?”

Wei Luo suddenly opened her large, limpid eyes, and repeatedly shook her head. She pitifully said, "I don't want to."

One time had already been long enough. If they did it again, she would probably die here!

Zhao Jie leaned over to block her trembling lips and squeezed her palm, "Be good, husband will be more gently this time."

Then, the water splashed out onto the white marble floor and changed into clear, spring water that moistened a budding flower that was blooming from desire again and again.

Originally, the prince had said they were going to take a bath. But thirty minutes later, Jin Lu still didn't see them coming out and she heard Wei Luo's voice becoming more and more hoarse. Feeling anxious and timid, she said, "This prince, he's really doesn't know how to be considerate towards our Miss..."

Bai Lan shook her head and suggested for her to not be impulsive, "Let's wait a little bit longer."

Another fifteen minutes passed before they heard Zhao Jie carrying Wei Luo to the inner room. Wei Luo was too exhausted and had already already passed out.


Early next morning when the sky had only faintly brightened, Wei Luo's face felt itchy. She furrowed her eyebrows. Her long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings before she opened her bright eyes that were as glossy as water and met Zhao Jie's line of sight. Wei Luo's thoughts turned and turned. The messy and absurd memories from last night rushed through brain. Her pretty face turned red. She wanted to hide inside the quilt. But, her body was too sore and weak and she couldn't move at all.

Zhao Jie's lips showed a satisfied smile. He touched her small, soft, smooth face. "You must be tired out from last night. Does it still hurt?"

Wei Luo couldn't move her body, but she was able to tilt her head and bite down on his finger. Still angry, she said, "You're asking now? I already said I didn't want to."

Not only that, he kept forcing her to call him "husband". Wei Luo felt too shy to call him that. She couldn't change how she addressed him so quickly even if they were married. Because she wouldn't say that word, he used various ways to punish her. Don't bring up how pitifully Wei Luo had cried during that time.

Zhao Jie reached his hand out and took her into his embrace. He kissed her head and said, "Silly Ah Luo, how could I resist in that situation?”

Wei Luo blinked. Just as she was about to speak, she felt the change in his body. Her face immediately changed and she started to struggle. "You..."

Zhao Jie knew that she wouldn't be able to endure another time, so he slightly pushed her away. He said while laughing, "Don't move. I can't control this reaction. It's still early. You should go back to sleep for a bit and I'll come back to wake you up at 8 AM. I'll leave to go wash my face and rinse my mouth."

Wei Luo vigilantly looked at him without saying a word. He had frightened her too much last night. Right now, she didn't have any trust in him.

Zhao Jie stood up and changed into a casual black robe. After washing up, he went outside to practice martial arts by shadowboxing. Without his orders, the servants didn't dare to make too much noise and quietly walked as if they were tiptoeing. They were scared of waking Wei Luo up.

Not long after Zhao Jie left the room, Wei Luo quickly fell back asleep. This time, her sleep was much more peaceful than last night. By the time Zhao Jie returned to the inner room to wake Wei Lu up, the sun was already high up in the sky. Zhao Jie had already taken a bath and changed into a purple-red robe with a hornless dragon pattern.

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