ChongFei Manual Ch 121.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 121.3 out of 171

Zhao Jie led Wei Luo behind a fake mountain that was outside of Jin Ji Courtyard. Then, he lowered his gaze and asked her, "You specially requested a protective charm for Wei Chang Yin. Where's this prince's protective charm?"

Wei Luo had recently been focused on Wei Bao Shan. How could she have noticed that he was paying attention to a protective charm? No wonder Zhao Jie's face had become slightly gloomy when she gave the protective charm to First Madam. So, he was feeling jealous.

Actually, Wei Luo had already asked for a protective charm for him too when she went to Ci Temple with Wei Chang Hong. She just didn't have any chances to give it to him. But now that he was taking initiative to ask for it, she started teased him instead, "I only asked for a protective charm for older cousin Chang Yin because he's suffering from his leg injury. Why should I ask one for you?"

Zhao Jie said, "Hasn't this prince suffered from injuries? You saw my injuries when I came back from Shan Xi."

Wei Luo fallaciously argued, "But you're fine right now."

"The purpose of protective charms is to ensure safety. Do you only hope that Wei Chang Yin's life goes smoothly? What about this prince?" Zhao Jie pinched her cheek. He said, "When you go back, ask for a protective charm for me too."

Wei Luo had never seen him like this. In the end, she couldn't stop herself from laughing.

She took out a small, scented rectangular bag from the small, colorful bag embroidered with magnolia flowers hanging from her waist. The protective charm that Wei Luo had asked for was inside the scented bag. Wei Luo placed the scented bag in Zhao Jie's hand, "This is for you. I asked for it a while ago when I went to Ci Temple. I just forgot to give it to you. I also put wormwood and plum flower petals inside. It can be used as sachet.”

Zhao Jie brought it closer to look. There was a row of wisteria embroidered on the sachet. It looked stylish and simple. The sachet also smelled serene and elegant with a faint coolness. It was very suitable for a man. Zhao Jie was slightly surprised, "Did you embroider this sachet?"

Both of Wei Luo's hands were behind her back. Somewhat proudly, she said, "Who else would embroider for you?"

Zhao Jie smiled, "Since you already asked for one, why did you lie to me before?"

Wei Luo said, "If you obtain everything without difficulty, you'll definitely feel it's too easy and won't value it."

"I won't." Zhao Jie leaned over and lightly kissed her lips. He was clearly in a very good mood. "I'll wear this every day. I won’t be able to bear taking it off for even one moment."

Wei Luo was worried that someone would pass by here, so she didn't linger here. After she gave him the protective charm, she pushed him away and returned to the main room.


There was something that needed Zhao Jie's attention in the capital, so he left the next day.

Wei Luo lived in the hot spring villa on Tian Chan Mountain for an entire winter. She frequently dragged Liang Yu Rong to the bathhouse to soak in the hot spring. Not only did her skin become even whiter and softer, she also seemed to be glowing with energy. She and Liang Yu Rong spent their time very comfortably. During the day, they would drink tea and look at the snow or enjoy the beauty of the plum blossoms with the snow. Sometimes, they would also create new types of rouge using plum blossoms and camellia. At night, they would soak in the hot spring for skincare and endlessly talk about everything under the sun.

Three months later, both of them had become even more beautiful. They were as lustrous as gems. A person would like them as soon as he or she saw them, especially Wei Luo. She was beautiful to begin with, now she was so lovely that it was hard to look away from her.

After Wei Luo came back from Tian Chan Mountain, when Old Madam saw her, she pulled her to her side and said, "This girl... You look so beautiful that your paternal grandmother doesn't even recognize you."

Wei Luo smiled and said, "Paternal grandmother, you look more lively than when I left."

Old Madam tapped Wei Luo’s nose and said, "You know what to say to make me happy."

Even so, Old Madam was truly enjoying herself. Her expression showed that she was feeling joyful.

After Old Madam said a few words with Wei Luo, the conversation went to Wei Chang Yin's leg. After all, the most important thing about going to Tian Chan Mountain was to treat Wei Chang Yin's leg.

After Doctor Fu's treatment, Wei Chang Yin's condition had already improved a lot. Although he still couldn't walk, he was already feeling sensation beneath his knee. Doctor Fu said he didn't need to continue staying at the hot spring villa. As long as he cooperated with the medical treatment, he would be able to walk in a year. In the future, it would suffice if he went to the hot spring villa once a year.

Hearing this, Old Madam was crying as she said, "Wonderful. Really too wonderful... Chang Yin is such a good child. The Heavens wouldn’t treat him unfairly..."

First Madam was crying along with her. "Mother is right. It's this daughter-in-law's fault for being too lacking in knowledge and not finding a good doctor for Wei Chang Yin earlier. I've caused him to needlessly suffer for so many years..."

Old Madam patted her hand and said, "How could you be blamed for this? Everything is destined. As long as Chang Yin's leg can be healed…”

First Madam was too emotional. Her tears had soaked through a handkerchief. In the end, the hall wasn't quiet until a servant girl supported her out.

Wei Luo talked with Old Madam for a while before standing up and returning to Pine Courtyard.

After spring started, Wei Luo didn't even see Zhao Jie once.

Zhao Jie was too busy and didn't try to visit her many times. There were two times when Yue Li passed along messages to have Wei Luo go outside to see him, but Wei Luo didn't go. It wasn't good for them to see each other before the wedding. In the past, Zhao Jie was too audacious. Now that Wei Luo had returned home and the number of servants by her side had increased, Zhao Jie couldn't secretly see her. This was for the best. Wei Luo could peacefully prepare her dowry and improve her embroidery skills with Fourth Aunt Qin-shi's help. She still had to embroider pillows, blanket covers, and the bridal veil.

Everyone said that it was bad luck to meet before the wedding. Since Wei Luo was marrying Zhao Jie, then she naturally wanted their married life to be peaceful and pleasant. It was better to believe in this superstition than to be wrong.

And so, spring changed into summer and summer changed into autumn. In the middle, Wei Luo had her adulthood hairpin ceremony. Without noticing, October had arrived.

Wei Luo and Zhao Jie's wedding date was on October 8th. In other words, in a few days, Wei Luo would be marrying into Prince Jing's household.

Counting the days, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie hadn't seen each other for half a year.

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