ChongFei Manual Ch 110.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 110.1 out of 171

In a single moment, the side chamber became utterly silent. If a pin were dropped, it would be heard.

Wei Luo could even smell a fishy odor. Her mind was blank. She didn't know what to do. Her palm had a sticky and hot wetness. She didn't even dare to move. She was afraid that Chang Hong would hear something and suspect that something was happening inside the bed. She was so tense that she almost wanted to cry. What was this? If it weren’t for Zhao Jie, she wouldn't have fallen into this type of dilemma...

Wei Luo glowered at Zhao Jie and gritted her teeth. She wished that she could kick him off the bed right now.

She didn't know what Zhao Jie was thinking about, but he buried his head between her neck and shoulder, tilted his head to lick her ear, and slowly gnawed at her ear as if he still wished to continue.

How could he be satisfied? He had only gone half way before he was forced to come. As a man, he couldn't accept this setback.

Wei Luo didn't care about this type of thought. At this moment, who wanted to have a close relationship with him? She moved her head away to avoid him and lifted her hand to block Zhao Jie's mouth. As she pushed him to the side, she quickly thought about what she would do next.

Outside of the bed curtains, because he didn't hear Wei Luo's response, Wei Chang Hong walked to the bedside and asked, "Are you sleeping?" Then, he lifted his hand to move the curtains.

Wei Luo's left hand hurriedly grabbed the quilt as her right hand pushed Zhao Jie to the inside of the bed, then she lifted the quilt embroidered with golden peony flowers and tightly covered him with the quilt! After she did this, at the moment when Chang Hong was about to move the curtains, she pulled both sides of the curtains slightly open so that only her small, blushing face was revealed. Her big eyes shone brightly. She didn't seem like someone who had just woken up. "Chang Hong, you came back? Did the palace banquet end? I already feel much better. Let's go back home."

Chang Hong was momentarily startled by her abrupt actions. His hand was still stretched out halfway. He felt puzzled and felt that Wei Luo was hiding something. He subconsciously tried to look behind the curtains, furrowed his eyebrows, and said, "Ah Luo, I think I just heard a sound from here.”

Wei Luo was almost scared to death. With a guilty conscience, she asked, "What sound?"

If Chang Hong found out that she actually did that type of thing for Zhao Jie, she wouldn't have the face to talk with Chang Hong in the future! Wei Luo's other hand that was hidden behind the curtains viciously pinched Zhao Jie, but Zhao Jie's skin was as rough as thick meat. He didn't feel the slightest pain from her pinch. In response, he grabbed her hand and started to lightly stroke her palm. His action made Wei Luo feel a tingling sensation and her body trembled. She hurriedly pulled her hand away.

Chang Hong tried looking inside again. Unfortunately for him, Wei Luo was tightly blocking the view inside and he couldn't see anything. She didn't know if he was still suspicious or if he hadn't discovered anything. In the end, Chang Hong didn't pursue the matter. He grabbed Wei Luo's hand to pull her off the bed. "It's nothing. The palace banquet has already ended. Let's go home."

He had only held Wei Luo's left hand for a moment before she hurriedly pulled her hand away. Faced with Wei Chang Hong's puzzled expression, she smiled and pretended to be calm as she said, "I'll walk by myself."

Chang Hong didn't show any reluctance and only asked, "Are you really okay?"

At this time, even if she wasn't okay, she still had to force herself to say yes. Wei Luo casually nodded her head, bent over to put on her socks and shoes, walked past Chang Hong, and said, "I just had a minor nosebleed. I'm fine."

Chang Hong stood behind her. A short while later, he slowly caught up to her.

The two of them walked out the side chamber. Jin Lu and Bai Lan followed after them. Recently, when Wei Luo was lying down in the side chamber, Chang Hong had driven them out of the room and they could only stand outside to wait. Seeing that Wei Luo was fine, they let go of their worries.

After the palace banquet was over, one by one, the court officials and noble guests in Rong Hua Hall bid farewell. Outside the hall, their carriages came by to pick them up. Then, conveying their respective owners, each of the carriages started traveling home.

After they left Qing Xi Palace, Chang Hong stopped walking and said to Wei Luo, "Go to the front to look for father first. I'm going to arrange for someone to bring our carriage over. I'll go over there soon."

Wei Luo didn't have any doubts. She nodded and continued walking forward.

After Chang Hong watched her walk far away, he didn't go through with his words of going to prepare a carriage. Instead, he turned around and walked back to Qing Xi Palace's Cheng Hua Hall's side chamber.


Inside the side chamber, there was a person sitting on the bed that Wei Luo had recently lied down on. He had wide shoulders, long legs, and a handsome appearance. He was leisurely tidying the clothes on his body. Zhao Jie was currently putting to order his sleeves that were embroidered with auspicious clouds. When he looked up, he coincidentally happened to meet Chang Hong's eyes. There wasn't the slightest panic on his face. Without any changes in his expression, he continued with putting on his ink colored boots embroidered with golden thread and his wide belt before standing up and looking at Wei Chang Hong.

At this moment, Zhao Jie wasn’t in a good mood either.

He and Wei Luo's mood had been so good. Originally, it could have lasted longer. He hadn't expected that Chang Hong would suddenly return and made him come earlier. How was this good? What kind of image would Wei Luo have of him in her mind? Zhao Jie originally didn't want to set himself against Chang Hong. He liked Wei Luo. If you liked someone, you would like everything and everyone that was connected to her. He was even polite towards Wei Luo's family. However, this Wei Chang Hong was an exception. He watched over Wei Luo too closely. It was really outside the range of normal siblings. So what if they were fraternal twins? Did this mean he could hinder the other person from getting married? Zhao Jie had never heard of this type of logic.

In short, Wei Chang Hong didn't like Zhao Jie and Zhao Jie didn't show a pleasant face towards Wei Chang Hong either.

Zhao Jie said a short hello before he walked past Chang Hong without even saying a single word of explanation. Someone who didn't know the truth would think he had a clear conscience.

However, Chang Hong had clearly heard everything. Previously, the movements on the bed had been so obvious. Only a deaf person wouldn't be able to hear.

He actually forced Wei Luo…

As soon as Wei Chang Hong thought about this, he became angry. For a moment, he didn't care about the etiquette between a prince and a noble. He turned his hand over and grabbed Zhao Jie's shoulder. He glared at him as he said, "What did you do to Ah Luo?"

Zhao Jie looked at him with calm dark eyes. His lips were slightly curved into a trace of a smile as he asked, "What? You even want to control what we do together?"

Wei Chang Hong very fiercely stared at him.

Although Zhao Jie's lips were curved, there wasn't a hint of a smile in his eyes. Word by word, he seriously told Chang Hong, "Ah Luo is this prince's fiancée. No matter what we do, it's normal. Wei Chang Hong, Ah Luo will become Princess Consort Jing next year. Are you planning on controlling her like this for the rest of her life?"

Wei Chang Hong's fist was clenched so tightly that there was a cracking sound. He gnashed his teeth in anger and said, "She hasn't married you yet, so I still have the qualification to be concerned about her. You better restrain yourself. If you force her to do something like that again, I definitely won't let you marry her."

Zhao Jie’s phoenix eyes became heavy.

He wasn't afraid of Wei Chang Hong doing something. But, he was worried that Wei Chang Hong would say something to Wei Luo. Wei Luo valued her younger brother very much. She would absolutely listen to Wei Chang Hong's words.

His expression wasn't as calm as before. He coldly said, "Don't worry. This prince has a sense of propriety and won't do anything to damage her reputation."

Wei Chang Hong didn't believe him at all. There was no way that they weren’t doing anything before. Otherwise, why would Wei Luo have flushed cheeks and slightly swollen lips? Did he think he was a three-year-old child?

In the end, Wei Chang Hong couldn't resist. He moved his fist to punch him.


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