ChongFei Manual Ch 107.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 107.1 out of 171

If you wanted to talk about Wu Rong and Da Liang's relationship, three days and three nights wouldn’t be enough to finish discussing.

Da Liang's citizens’ primary impression of Wu Rong people was that they were bloody and cruel. They massacred and wreaked havoc. Wu Rong used to frequently invaded Da Liang's territory. Da Liang's people who lived in the borders had been subjected to their torment and their lives had been extremely bitter and full of fear. This was why Da Liang's people didn't have any favorable impressions of Wu Rong people.

Since many years ago, as soon as people saw Wu Rong people on the street, they would attack first before talking or asking for reason. Currently, the relationship between the two countries had slightly improved and that type of situation had decreased. However, Da Liang's citizen bias against Wu Rong was deep-rooted and hadn't changed.

Starting from ten years ago, there had been several battles between Wu Rong and Da Liang. Wu Rong ended up retreating little by little and gradually curbed their arrogance. One of Wu Rong's heaviest casualties was when fifteen-year-old Zhao Jie led an army into battle for the very first time. Zhao Jie excelled at military matters and effectively deployed his troops. His unfathomable tactics were cunning and unpredictable. No one could guess what he would do next. Wu Rong’s army was completely defeated without any chances to retaliate. They had to retreat about two hundred miles, apologize and pay reparations to Da Liang, and also express that they would no longer try to invade and occupy Da Liang.

After that battle, Wu Rong's emperor had a deep impression of Zhao Jie and had the utmost fear towards this youth, who was outstanding, despite only being fifteen year old. He couldn't help shivering at the mere mention of Zhao Jie's name. After several years had passed, Zhao Jie's military glory still remained. Who knows how that old emperor would react after seeing Zhao Jie.

Sitting in Fourth Madam's room, Wei Luo drank da hong pai (a type of oolong tea) while listening to Qin-shi talking about this matter. Wei Luo couldn't feel slightly proud.

It was natural that she would feel proud that Zhao Jie was so powerful.

However, she felt it would be embarrassing to show this. She was afraid that Fourth Madam would laugh at her, so she kept her head lowered and pretended to drink tea to cover up her smiling mouth.

Qin-shi naturally didn't miss seeing her thoughts. After pouring Wei Luo another cup of tea, just as she was about tease Wei Luo, she suddenly thought of something else. Her gaze became concerned. "Ah Luo, it's not that fourth aunt doesn't want to see you happy. But, there are some things I'm still worried about..."

Wei Luo picked up a piece of candied white melon from a white and blue porcelain plate with a lotus flower pattern, put the candy into her mouth, blinked, and said, "Fourth aunt, just directly say what you want to say."

Wei Luo clearly remembered everything that Qin-shi had done for her during the past several years. She didn't have a mother and fourth aunt had done everything for her that a mother would do. She genuinely cared for her. Regardless of what Qin-shi said, Wei Luo wouldn't have any complaint.

Qin-shi's eyebrows were twisted together. After considering for a long time, she said, "You heard what I just said. Prince Jing's complicated thoughts are deep and difficult to fathom. And, even the brutal people from Wu Rong are afraid of him. Fourth aunt is worried that after you marry him..."

After saying half of the sentence, she didn't continue, but Wei Luo understood her meaning.

Qin-shi words were tactful. She probably wanted to say that Zhao Jie was ruthless, tyrannical, and vicious. She was worried that Zhao Jie would bully Wei Luo after she was married to him. If their relationship wasn't good and something happened, then Wei Luo would be the one that would suffer. After all, Zhao Jie was a man, nine years older than her, and practiced martial arts in the barracks since he was young. If he wanted to treat her badly, it really would be too easy.

But really, would he be willing to hurt her?

Wei Luo thought of how she had rested her head on his leg as he warmed her stomach in the carriage. She had clearly felt his response, but he had endured and resisted merely because of her words. And, when they had met Song Hui, Wei Luo had clearly felt the change in Zhao Jie's mood. But, he had kept his anger under control and didn't embarrass her. Even though he had shown restraint to the point that his face had turned livid, he had only said, "Don't keep thinking about Song Hui" after bring her back home. He was this considerate and fond of her. At the moment, Wei Luo couldn't find another man like him.

Unfortunately, she couldn't say these words to Qin-shi. Wei Luo thought for a moment, smiled, and said, "Fourth aunt, don't worry. I heard from Liuli that even though Zhao Jie looks cold and scary, his heart is very good. Also, he doesn't bully women..."

Princess Tianji was Zhao Jie's younger sister. Of course, she would say positive words about Zhao Jie. Qin-shi wasn't the slightest bit comforted. She wanted to say more, but nothing she said would have any use. The imperial edict had already been received. This marriage would definitely happen. She thought about the future and decided to teach Wei Luo methods on how to manage and defend against her husband if needed. This way she at least wouldn't be at a loss of what to do after she married Zhao Jie.


The day before the palace banquet, there was trouble in second branch's Bamboo Courtyard again.

Only Wei Bao Shan could cause Second Madam and Second Master to argue. At present, Second Madam had listened to everyone's advice and didn't lower herself to his level. She was waiting until Wei Bao Shan reached marriage age, then she would send her away by casually arranging a marriage for her. This matter would then pass. Although a crack had appeared in their martial relationship, they would still have to spend the rest of their lives together.

Then, why were they arguing this time?


(T/N: Even though we know that Zhao Jie loves Ah Luo, I think Qin-shi is the best for not easily being swayed by Zhao Jie's words and worrying about Ah Luo's future.)

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