I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 006

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 6 - Squishing an ant (2)

Gratitude and grudges, rich and powerful families, the struggles over the right of inheritance. None of this had anything to do with her. Once she put everything to order, she would conveniently leave this place. Anyways, it was Ye Qing that married Lu Beichuan, not Ye Zhen.

After breakfast, Ye Zhen went upstairs to "serve" her comatose husband as usual. At this time, the doctor's daily routine inspection had concluded.

Mother Lu had specially invited over a famous brain specialist from abroad to examine her son. The doctor’s name was William, and he was an America citizen with Chinese ancestry. He wore glasses and had a refined, attractively delicate appearance. He had a scholar's elegant aura. He was considered a promising young person in the medical profession field.

Ye Zhen showed a concerned expression. "Doctor, my husband, he... how's his situation?"

William sighed. His expression looked grave. He fluently answered her in standard Mandarin, "His condition hasn't changed. But, don't be discouraged. With effort, anything can happen. When you have time, massage him more. This will help prevent muscle atrophy. When he wakes up, he'll be able to recover faster. Also, he should get more sunlight. That will be beneficial to his body."

"Okay, thank you doctor."

"Sure, no problem."

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After the doctor as well as the group of nurses left, Ye Zhen sat down on the bed and started to massage Lu Beichuan using the techniques she had learned from the massage therapist. Using a worried and depressed tone, she said, "Do you know that someone harassed your wife today? Your awful younger brother stretched his foot all the way to the top of my thigh during breakfast. When I was reading the novel..." Ye Zhen hesitated and changed her wording. "I heard from other people that you used to be very powerful. How come you've fallen to the point that your wife is being bullied by other people?"

Ye Zhen looked at Lu Beichuan's defined lean jawline and thought of all the wicked actions that Lu Beichuan had taken in the novel. “I'm twenty-two years old. I've never been in a relationship or lived for myself before. I don't even know how it happened really, but I took my older sister's place in marrying you to bring you good luck. I do my best to serve you, but look, there's no place for me in this family." She sighed.

"So, I've decided. I'll leave this place in two days. Don't blame me. Your dad and mom don't like me. Your brother gropes me. I really can't stay in the Lu family any longer."

Ye Zhen almost felt moved by her own tearful performance.


In the darkness of evening, just as Ye Zhen rubbed her sore arms and was about to go downstairs, she heard a noise from outside the room.

Lu Beifan staggered as he pushed open the door, and the smell of alcohol collided right into her. Ye Zhen reflexively frowned and tried to hold her breath. Just as she was going to call out for help, she looked at Lu Beifan's lustful eyes, and an idea popped up. She sat back down on the side of Lu Beichuan's bed.

Lu Beifan had obviously drunk too much. He couldn't even keep his balance while standing. His cheeks had an abnormal flush to them. Belching, he looked at Ye Zhen from the side with a gaze fogged up by alcohol consumption.

“Sister-in-law, my older brother... how is he today?"

Ye Zhen quietly said, "Same as before."

"Same..." Lu Beifan murmured. Then, he happily smiled and started to say words that only a scoundrel would say. "Sister-in-law, what happened to you? Why have you been ignoring me during the past few days?"

Ye Zhen had transmigrated here at the wrong time. When she came here, "Ye Zhen" had already been sneaking around with Lu Beifan.

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