Fortunate Wife - Ch 0160

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 160 – Time (1)

Li Man instantly became like a fish that was desperately struggling on a fishhook. However, Li Yan had seized her hands and held them securely above her head. She twisted her head to evade, but his kiss relentlessly followed her movements. There was no escape.

The tip of a hot and wet tongue drove straight into her mouth and willfully invaded. It plundered her breath and threw her emotional state into chaos.

Slowly, she lost the strength to resist, and her body began to slump down.

He let go of her hands and moved his hand to her waist to hold her body up and keep it closely nestled against him.

Desire had gradually clouded his eyes. He had originally only wanted to scare her, but the situation had gotten out of hand. He felt an increasingly intolerable impatience because of the rising heat in his body. There was a pressing need to find an outlet.

Worried that he would do something bad out of impulse, he stopped kissing her. He rested his head on her shoulder and took deep, heavy breaths.

Having gotten the chance to escape, Li Man quickly tried to push him away again, but he hugged her even tighter. Her petite body was almost completely wrapped up in his arms.

"Stop squirming. I just want to hug you." His gruff voice said into her ear. The hot puffs of air felt itchy, so she tried to move her head away. She struggled in his arms, but didn't dare to raise her voice. She didn't want other people to see this unsightly scene. However, his breathing became heavier after she had only squirmed a little bit, and she suddenly felt a hard object pressing against her lower abdomen.

In a flash, Li Man's mind felt hot, and her body stiffened. If she didn't know what that object was, then she would be a fool.

She felt an immense feeling of humiliation, but she didn't dare to move. Experience told her if a woman tried to struggle at this time, a man would become increasingly like a beast that was going into heat. She could only wait for him to slowly cool down.

She could sense that he was trying to control himself, but she didn't appreciate his efforts at all.

After time had slowly flowed by, he finally loosened his grip on her. His eyes, which had cleared up, looked apologetic. "Sorry."

“Li Yan." Li Man pushed down the feeling of humiliation and tried her best to speak in a calm tone. "Let's have a proper discussion."

"En?" Seeing her pale face looking stubborn, Li Yan's heart trembled. He knew that he had gone too far. He took a small step back from her.

Li Man looked up at him. Her gaze was serious and resolute. "I know about your problem with Mudan. How about I help you earn the twenty silver taels that's needed for her bride price?"

Li Yan slightly narrowed his eyes. "What are you saying?"

"I'll think of a way to get the money." Li Man mustered up her courage and said, "And, I'm sure that I'll be able to do this. As long as -"

Li Yan's gaze looked cynical as he mockingly asked, "Why would I agree to this?"

Li Man was stifled for a moment. "There's no disadvantage for you. You'll be able to be together with the person you love..."

"I already have a wife. Why would I spend money to marry another woman?" Li Yan derisively interrupted her.

Li Man blankly looked at him. Somewhat angry, she retorted, "There's no feelings between us."

"It's only you that feels that way," Li Yan's expression had sunk. He seemed angered too. "Can you really not tell how I feel about you?"

"You and me..." Li Man felt both embarrassed and angry. She almost started to raise her voice at him. "How long have you even known me? What you feel towards me... That's not love. That's lust. It's the same as animals in heat."

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