Fortunate Wife - Ch 0153

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 153 – Threatening (6)

"Oh." As Li Shu walked across the courtyard, he asked, "Wife, do you want anything? I'll bring it back for you from the market."

Li Man shook her head. "No, there's nothing. Don't rush. Take your time walking."

Hearing that wife was concerned about him, Li Shu grinned. "I know."

Li Man stood underneath the eaves and watched as the two people left home. It was only after they had walked far away that she returned to her senses. She went to the kitchen to eat her breakfast.

They had probably already eaten much earlier. Her portion of the food had been transferred to a large bowl and was kept warm inside the pot. When she took it out, it was still warm.

After eating breakfast and washing her bowl, she went over to the eastern hut to check on Li Mo. He was still lying on his stomach and Little Five was unraveling the bandage for him.

"Let me do it." Seeing Little Five's clumsy movements, Li Man quickly went over.

Li Mo blankly looked at her before quickly recovering and saying, "Little Five can do it." When he had been injured in the past, Little Five had helped him with similar tasks many times.

As Li Man untied the bandage, she ordered Little Five, “Little Five, bring over the medicine."

"En." Little Five went over to the wardrobe, brought back the bottle, and handed it to Li Man.

Li Man opened it and sniffed the contents. She suddenly thought of something and hastily put down the bottle of medicine. "Oldest brother, wait for me please. Little Five, come with me to catch up to your fourth brother."

Startled, Li Mo asked, "What's wrong?"

However, Li Man had already pulled Little Five along with her as she ran out.

Because Li Shu was pushing a small cart, Li Shu and Li Hua weren't walking fast. In addition, they soon heard Little Five calling to them, so they were stopped before reaching the village's entrance.

Seeing Li Man gasping for breath, Li Hua worriedly asked, "What's wrong?"

"Don't worry. I'm okay." Seeing his worried expression, Li Man quickly waved her hand. After her breathing was back to normal, she continued, "I know a prescription. I need some medicine for it. When you get to the market, ask a herbal pharmacist if they have it. Have Li Shu bring it back."

"Prescription?" Li Hua was very doubtful. "What's medicine do you want?"

Li Man casually listed out a few. Li Hua wasn't familiar with medicine, but he remembered all the items that Li Man requested.

Li Shu felt utterly baffled hearing these words. "Are all those things medicine?"

"En." Li Man looked at Li Hua and asked, "Do you remember all of that? Do you want me to write it down for you?"

"No need." Li Hua was very confident about his memory. "You can go back. After I buy them, third brother will bring them back."

"That's good. Be careful on the road, also -" Thinking of the caring words he had said to her last night, Li Man naturally felt concerned for him too. "You're going to be away from home by yourself. Be sure to take good care of yourself."

Li Hua smiled. "Okay!"

His smile seemed to be somewhat meaningful, and Li Man felt embarrassed. Holding Little Five's hand, she said, "Let's go back. Oldest brother is home by himself."


Li Man and Little Five walked back home while holding hands. They came back at the right time to see Li Mo hastily heading out with an outer upper garment draped over his shoulders.

"Why did you come out?" Shocked, Li Man let go of Little Five's hand and ran over. "You're hurt."

"Are you okay?" Li Mo looked at her in worry.

Li Man was somewhat annoyed with herself for not thinking things through before acting. She supported Li Mo and answered, "I'm fine. Let's go back inside."

"Then before -" Li Mo was still worried.

Li Man comfortingly smiled at him. "There were a few things that I wanted to buy, so I ran out to tell Li Hua about it."

"Oh." So, it was just that. It was fine as long as she didn't want to leave.

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