Fortunate Wife - Ch 0145

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Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 145 – Stay (4)

"No." Li Man shook her head. The idea of monogamy was deeply rooted in her belief system. This is what she had been taught as what was right since she was a child. Besides, when there weren't even feelings to form a foundation for their relationship, it was even less likely that she could simultaneously be with five, wait no, that was wrong, it was four and a half men together.

"Oh." Li Mo sighed in disappointment.

Li Man couldn't bear to see his depressed expression. She quickly said, "Everyone in your family is a good person. I know that you've all been treating me well too. But, for the time being, I can't accept being a shared wife. Little Five is so young too."

"Other than Little Five, what about the rest of us? Me, second brother, third brother, and fourth brother too?" Li Mo eagerly and hopefully looked at her.

Li Man looked away. These four brothers, no matter which one you selected, was a good person that would be worthy of marrying. But, to marry all four of them, was this a blessing that could be enjoyed by one person?

"You're all very good. But... feelings aren't something that you can force yourself to have just by saying it." Even if she agreed to be their shared wife, how were they suppose to spend their nights? Alternating bed partners each night or five of them together? Pfft... that was too x-rated.

She hastily dispelled those crazy, terrible thoughts and continued to say, "Besides, doesn't Li Yan and Miss Mudan have a good relationship? And Li Hua, I've seen that there are a few girls that like him in this village. He's also a scholar. He won't have a problem getting a good marriage partner in the future. And Li Shu, he has an attractive face and body. He's considerate towards others and a good worker. It won't be difficult for him to find someone good to marry either."

As Li Mo listened to her, he initially thought that Li Man liked his third brother the most because she had praised him the most, but he felt elated once she finished talking. She had listed out his three younger brothers, but she hadn't mentioned him. "Than can I..." be with you?

Contrary to expectations, Li Man immediately started to encourage Li Mo. “There's no need to even mention oldest brother. Not only is oldest brother very capable, you're also kind-hearted, calm, and steady. You're the best at giving a person a sense of security. Don't all women want to find a man like that to depend on?"

"What about you?" Li Mo asked in a deep voice. His face felt burning hot once he said those words, but he didn't regret asking.

Li Man blankly looked at him. She hadn't expected that such a sturdy man would ask her this type of question. She awkwardly smiled and answered, "Honestly, I also like men who share oldest brother's qualities, but..."

"Then, stay here." Li Mo interrupted her. He didn't want to hear the second half. "Since you think we're all good, why won't you stay here? Why do you want to give us away to other people?"

"Eh..." What kind of logic was this? Was she supposed to hoard everything for herself? “But -"

"It's okay if you can't immediately accept us. We won't force you. We can wait on consummating the marriage." Li Mo interrupted her again. She said that she like this place, that she like him and his younger brothers, that was enough. He was already this old and had waited several years. He wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer.

How did they get to the issue of consummating the marriage? "No, that's not what I meant -"

"I understand. We'll wait until you can accept us," said Li Mo.

Li Man was worried that he was going to interrupt her again. She anxiously stood up and blurted out, "No, that's not my point. Don't you guys find this situation awkward?"

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